Another charging cable to review im. Sure youll all be absolutely delighted to hear that, and what i think im going to do then, is take this opportunity to establish product review wednesdays whenever a company wants me to review their product or service and share it with you guys, im going to release those Videos on a wednesday, and you can either watch them if you want to or if its, not something that interests you, you can skip them, and you know that, if its going to be a video thats released on a wednesday, its probably going to be one of These types of videos, we have another av charging cable today, this time from super e for another manufacturer of ev charging cables and im going to unbox it going to show it off to you and see what we think theres not going to be a giveaway for This one just yet, but if you are interested in winning an ev charging cable, please do watch my last video, where i am giving away a 10 meter type 2 to type 2 charge cable and if you havent seen that already and entered the competition, you should Definitely do so theres a link in the description if you want to check it out without further ado lets, get this open and see what its like, certainly smaller. This is a five meter cable, so it will be, oh straight in with the bag theres, no other packaging, its always good, not to have excess packaging isnt it.

So we have the super e five meter, cable in a bag like this, a very familiar looking site. One of these clam shell bags kind of like the type i was talking about in the last video, so the zip feels a little bit cheap on this. One could be just slightly better quality. The bag itself very familiar the same kind of waterproof material that youll find on most of them and, as ive always said, the bag, i think, can make or break a charging cable in this case its okay. I mean you get it in and out of there, but i do find that this sort of clam shell type that only opens halfway can actually be a bit of a faff, getting it back in there once you finish using it, but itll do the job. So theres quite a lot of packaging in these things, isnt it there we go Music, so not really any branding or anything. On these im very plain, i cant even see any c marks or anything like that. No rating, no nothing a little bit odd to not have any type of writing on the plugs at all. They seem a little bit plasticky as well. Im sure theyll be fine. I mean at the end of the day, youre just using them to charge a car, but when they look okay, oh there we go theres the ce mark there so and its kind of interesting weve got proper sort of grip on them.

You get a good grip in there, its got like a molded bit for your fingers to go its quite nice and the cable itself. I mean its okay, not the thickest, not the thinnest. I dont think its too bad. Then weve got these kind of ends on here. That should be able to take the stress if youre rolling this up and stuff its not too bad. So there we are, that is the super e 5 meter type 2 to type 2 cable, its a 32 amp single phase; cable, this one, not that youd know because theres no documentation or anything with it whatsoever, literally just the cable in the bag. But lets see its going to be quite easy to get back in here when its not been used, not so sure thatll be the case once its been unraveled a few times, the zip does feel a bit cheap feels like it might not. Last too long there we have it so lets, get ourselves to a charger and get this plugged in and see if it works, shall we so here we are, then a pod point destination charger with the super e five meter type, two to type two cables, and My kangoo ze, which is definitely no stranger to a charger, lets, get it plugged in and see if its all right. So, as i said earlier, these plugs just feel just a bit bit shiny and a bit cheap. I dont know how durable they would be, but theyll certainly do the job, Applause and thats us plugged in and were charging everything seems good.

Music, Music do and thats it for this review um. As i said, the bag, probably the weakest point. I dont really like this design of like clamshell bag, its a bit awkward to stuff the cable back into the cable itself seems okay, this plugs maybe a little bit cheap and nasty, but im sure theyll do the job. It certainly is charging away. Everything seems fine.