My name is andy im, a massive fan of simplifying the electric car world. I dont think we need to have a wallet full of apps and rfids, and all this type of stuff and ive been a massive fan of instavault. For basically all the time that ive had ev theyre, just a really good, reliable charger and them and osprey energy are the two that i always prioritize in a better route, planner or zap map. When im doing my planning on a long journey, instavault kind of quite quietly launched an app. I noticed a couple of people on twitter talking about it. I signed up using um a friends referral code and that actually gives both of us five pounds of credit. So i was like hmm worst case scenario: is im going to get five pound discounts on a charge, thats great lets. Do it so downloaded the app signed up linked my debit card and away? We went to norfolk and we always stop at charger just south of the coast in norfolk, its about the right distance that my daughters are starting to get a bit bored. I love the fact i can rock up to an instagram charger. Get my debit card bam on the card reader. It says great, which charger do you want ccs plug in done simple and thats a great thing. However, i thought id try the app so differently with the app you have to go down. You have to select which charge you want, which is easy because theyre labeled, so i was on number seven, so activator number seven plugged in where i went now.

The reason i like it is its just as simple as paying with a credit card. I have the option to pay of a credit card. If i want so theres, no its not like they were forcing me into using the app. This is an optional thing and obviously, if you sign up and ive put my referral code in the description, so we both get five pounds of free credit. So massively appreciate that if anyone uses it – and it just meant that i got the discount, i thought. Okay, give it a go, so why do i think this instavle app could be worthwhile and its looking at the app, and i appreciate that instagram gets some data out of me using their app and im happy with them having that data, because theres a value for Them but it looks like theyre going to give some value back and obviously you get the five pound discount. If you use referral code in the description but theres also some inklings, so there could be discounts and other deals within the app. So i think this is what the markets going to go. Weve got supermarkets who offer free or very discounted charging, because they want you to go to that thats that then youre going to have rapid charges and theres going to be an a bit of a fight between the companies, because theyre going to be fighting for our Business, you know we are the drivers we can choose which charger we go to and the market is getting busier and busier with charges.

So when theres more charges, guess what theres going to be competition and im already getting to the point where i can go to an area and i can choose from half a dozen different rapid charges, all different brands. So i can choose the insta volts or the osprey charges, because i know theyre reliable, so i think youre going to find with these type of apps if youre happy for them to understand a bit more about you, data wise youre, going to be rewarded with some Discounts and cheaper rates – and maybe theyre going to do some deals with other third party companies, so there might be that you can get a car wash or you can. You know get a discount in a restaurant or something like that if you use the app like, i said at the start, im a big fan of simplifying, but i think in this case theres a benefit to having the instable app on your phone. I think its a good app, i think its worth having id be interested to see how it develops from here. Theres probably features ive missed. So, if theres anything that i have just chuck it in the comments, itd be really interesting. Ill have a play next time. I need to charge and yeah and check out my other videos. Ive got a whole playlist on away from home charging, and i talk about things like my octopus juice card, which im a big fan of, and i talk about how to use a better route.

Planner and zap map to make eevee driving simple, you know most of the time on road trips. Ive got two daughters in the back im with my wife, i dont want to be sat there. Spending 10 minutes playing around with abs trying to get a charger to work. So please subscribe to the channel if youre interested in sort of learning more about how to make eevee life as simple as driving a petrol car and actually its easier. Because if you fortunate enough to charge from home one you get, it really cheap, buy octopus energy um, but two its just easier, because youve got a petrol pump on your driveway, its amazing honestly ev driving, if youre still on the sort of the cusp of taking The leap its great and its just getting better and better links in description for everything.