So today, well start by talking about a lot of evs that were showcased by the worlds best at the munich motor show, Music, the international motor show or iaa. Germany is the first major trade show to throw open its gates to the public since the start of the covert 19 pandemic. While the 2020 edition was cancelled, the iaa makes a resurging comeback with a new home in munich. This year saw a hybrid motor show with an on ground and virtual presence dominated by electric cars, while the german brands shone with what they had to offer. Other european car makers werent too far behind and now its time to look at the best debuts at the 2021 iaa mobility show, many of which will indeed come to india in the near future. At number 1, the mercedes benz eqg mercedes benz unveiled the eqg concept, bringing the electrified version of the g wagen. The model retains the iconic appearance, but theres plenty, new, illuminated grille two tone paint finish: illuminated protective strips and a tailgate mounted square storage box. The concept eqg continues to be based on a ladder on frame construction and will use four electric motors. The eqg will enter production at a later stage at number 2. The audi grand sphere concept audi unveiled the grand sphere concept that previews a new flagship sedan in the future. The german auto giant describes it as a private jet for the road. The concept is long low and sleek.

The new concept is also a platform for audis vision for autonomous operation and promises. A range of 750 kilometers, with its two electric motors producing 710 horsepower and 960 newton meters of peak torque, a production version could arrive by 2025 or 2026 Music at number. Three, the bmw, i vision circular concept, the new bmw concept, showcases, what the automakers future models might be like in 2040.. The compact hatchback concept is just a tad bit larger than the current bmw i3. The circular in the name, refers to the circle of life. For the components which will be 100 recyclable, including the battery bmw, says some of the concepts attributes may appear as early as 2025 in the next iteration of the automakers new class of electric vehicles at number. Four, the renault megane e tec, the new mcgann e tec, arrived at the iaa and it is the first model in the renault range to benefit from the alliances cmf ev platform. The model gets an extended wheelbase and shot overhangs for an aggressive design. The battery is one of the thinnest, yet at just 110 millimeters, which allows for more cabin space and a lower center of gravity. The magani tech promises a range of 470 kilometers on a single charge and will be primarily for developed markets at number. Five, the mercedes benz eqe, the new eqe luxury sedan, is the electric equivalent of the e class. It looks sporty and it is the second sedan to be based on the eva2 platform after the eqs.

It also gets the hyperscreen from the eqs the mercedes benz eqe gets two electric motors that produce 288 great horsepower and 530 newton meters of peak torque. The brand also showcased the amg eq e53, with 741 brake horsepower to offer the new eqe range will go on sale globally by mid 2022 and the model is likely to make its way to india soon after Applause at number 6, volkswagen id life crossover the new Volkswagen electric crossover brings a more compact model to the id series. It looks dramatically different from the id3 and id4 and is about the same size as the hyundai venue. The ideal life will make it to production by 2025 and the model will be volkswagens truly affordable. Electric car priced around 20 000 euros or about 20 lakh rupees at number: seven, the dacia, jogger one of the few cars at the iaea this year, thats, not electric. The darchia jogger is the brands all new mpv, the renault subsidiary says the new offering gets. The looks of an suv and the practicality of an mpv, it shares its underpinnings with the second generation dusters sold in europe. The 7 seater offering will draw power from the 1 litre turbocharged petrol engine, while mated to a 6 speed manual gearbox. Sadly, renault india has no plans to bring the jogger to our market, yet Music Applause, Music at number, eight, the mercedes maybach eqs the iconic maybach brand – has been electrified at the iaa this year.

With the new mercedes, myback, eqs, suv concept, the concept gets maybachs signature. Two tone paint scheme, a bespoke cabin with individual first class rear seats and the massive aerodynamically optimized 24 inch wheels. The upcoming mybach eqs is expected to borrow the powertrain from the eqs and will enter production in 2023. at number 9. The porsche missionary porsche unveiled its mission, r racer concept for its motorsport customers. The automaker says the mission r is good for 1073 brake horsepower in qualifying mode. The zero emissions race car can sprint from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 2.5 seconds. It is comparable to the existing 911 gt3 cup porsche says the mission r is a functioning prototype, but not slated for production. It might, however, be available for its customer racing program and even a one night championship in the future at number 10. The smart concept number one daimler group and chinas jeely own, the smart brand thats popular for its urban runabout city cars and the company has now showcased the smart concept number one crossover and the iaa. The new model will be built in china and will be the brands largest vehicle. The smart concept number one promises the highest level of dynamic handling on the future model, as daimler and jb aim to resurrect the brand towards greener pastures thats, our top picks from the iaa this year. What do you think about it? Do? Let us know Music Music tata motors is leading the way, at least when it comes to electrification.

