The tigor EV is an electric vehicle from tata motors that has an ARAI certified range of 306 kilometers for a full charge of battery, which means you can expect a real world range of 180 to 200 kilometers. It is a 28.6 kilowatt or lithium ion battery with ip67 certification, which means it is dust and water resistant. It is also said that the battery comes with liquid cooling and offers eight years of warranty for both the battery and motor and tata claims that this vehicle has been tested for over 35 million kilometers, which makes digor eevee a very reliable product. It also gets regenerated to breaking hill ascent and descent assists. The tigar ev is available in two color options. The signature teal blue, which is right in front of us, and the other one is daytona gray. Both the colors are available in dual tone as well. Tata offers three years or one lakh, twenty five thousand kilometers warranty as standard for the vehicle, which is not to be confused with the eight years or one lakh. Sixty thousand kilometers warranty for the battery pack and motor alone coming to dimensions. It is 3.99 meters in length 1.67 meters in width, 1.53 meters in height, and the wheelbase happens to be 2.45 meters, which is quite similar to the facelifted tigar. The ground clearance is 172 millimeters and its curved weight is 1.23 tons. The tigor ev uses stata zipron architecture. Unlike the previous version, it gets a larger battery more range and a more powerful motor and coming to charging options.

It charges from zero to eighty percent and eight and a half hours using the regular 15 amp plug. There is also 25 kilowatt dc fast charging with the ccs2 type connector, which charges from 0 to 80 percent in just over an hour. The tigor ev range starts from rupees 12 lakhs for the base xc model and goes all the way up to rupees 13.14 lakhs for the top of the line exit plus dual tone model. The electric blue accent, which runs across the front, is what distinguishes it from the regular tigor tata logo. Ev badging right there signature, try arrow design on the lower bumper, and this is the headlight of the vehicle which gets a projector setup for the low beam and a regular halogen for the high beam and turn indicators down. Here you get a fog light along with the led drl, and this is the lower half of the bumper. Now, under the hood is a permanent magnet synchronous motor which produces a peak power of 74.7 ps and a torque of 170 newton meters per to a single speed transmission, and it is all powered by a 26 kilowatt or lithium ion battery and zero to 60 kilometer Power acceleration comes in as low as 5.7 seconds insulation right there, which is not quite necessary for this car and moving to the side you get these 14 inch steel wheels with blue accent, wheel caps, wrapped in 175 by 65, r14 low rolling resistance tires to improve The range of the vehicle ev badging on the front fender as well outside rearview, mirror finished in glass, black and it also gets an integrated turn indicator chrome door handles which are not fully chrome, but it gets a request sensor and moving to the rear of the Vehicle, it looks something like this and it gets these transparent tail lamps at the rear.

Only the brake light is led and the remaining turn indicators are still halogen. Reflector placed round here reverse parking sensors, and this is the reverse parking camera integrated into the chrome bar, which connects both the tail lamps at the rear, tata logo. It gets an electronic boot release and the boot carrying capacity happens to be 316 litres, and it also gets these hydraulic struts for the rear boot. This is the charger and the speed wheel is placed over here as there is a battery pack underneath the boot in place of the fuel tank of a regular ic engine vehicle. It also gets a rear, defogger and moving to the rear seats. The rear door opens quite wide enough and the door pockets can accommodate a one liter water bottle. The interior is finished in black and bridge tweeter placed right there and the rear bench is wide enough to accommodate three adults and theres a massive hump in the middle. No adjustable headdress gets a rear, parcel tray and moving in there is adequate amount of legroom and knee room on offer. Another support is also not an issue, and headroom is adequate enough. There is a cup or bottle holder placed over in the middle. There is a handle placed over here. You also get an led lamp in the middle another handle placed over here and moving to the front the front door. Pockets can accommodate a half liter water bottle silver color inside door handles, and these are the controls for the power windows, and this is the control for the outside radio mirrors.

The drivers seat gets manual height and recline, adjust dead, pedal placed right there. This is to open the hood of the vehicle electric blue accents even on the interior, ac vents and speedometer. It gets a flat bottom. Three spoke steering wheel, finished in chrome, tata, logo, in the middle and on the left. You get the audio controls head like start to the right and wiper stock to the left, electric blue accents. Even on the middle ac vents and an hazard light button placed in the middle. You get a 7 inch, harmon music system with android or bluetooth, apple carplay and usb connectivity, along with four speakers and four tweeters, and this is a reverse parking camera of the vehicle gets guidelines and are adaptive as well and moving down you get a single zone. Automatic climate control ac, which is finished in glass, black and the controls, feel quite premium as well. The display of the ac controls are shown above on the screen, and you get a usb port and 12 volt power outlet over here with some storage space underneath it – and this is the drive mode selector, which gets reverse neutral, drive and sport modes. And behind this you get twin cup holders, along with the manual parking brake. The front seats are also quite comfortable to be in. The dashboard is also finished in dual tone, with black and weight treatment and the glove box is of decent size and it gets cooling function along with a parcel tray on the top, so that you go review is quite a practical car with a lot of storage Space and coming to the instrument cluster as soon as you turn on the ignition, it does a full swipe up of the display and shows you this animation.

It gets mid in the middle charge meter on the top right and the mid shows digital speed, drive mode. Zip tron and ev written right there. Battery percentage range accumulated electronic charge info for each trip. 20 trip meters time, telltale light around the mid odometer outside temperature, and that is about it. Not a dimming inside review mirror considering the price point it is fine. Passenger sidewiser gets a mirror and same is the case with the drivers side visor as well, and there is a tweeter placed over here, and you also get some storage space over here, which is quite deep enough, and this is the start, stop button with chrome surrounding.