It hums when it backs up and when its in the park position it. It has like a little musical home to it. Oh yeah, thats cool yeah, its kind of interesting and its really quiet. So its kind of stealth, when you pull off, you hear a very clear so its a its an all electric or is it oh, its an ev electric and uh and uh gas yeah, oh thats, great, so its really quiet it does really well on gas. Thirty dollars um approximately thirty dollars, depending on the gas price, i will fill up the tank and uh its good for a nice nice little. While i filled up yesterday and im not even quite to a half tank yet and how many trips have you done? Oh ive done well over 40 plus trips, 40 trips and youre, not even a half a tank, yet wow thats amazing, its really awesome. I guess this is a 2021 honda insight, okay uh, so the gas mileage is real. Well, how much you pay for it? Oh, i dont want to put that out there, no no theyre around 25 and you probably got a good deal on it. Okay runs about 25 000 um. However, now, with this vehicle um once again its awesome on gas, this this one, this particular one actually does not have a gear shift. Okay, this has the buttons the actual buttons that you you know right right. It takes some getting used to, but right awesome, um.

The rear bracket camera is kind of cool. It also lets you know when people are behind you, the backup camera goes in this. This uh big display right here not in your mirror, correct, okay, then the display and it actually, you have um to where you have the view, theres a couple different views with the back camera. Also, you have your side, sensors yeah, which let you know when people are in your blind spot and it beeps. Oh nice, nice yeah, this vehicle also comes with the all. The safety features that you could ever want. Yes, definitely so you have people slamming on brakes and traffic and all that the vehicles gon na sense it and its gon na stop its gon na stop for you, whether you want to or not no, i wan na run into the guy. No, you know i want to see what he had for lunch right, exactly yeah its actually pretty awesome, though um i like it, it rides well its roomy, its very comfortable um. I like it for the seating, though, especially because it reminds me kind of like of a cockpit. Oh okay, so sorry about the mess up here, but you know im in here pretty much 14 hours a day, thats its fine, no big deal. I used to be a lyft driver myself. Okay, so you know right. I know how it is and you do whatever you can and ive had the worst experience ive ever had was somebody had sex in the back seat? What and i had a 2012 ford focus.

I mean theres more room back here than there was in my car and they yeah they were able to do it, but the guys like, okay, i know understand my ride is over, but i just busted my stuff and uh just drive wherever you want. I dont care how much it costs stay and keep me on the thing im like all right. Okay, so i drove to pa and back – and i was on for a couple of days on that one trip. Oh my god, yeah i got a it was um. I mean it was literally only a five minute or not a five minute. It was uh from downtown cleveland to um. I want to say: oh it wasnt, really that far im trying to remember, but it was almost by the post office from downtown to like the post office, but denison denison, harvard area that thats all. I was going to a bar over there to drop them off and from there to from downtown. It was right after a cavs game or something like that, like they just won. Uh, i think was they won. The championship is when i was driving and uh and he was all excited and yep and i think he had a hooker with him. Oh my god yeah, but it was. It was crazy. I did all that and no big deal but uh. What was your longest trip? Youve ever had uh cincinnati. That was a good one too bad.

It was one way you know well three hours and 45 minutes, but i typically work in the cities that i go to. Okay, so say if im going. If i get a ride to columbus and i work in columbus for a couple hours, if not the whole day and then head back start catching rides coming back right, you know its really hard to do that. Look its super huh! You can filter it now! Oh well, you couldnt do that before you i mean id be trying to id, be trying to id. Have it on and id be trying to leave the city and to bring me back in im like no im im leaving. I dont want to be stuck here like uh like id go to crack or me akron excuse me um, and anyone who lives in akron and didnt, like that tough crackron yeah cause thats, where all the crack comes in yeah and and if i had to take Somebody from cleveland the cracker in um, then uh. Then i was screwed because once youre down there youre down there, you cant help and it doesnt matter what time day or night theyre going to be calling left and right and youre the only one out. No one else is driving down there: im not even kidding like at a certain time of night, no ones driving down there. I know then, and you get a 45 minute im stuck in akron, usually for about a couple of hours right right early morning, then i have to turn it off, because if i dont turn it off, itll just keep banging yeah.

