A normal car goes somewhere around 14 to 15 kilometers in that range, which translates to running cost of, say, seven rupees per kilometer, which is very expensive for a common man, considering that he has to travel a lot every day, thats why these electric cars come into Picture apart from being relatively safer to their environment, they are quite friendly in the pocket for everyday running thats, where the tata tiger evie comes into the picture at 11.99 lakhs ex showroom. This is the most affordable electric car you can buy in india right now, hello and welcome back to shutter drive Music different of the tiger. Ev is a conventional tata design, its nothing substantial out of the box or something but of course, the biggest difference here compared to the conventional tiger. The ic engine tiger is you, do not get the grill here, because you dont need a grill in an electric vehicle. Uh its completely covered, and there are finite details here – there are try arrow details here, uh on this part of panel. I wouldnt want to call it grill, of course, so the tiger eva gets a combination of projector headlamps with halogens and the fog. Lamps are old, school, halogens, thats, totally fine, and you get a neat drl here, uh kind of like the concept that tata has offered the drl separately. Instead of you know integrating it with um headlamps like most of the other manufacturers uh. In a nutshell, the design looks uh typical data talking about this side profile of the tiger, ev its exactly how a compact sedan is supposed to be.

You do realize that you know the rear. Overhang is very short, making it quite cumbersome in appearance. The more importantly, the most prominent thing in the side profile, of course, is the tires. These are 14 inch wheels, which kind of looks small, but if theres, something that i want to point out, which is not pleasing, is even after paying say, 16 17 lakhs approximately. For the top end variance, you still do not get allowables, which is quite shocking, at least in the top end. Variant tata should have definitely offered a levels for this car on the inside. The interior design looks very similar to the standard tiger. However, to differentiate the tiger ev from its icy best sibling, it carries out the blue essence on the inside as well. It doesnt fail to impress with its spacious and smart dashboard styling in terms of features. The tiger every gets a 7 inch touchscreen information system with apple carplay and android, auto four speakers and four tweeters ida connected card tech, multifunction steering wheel, automatic climate control, digital instrument, cluster and much more. That has decided to give a flat bottom touch to the steering wheel, which is in spatter malt rows. Of course, this being an evening, gets an automatic transmission trying really hard to do some justice to the 75 horses coming from the motor. The quality of rotary knob. Could have been better and its not the most user friendly of what we have seen there are couple of times when the drive modes require more attention when slotting them just like every other tata there.

The ac is a bone chiller and could easily cope up with nicer weather of nama bengaluru. However, the blow volume at higher level gets audible. This start stop. Button is placed on the left side, this being an av misses out on the tachometer, but the instrument cluster design feels slightly radical with the digital speedometer, but it lights up like a diwali knight, a provision to see the current drive mode percentage of charge left and Of course, the range in the instrument cluster and thats, going to be very handy, while conventional cars get tachometer. This little eevee does away with a regeneration band. The seats are supportive and better than mass market attackers, which tend to get harder seats. However, at this asking price tata could have provided an option of at least a fox lifter lets check out the boot space. The boot isnt big enough that you can sit inside so youre not supposed to sit inside the boots of cars. But you can accommodate a couple of bags here like two to three duffel bags, easily its, of course more than hatchbacks. I think this is more than sufficient for your daily needs or anything anything else to grow, so whatever you would need an ev for theres. Not absolutely no problem, but one thing is uh. This is tire here that stuff inside the uh boot, which heats up probably say 15 or 20 of the space at the max. But more than enough no problem – and you have the charger here, which is one of the most important things in this car, because if you are someone like me who has serious range anxiety issues, then you would probably keep this next to you when youre driving the Car all the time – and you would take close to around 8 to 8.

5 hours for the tiger to charge completely at home and theres, also an option of fast charging available which charges the car quite faster. But then uh. You will have to use this charger to charge the car its not every day that uh, you open the fuel lead inside a car, doing the review but wait. This is not a fuel lid, its a charging port, so you would have to use this charger and put it in the port here exactly how its supposed to go inside thats. It youre done its as simple as that, and you just have the full charge in say eight hours. So this is the wall mount charger that you can use to mount it on the wall of your home to charge the car and the build quality feels so solid. Actually, i found a box in the boot of the car. I was very happy. I thought that tata has left some snacks for us to have it because i was very hungry. Then i realized that this is the charger that they are given to mount it on the wall of your home, to charge the trigger av, not that the tiger ev is trying to set a benchmark in the ride and handling department. But it does the job with great ease. The tiger rides like a big car easily segmented above the damping is just right for our roads, soft enough to soak in everything at low speeds and stiff enough to feel planted at high speeds direction.

Changes dont make you nervous and brakes have a nicer progression to them, but could have been definitely better as the pedal lacks initial bite. Salons are generally known to be really kind on curves and the tiger rib is no different. It feels planted during the turn mark and its really not recommended that you push the gas further. Not just the motor would take a toll on it and gas for breath, but it would also hamper your long range theres. So many subformators sedans in india, every manufacturer has one and tata deserves all the credit for starting the game with the indigo ecs. But if youre looking for a daily urban commute oriented towards lighter wallet and relatively nicer to the environment and being nicer to the planet earth, then you would have to head to a near starter showroom because the competition is still far away from being electrified. So the million dollar question is: can the tiger ev be the only car in your garage? It all boils down to your usage. I mean what is your usage on a say, daily or weekly basis, if the weekly usage is say less than 200 kilometers or say in 250 kilometers, it makes sense where you would have to charge the car probably once a week, which is fine, no complaints there. At all, provided you have a decent access to the charging socket in your apartment or house or wherever you stay. But if i wear you, i would probably wait a month or so, and you know save those two extra lakh rupees and go with the nexon, because nexon is better than a tiger eevee in every possible way and it easily justifies the small 2 lakh rupees difference That is there between the tiger eevee and nexon theres, better boot, the better ground clearance more spacious inside, but the deal breaker the definite definite deal breaker in the favor of nexon ev over tiger av is the tiger turns out 74 bhp of power, whereas the nexon Turns out a massive 127 bhp of power, which is an incredible difference compared to this and thats going to make a lot of difference in the way the car is going to drive in the k.

In the way, the car is going to behave in highways and its going to make your life much easier. But having said that, if you are very tight on the budget, if you feel that you know you dont want to spend even a penny extra more than the budget of the tiger review, then it makes sense theres. No denying i mean it justifies that its the most affordable electric vehicle in india. That said, you can still go with it. If you want an entry car uh, not just that its going to save your cost, but also its going to be relatively lighter to the environment, if you guys, like the video, do not forget to subscribe to our channel, it helps us hit the bell icon for Notifications follow us on instagram. Take care stay safe.