But my guess is that when you think of tata motors, the tigor is not the first name. That comes to your mind, you would think of the harrier, the altros, the safari, but maybe not tigor, despite being quite a decent product. The tigor did not make as much of an impact as tata would have liked, but maybe that is all set to change with this new tagore ev. Despite the minimum amount of changes on the outside, there is actually a whole lot that tata has done under the hood. It is now powered by tatas cypron technology, which was also seen in the nexon previously, and there are few interesting changes which will definitely make this vehicle a lot better than it was so lets get inside and drive this vehicle to see. If it can really make that impact which the previous tigor ev could not Music, now the ziptron architecture might be new to the tagoryv, but tata has used the same architecture in the nexon ev and that has had fabulous results. Even here now you have a bigger battery pack, its a 26 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack. There are two batteries. What this bigger battery pack brings with. It is a much improved range. The previous model had a range of about 200 kilometers, while this has a certified range of 306 kilometers. Now. Obviously, this is under ideal conditions, but uh you can expect close to about 200 to 220 kilometers when youre driving, normally if youre driving frugally.

That is, you will get somewhere close to that. But obviously, if you drive in a more enthusiastic manner, then that number will come down. But having said that, this new figure is a major leap compared to the previous version and a lot of people who might have had range anxiety, considering evs, might not have that now, because this is quite a healthy range and especially if youre driving in cities. That is not going to be a huge problem and, despite the increase in size and range of the battery, the charging times have actually gone down. If you use a 25 kilowatt dc fast charger, then this will go from 0 to 80 charge in 65 minutes. Roughly and if you use a normal 15 amp socket that is found in our homes, usually, then it will take about 8 hours, 45 minutes to charge. Now these numbers tata has tested at a temperature of an ambient temperature of 25 degrees celsius, and we know that in india that is not the temperature that you have generally its more higher. But i spoke to some people at the company and they said that, even if the temperature is higher say 30 or 35 degrees, the charging time should not be drastically changed. It should go up by a few minutes only, and it would not change the overall charging time by that much this heavy rain, i would say, is actually a blessing in disguise because its quite a great condition to test this new car since its an eevee and Its raining and a lot of people might have this doubt in their head that the car might not work that well in rains.

In fact, it has been running. Fine ive had no issues with the acceleration, the braking anything, so that sort of shows that, even if you know you are going through some rough uh weather conditions, this car is going to be reliable. In fact, the battery is ip67 certified, which means that it is dust and waterproof and that we have sort of tested today, and it is a great result for this car and for evs in general. Another great thing that people would appreciate is the fact that this increase in efficiency does not come with a reduction in power. In fact, the power and top figures have gone up. You have a new, more powerful motor, which generates about 73.7 horsepower and has a peak torque value of 170 newton meters and, as most of you might know by now, since this is an ev, the torque is instant. There is no lag plus if youre driving an ev. You feel that the ride is a lot smoother, because you dont have a combustion engine. There is no issue of vibrations or noise seeping into the cabin from the engine bay, its a very calm, a very smooth and a very pleasurable drive in that aspect, despite the rain causing all kinds of problems im having a perfectly fine cabin experience, and this vehicle Comes with two driving modes: there is the drive mode, which is like a normal mode and the sport mode, which is obviously a little more punchy and sporty, and the response is a lot quicker and sharper, but even in the sport mode.

What tata has done beautifully is that it does not feel jerky like you would expect from a vehicle that is electrically powered. In fact, when you press the accelerator its a very smooth response, you easily accelerate. You do not have a jerky motion now. The previous tight ev had a top speed of 80 kmph, which is not a lot for a car, but this one, even while climbing a flyover with two people inside the car, we were easily able to reach a speed of 100 km, ph and uh. That was quite a again smooth, but a very quick climb to that triple digit speed mark so, needless to say, highway cruising on this will not be a problem at all. This car will feel at home on the highways as well uh, which is a big step up. Considering the previous model had a top speed of just 80 kilometers per hour. I did find the mode changing dial a bit odd to use at times when you want to go from neutral to drive or reverse. While you rotate the dial. The mode is not actually engaged because you did not press the brake pedal enough. This is a good safety feature, but at times when youre not paying attention, you might think that you have changed the mode, but you actually have not. In this regard, i think having a regular lever is more intuitive, as you can easily tell that you have actually shifted to a different mode when you shift the position of the lever.

