So basically, two things that are new with this one here: first of all, the all electric maebak and also the eqs suv so for the eqs and for the eqe, the electric s class and the electric e class. They will both be suv versions. So a mercedes, eqs, suv and the mercedes eqe suv. So this is the mercedes eqs suv in the mybach trim. So with this typical mybach, grill vertical fins, but all the way close in this typical message – eq shape for the electric vehicles, but with a standing mercedes star. And what we see here is clearly that the electric vehicles in the maybach, or also in the amg version. As weve now also shown to you in the eqs amg, they are not that different from each other as the combustion engine versions, at least. I think, though, what do you think then here you can see here very very slim, head lumps here so far in the prototype stage, also with a two tone paint typical maybach, but we also saw that in the eqs, for example, in the non maebok version you Can also get two tone paint meanwhile, so listen on the same platform as the eqs sedan here 24 inch wheels if they become reality. Well. Meanwhile, this is also not that special to have super large wheels, but they are extremely large more than whoa. Maybe you can take, you know your mirror inside there, and then we can see also a stretched roof line.

So not this kind of boxy style. This will, rather than be the g class in the eq version, integrated door handles also they are awesome and come towards you. The interior is not finished yet, but it will also feature more fabric, even in this mybuff version, so they are more and more going away from the animal skin, its also good that they also introduced it for the maybach. Well, the interior is somewhat covered, but you can see it will also feature the mbox hyper screen this whole glass panel and then with the three different screens. Of course, then, in this case i guess included in this top trim level, but here the moment still covered but also tune into our eqs episode. Then you know basically how the interior looks like somewhat. As for the range we can expect some, you know somewhat similar figures, as we know, from the normal eqs sedan, so maximum of like 600 kilometers 370 miles with a big battery 108 kilowatt hours net. Maybe theyre also an offer a little bit smaller battery as an entry level trim, but definitely also very streamlined, but just a little bit higher than the normal eqs sedan. So i would like to know from you what do you think of bringing this one and some maybach version, and what do you think about this big suv trend in the electric segment? This one will then also somewhat conquer with a tesla model x, but they, as i said well, have the eqs suv and the eqe suv lets follow here back to the back to the back here by the way, interesting awesome, new idea, with all the mailbag logos Here but it looks a little bit cheap doesnt it so usually i would expect yeah just this logo right there, and then this is also a real one here towards the c pillar, the other one and the b pillars rather a little bit cheaper.

I think, then, here in the rear, you can see also very very slim, light strip around the structures and thats also what i said about mercedes design recently. They really focus on the chinese market and therefore go for more round shapes and not that typical german mercedes style, as we, for example, know from really beloved models, especially from the 80s and 90s, or something where audi goes in a different direction. Definitely you can see here mercedes, but also in the maybach batch and very interesting here, this lower area with this diffuser. You can really touch this, so this is, you know not only behind some closed grille. This is actually for real, so the interior will also feature a chauffeur seating, so single seat setup, and we recently saw that with the audi grand sphere concept – this maybe like a9 electric or something they will also offer a vase on the interior for flowers. So flowers seem to take over the car interiors now. So let me tell you what you think about the new mybach eqs suv, see in the comments and of course tune into the all electric g class.