I had like four or five rides in the in the thing and then theyre calling the fifth rider that just got onto my thing was calling me im like uh hello, im, the only one out here, as you can see for yourself and you cant talk that Way to people because theyll give you a bad review, you get a bad review or a bad star or whatever, or you dont get a star youre screwed right now, im currently on a ride. So if you can, please wait until i finish this and then put this up, then i can call you back right. Otherwise, i dont one things for sure. Two things are served. No theyre gon na take a call. While i have a passenger in the car because its a group right, you know, and then secondly, if youre that situ, if youre in that particular type of situation, then maybe you need to find an alternative right understanding. This is a you know: pay pay for your riding pay service right. I get that, but if i have people in line that i need to service first, you have to wait your turn right now. Hopefully, maybe somebody else jumps in to jump in on the bandwagon right, but if they dont, then you have to wait like anybody else, but i never understood. Why would you let it go five, five in a row? Well, because that way, they actually give no no im saying why wouldnt you just wait until the the second right, at least we get to the second sec.

Two in a row is okay in a line like okay im, dropping them off no problem. I got the next one time to go to the next one, but but five is like very nerve wracking. This is all before covid too right, but they dont do that five in the row anymore. What they will do, however, is say: hey theres, another writer on queue so like, for instance, im taking ready to take and drop you off, and then they may say: hey its another writer in queue right. My favorite, my favorite drives were always people going through the doctors office because for some odd reason, youd always get paid more for a doctor trip than you would for a regular trip. Well, probably because thats built or insurance right. So when its built im pretty sure that ill charge whatever you want right right right, not my business right, but no that was, i always loved, like whats your favorite time of the day to drive that varies. It just depends on the day like say, for instance, im not talking about weekends. They dont count because weekends are a whole different animal times a day. I would prefer at night because its less cars ever i drive in the daytime because of safety safety issues. Okay, uh the best time that i always and i made the most money like okay im, just going to ask you, you can answer. If you dont want to uh, you can answer or you dont have to answer: okay um on average.

How much do you make a week driving during the day about 1200 1200, i was able to make up from a two hour time span: okay, every day, only work two hours, and i figured it out how to make uh three times that amount every week and It was crazy and i only worked two hours a day to get this, and i always got all the bonuses and all all that stuff, and sometimes three sometimes four, but nothing more than that. You know it just depended on the trips, but it was airport going to the airport back and forth id pick up somebody from the airport. I wouldnt wait at the the thing where everybody else is waiting at. You know to get an airport ride and thats for somebody to come back, thats im talking about hovering around lakewood and uh rocky river and west lake and stuff like that, and i always get the people going to the airport, okay and then im picking up somebody Thats coming away from it or going away from the airport but theyre, not at an airport trip, because you got all those people sitting there waiting for coming off the airplane. I mean thats like the work. If you want to kill time, you go sit over there because youre not going to get anything until youre next up and theres, no guarantee that youre gon na get that sweet ride, either its just a big waste of time.

Well, the funny thing is: is i tend to get a lot of long tricks and i tend to get a lot of airport tricks right, like it doesnt matter where im at i can be on the on the far east side, staying near near chagrin, falls and Theyll put it into my queue, saying 25 minute ride to the airport. Right then youre like yes, bonus because well i dont it doesnt really. As long as i can get as long as i get paid thats all im concerned, i dont need to have a whole lot, because i dont have a whole lot of expenses right right. At the same token, if i make im making more money than what i made at my regular job, of course, im gon na take it right. So i was going from three oclock in the morning till six oclock in the morning, and i was done after six. Yeah, because you know that a lot of people are not out there, nope nobodys, nobody is all right. You have a great day. Thank you very much. You are very much welcome and you have an awesome day as well.