The nexon ev commands a massive share in the electric passenger car space in the country and now to give the subcompact suv some company, another electric car has been introduced in the sub compact space meet the tigor ev Music. This is the most affordable electric car. You can buy in india today the tigor ev and its new after offers much more, its got a longer range, its got a lot of connectivity options and it comes with a warranty that is not going to get over in a hurry. The car gets similar styling elements to the tigor facelift that was launched earlier this year, but you just cannot miss the eevee badge on the more futuristic looking grill with a blue slat projector headlights, new horizontal fog, lamps, with integrated, led drs, new alloy wheels and revised Tail lamps also find a place here: Music theres, some more blue on the 14 inch wheels as well to make the eevee look different from its petrol sibling in all. There are three variants on offer, but only the top of the line xz plus you see here, gets a dual tone option. Apart from the signature, tier blue, the car also gets a daytona gray option in the cabin. Once again, you notice a lot of blue accents. You see them on the ac vents and the seats which get the dry arrow pattern. The seven inch touchscreen system is nicely integrated into the dash its not too high its, not too low just idle.

According to me, it also responds nicely: has nice graphics, its compatible with apple carplay and android, auto to get more than 30 connected features on this car, including remote, cooling, inclusion alert and yes, charging status overall, the front pro gives quite a premium appeal with the modern. Looking instrument cluster, which gives information on range, regeneration and eco mode, amongst others, the drive selector, is very ergonomically placed and is good to hold too. While you get automatic climate control on all the variants, the mid xm trim gets the 4 speaker harman infotainment system, interior lighting, with theater dimming and all 4 power windows. The most expensive xz plus gets the 7 inch touchscreen with connected car deck. Cooled glove box. Push button start and foldable rear arm rest. The second row is decent on space, but there are no ac vents here. The spare wheel has been placed vertically in the boot to give you a space of 316 liters. This can go up to 375 liters if the wheel is removed, as the company is providing a puncture repair kit with the car like any electric car, you have to get used to the silent start on the tigor ev and it stays that way. As long as you are on the road, the new electric subcompact sedan gets a rather small 26 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery with a new permanent magnet synchronous, electric motor, which makes 73 bhp and 170 nm of peak torque.

Now, no other car can give you that feel at this price point press the throttle and all the numbers are available at your disposal that enables this car to reach the speed of 60 kilometers per hour from stationary in less than six seconds when the light turns Green, this car will accelerate much faster than most cars around you, of course, for that fast, pickup youll need to switch to the sport mode, which will ensure a slightly lesser range. The ev has adopted the brands ciptron powertrain, also seen on the nexon ev. Its lithium ion battery gets ip67 certification, which means you dont really have to worry about water and dust causing harm to it. Our drive in the rain was trouble free. In that sense, it will only give you more confidence that tata is giving you a warranty of 8 years and 1 lakh 60 000 kilometers on both the battery and the motor. The big talking point on the tigor ev is its claimed range according to ara certification. It is 306 kilometers, of course, in real world. It will be lesser when we started this drive today it was showing 206 kilometers on the instrument cluster on full charge, weve driven around 30 kilometers. Since then its been raining very hard uh. So a lot of time has been actually just spent waiting for the rain to stop and the car being on idle, with some systems in the car working and now after 30 kilometers its showing a range of hundred and sixty kilometers, now thats a significant improvement from The earlier tigori, it also really depends on how light your foot is on the accelerator and how much brakes do you use the sport back shape of the tigor has always not just made it look different from other cars in the segment, but has also given the Car an edge when it comes to dynamics, so changing lanes at high speeds will not really unsettle the occupants.

Ride is also as plush as you would expect from a subcompact sedan. The steering, though, can give you a little more feedback, and what is the case currently? Hill ascent and descent features help in a trouble free drive once again, tata has scored big when it comes to safety. On the tigor ev, the car has been given a four star crash test rating by global end cap, both for adult, as well as child occupant protection, thats, even better than the cars uh petrol counterpart. As an indian. You just feel so proud when you see a desi manufacturer achieve something like that: Music Applause. In fact, if the car came with isofix mounts as standard, the rating would have gone up even more. The middle seat here gets a lap belt which isnt ideal too. The car gets dual airbags and abs with abd as standard as a tata electric car owner. You could get used to the companys easy power app. It makes the task of finding the nearest available charging station simpler. It also lets you initiate the charge and make payments using a fast charger. The car can be tanked to 80 percent in less than one hour. It takes eight and a half hours to achieve the same. By using a home charger tata says, the car is compatible with globally acceptable ccs2 charging protocol and can be fast charged as well as slow charge from any 15 ampere plug point Music. The tigor ev has been priced starting at 11, lakh 99 000 rupees, which goes up to 13 lakh 14 000 rupees for the exit plus dual tone: all prices extra room.

Now that is almost the double of the petrol variants, which only come with a manual gearbox, but, unlike most of the cars dont, be surprised if the on road price actually comes down depending on where you live, owing to subsidies being provided by various state governments on Purchase of electric vehicles, category is now a much improved car with its longer range, better warranty and all the that it offers in times of rising fuel prices. Cars like these make a lot of sense due to their low running cost. Depending on how much you drive, you can brake even in a couple of years and of course, youre playing your part in burning, lesser fossil fuels and keeping our planet greener for much longer: Music Applause, Music. We started with a bunch of evs. We ended with the latest eb to drive in. Please react to that, and everything that youve seen on todays show. You know how you can reach me on twitter at sidpartankar. Please tell us your thoughts on electric vehicles and this big revolution thats happening as well, and please wear your seatbelts.