The suspension tuning is amazing because we went over few rough surfaces. A few speed breakers and potholes and the in cabin experience was really nice. It soaked up the bumps really well and it was not like we were jumping or bouncing a lot either when going around a bend. You do feel that there is a bit of body roll and the car is swerving on the outside a little bit, but i think the tires are doing a great job, considering that the surface is completely wet and the response from the steering is very nice as Well, it feels slightly spongy, but i think its still a quite good car, maybe not the best enthusiast car, but its not a completely dead steering wheel either. The braking setup is also the same as before. You have disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. This comes with region braking. You cannot tweak the level of regen, but i think the default tuning is pretty good. I did not feel that the region braking was too intrusive. It works well and it works when you need it to work and then its not like a jerky response once again, its very smooth and very refined in that sense, on the right side of the instrument cluster, you can see the level of engine breaking. That is being applied, and that is also a nice helpful indicator to let you know what is happening. The response from the brakes when you do press the brake pedal is pretty decent.

I would say its nothing too bad or too great. So nothing exceptional. To note there its good for normal city use like we are driving right now. You have some traffic you might have to brake, but for panic. Braking yes, its not going to bring you to a halt immediately, but you can make an educated guess and get used to the brakes of this car. Just like the internal combustion variant of the tigor. This ev version also has scored four stars in the global end. Cap safety testing, which means that it is a very, very safe car. It comes with dual airbags: abs, ebd, reverse parking sensors as standard you also get a reverse parking. Camera fog, lamps, rarity fogger, follow me home headlamps. So there are plenty of safety features and you would feel safe while driving in this car, and you would feel safe driving your family around in this car Music. Well, now that we have covered everything about the driving experience, the battery and all those things lets talk about the exterior and interior changes, because there are a few of them well. First of all, the dimensions of the car are same as before its only slightly shorter. In height now design wise, it looks the same as before, but now you will see a new grille at the front, its one single black plastic panel and you have projector headlamps theyre, not led units. There are halogen ones, but you do have led drls in there.

The tigor ev rides on 14 inch alloy wheels which come with a new design, its an x shaped design which looks good, and it also gets a blue accent on one quarter and to differentiate this car from its ice sibling. There are certain blue accents which replace the chrome accents on the normal car, and there are also ev badges to show that this is indeed an electric vehicle. The same blue accents also make their way on the inside of the cabin, and you have them around lets say the instrument console the ac vents. The seats also have a darker stitching. You have the dry arrow pattern and uh the roof. Liner has been knitted differently. As well, so all these things sort of differentiate the electric version of the car from the normal internal combustion engine version. Apart from that, you have a completely digital instrument cluster, which displays a lot of information. The blue accents really do help sort of present the information in a legible manner. The seven inch touchscreen infotainment system is also pretty good to use. It comes with android, auto and apple carplay connectivity, but in the top two trims you also get 35 connected car features. So you can do things like remote, lock and lock remotely start the ac. You can check the vehicle health status. You can locate the vehicle. You can geofence it. So all those things are available. You can also find charging stations along the route.

If you use the app the flat bottom steering wheel is only adjustable for tilt. There is no telescopic adjustment, but i dont think i mind that too much you have a cool glove box which a lot of people would appreciate. Sadly, theres no armrest for the front row, but the second row does get an armrest, so that is good the headrests at the back. You get three of them and they are fixed, but the ones for the passengers on either side. They are pretty big. So i dont think it would be a cause of concern or cause for complaints inside the cabin. There is plenty of space for four occupants. There is enough room to stretch even for a six feet. Tall person like me, you can see decent amount of headroom. The seat cushion is also pretty nice. I feel quite comfortable and ive been driving for about 30 40 kilometers now, and i do feel fine and comfortable in these seats. I dont feel uh too uncomfortable, while the overall build quality is quite good. There were still some places where we could observe panel gaps and we could press and push them out of place as well. So i hope that, as the production goes on tata will improve on these quality issues since youre paying more than 10 lakh rupees for this vehicle. I feel that the amount of features could have been bumped up by just a little bit, and the look of the center console could have been improved slightly to give it a bit more of a premium touch.

A usb charging point for the second row is sorely missed and separate. Ac vents for the second row could have been a welcome addition as well, and now we have come back to the same point where we started from to answer the question that we asked at the start of this video. Can this new tigor eevee make that impact that tata is hoping it to make? Well, i can confidently say that this is a whole lot better than it used to be, and the added range the added power, makes it a much more usable car and will sort of give you that slight bit of confidence to make the switch to evs, because It is like, i said, very much usable now. It feels like a very refined petrol powered car coming to the price. Well, there are a total of four variants that tata is selling the tigor ev in, and the base variant starts at 11.99 lakh rupees, while the top end one costs about 13.14 lakh rupees ex showroom delhi. Now these prices, if you compare it to a similarly spec internal combustion engine powered car, then yes, they are a bit pricier. But if you see in terms of evs well, this is actually an affordable option and, like i said, an affordable, yet practical option for you to go. For, i think if you go ahead, take a test drive of this vehicle. You will definitely be impressed by the leaps and bounds that tata has made with this new version, and i would love to spend a whole lot more time with this vehicle to see how it feels to drive this on a daily basis.

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