My name is jeff and today with me is fahan. I am the new edition of tv today. We are here at sun hubby and we will be talking about the two new electric cars from honda and vox wagon. So a little background about these two cars, volkswagen and honda – are actually major players in the car industry and they finally take their first step into the ev market to compete with tesla and many other brands and lets put them to the test and see how great They are lets, go boom, Music Applause, so these two cars are mainly engineered for city driving, which means their range is not a lot which i feel is a very good segment for singapores market, because i mean we are very small country and its not really that Easy to get around because the roads are getting narrower its getting congested, so i feel that these two cars will be very, very good for our market in singapore, so jess. Why dont you tell us more about the honda e, so this car is a very simple design, very cute, little car. I like how the design is. It pays for much to the original honda, civic honda cities either one they just put a light, and the color is black and white, which is very simple and minimalistic, which is what i love and there are even more colors with this car theres, like the very Bright high visibility, jacket, green and there is that blue.

You know so like wow, perfect yeah. Its cool. So tell me more about this, so this is honestly the future look at the beautiful, futuristic design of this car. I dont think that this panda actually compares to it. This is basically paying homage to the past and this is the future. So the id3 is the next big thing for the volkswagen ev market, because just like the beetle and the golf volkswagen are planning to make this a mass produced vehicle. They tell you what i read so with that lets start off with the honda e and the id no online e. First: okay: fine: there will be a problem for these two castles stay tuned honda, a exterior, so honda has beautifully integrated their designs from their older cars. It is minimal yet futuristic looking so this car pays homage to the original honda, civic and the honda ct turbo. The honda e looks seamless with its frameless door, hidden door handles and slick body lines, so the model we have here is the e advanced spec. It comes standard with this two tone: paintwork and 17 inch black rims, the 17 inch black rims and accents around the cars makes it look sporty and modern battery and charging. So the charging dock of this car is located in front of the car. There is two ways you can open this. First, you can use it by pressing the button on the key or you can press the button which is located at the front.

I love this design because it reminds me of like a pop up headlamp because you know so like you can just show off and flex people pop up charging station. The honda e can be charged from zero to eighty percent in approximately 38 minutes, with a rapid charger of 125 kilowatts. However, if you do not have access to the rapid charger, you may use the common charge of seven kilowatts, which takes about 13 hours from zero to 100 interior. So now lets talk about the interior of the vehicle. We start off with the infotainment system of the honda e. The panel here is fully touch screen, and this is where you can access all the cars function from audio to performance rating. It also comes with android and apple carplay, so you can access your apps on your phone in the car. You can even change the wallpaper of the vehicle and even comes with a fish aquarium where you can interact and feed the fishes. I swear. This is a legit cool function: Music. There are various ports over here, and one of them is the hdmi cable. So you can turn the car into a cinema when you hang out with your friends. So this also brings me to the highlight of the interior. The side cameras, traditional side mirrors has been replaced by cameras that are located just below the a pillar of the car. The screens are also placed quite neatly, and it portrays a very clear video image of whats happening outside without any obstruction.

Ego is designed in a very equalistic way. I like how the seat belts are brown which matches the wood design panels around this car and seats. I feel like honda portrays like this is their way of being environmentally friendly. However, there are some drawbacks of the vehicle. The rail only has two seat belts. This means that you can only accommodate up to two grown adults, so you can forget about bringing out that fifth friend the boot is not as large as its competitors. It only has a capacity of 171 liters or in lay mountains. You can fit two small luggages. However, what you can do is you can fold down the seats which gives it more boot space? All in all, the car was built as a silly vehicle. So i feel it is ample for groceries, run and bringing your family and friends out performance and handling the car is powered by a mcf5 permanent, magnet, brushless moto. That has a range of approximately 220 kilometers wow. You can read the brochure the motor produces 152 horsepower and 232 pound full of torque, which is powered to the rear wheels. The 200 only takes around 8.3 seconds and a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour handling is wonderful, in my opinion, weighing at only 1543 kilograms. Just like all electric vehicles. The batteries are located at the base of the chassis, which gives it a low center of gravity with all round independent suspension.

It makes the car very agile fun to drive and it feels like a classic mini cooper where power is not everything but agile and stiffness. Volkswagen id3 exterior, so the volkswagen id3, is a very sporty and futuristic looking overall, the front bumper has an interesting signature design, which is also featured on the seat pillar of the car. The black roof that runs all the way to the back of the boat also looks very sporty and looks really really cool. The car comes with a very nice led headlight, which is also integrated together. The front light bar, which really makes the car look very distinct and very apart from the rest. The first edition also comes with 19 inch rims, which, if you ask me, really looks very sporty and it drives really really nice battery and charging like any other electric vehicle. The id3 needs to be charged with the rapid charger. It only takes 38 minutes to charge the id3 from 0 to 80. However, if you dont have access to a rapid charger, you may also charge the id3 with a fast 7 kilowatt charger which takes about 13 hours to charge from 0 to 100 interior Music. The interior of the id3 is bold, but minimal. The speedometer and the gear selector level is attached to the steering wheel. I like how this makes the interior clutter free. The white interior makes it look extremely modern and with 30 color option ambient lighting the car really really looks premium.

The cabin is spacious and has sufficient legroom and headroom. As mentioned earlier by jeff. The honda e has a small boot. The id3 has almost doubled the size of that at about 385 liters, with the seats up performance and handling. Id3 is a compact city vehicle that has a range of 350 kilometer. The car has ample power for city driving at 204 horsepower and 310 newton meters of torque. The id3 can attain a top speed of 160 kilometer per hour and can also do the zero to 100 in 7.7 seconds. The car also has a low centre of gravity, as the batteries are located at the bottom of the car. This makes the car feel very stable when driving and cornering this makes the ride also extremely smooth and remarkable promotion alert. Are you looking to purchase evie vehicles, because if you are youre in luck, my friend any purchase of these two? Even it goes from sunhat me in the month of september, get 10 upgrades from 4 bit guarantee series to 1 bit guarantee series for absolutely free. Yes, free my robot brain also tells me that you wont have to worry about cle spike, because the previous ones fight like mad dont, believe me. Look at these charts, so wait no more address in the description below after spending a day with all these vehicles. I really feel that they are great contenders for the ed market. Both cars have awesome features which are really high in technology high in specs, and really comfortable with tesla being the pioneer in the market of eevee.

I feel like these major manufacturers entering the market, giving consumers more variety and choices on ev cars, for you to pick so jeff, which would you pick? Oh, it personally will still choose the honda because i think its just a matter of personal preference like i like something that is more simple and easy and better. So the honda really just suits me personally. I would pick the id3 because i feel that its insanely sophisticated with the really nice intuition. Personally, i would use the id3 because i feel that its a really sophisticated machine, it looks sleek. It goes well and to me its the best city around the car. So once again, thank you for watching this episode. I think we can start with that. I think thatll be nice. So with that, thank you for watching another episode on that bombshell. Dont worry, boring uh. We have come to the end of the episode wed like to thank sanhabi for inviting us to review these vehicles. Please like share, subscribe and comment down below the cars that you guys want to see on chiang tv till then stay safe and see you all soon.