This one here, sharing a platform with the nissan arya. Very interesting definitely because renault and nissan obviously have this corporation here you can see in the front. There are no logo, two dimensional, also in a new style. Sensors are being hidden behind it. This one here also with a special gold and styling, and this dot structure there in the front so kind of sporty look actually rather upright hole front, and this is a rather short vehicle with 4 meters, 21 or 166 inches, and you can see what is it Actually is it cross over? Has it some kind of van atmosphere? Is it just a compact hatch or a small hatch, its actually very short, so maybe something in between or something on its own interesting that on the side profile, we can see a very distinctive design, contrasting black roof. In this version, then, here integrated rear door handle soon more to that and also very sporty wheel. Archers painted here in high gloss black and together with the biggest 20 inch wheels that are available. There will be two battery sizes available, 40 or 60 kilowatt hours net and the projected range will be 190 or 290 miles. So you know some 300 kilometers or 470 kilometers, so always substantial range, especially if you go for the bigger battery pack, then in the rear. We can see here light strip going all the way across the vehicle, this new renault logo as well, really more modern.

Definitely now this one will be the hatch opener soon going to show you that as well and once again here in this special version, the golden contrast strip and maybe as a color change here, there is a red one for you. You can also see, for example, the daytime running light and a very striking red color, so so far, really like the color choices they have here too, or what about the white one where, for example, this contrasting black lower dot grille has an even stronger contrast, interesting Technology detail they will use multi link rear axles, so you will have more comfort at the rear, especially if you compare it with other models. So this is not that common in this rather short segment, so thats, actually quite good top speed, will be 160 kilometers now or 100 miles an hour thats. I think also decent for this front. Wheel, driven, ev and would say lets take a look under the hood. We have a frank or something: no theres, a no franc. You can see there will be two different power versions: 130 or horsepower the bigger one or the stronger one 7.4 seconds in the acceleration figure and is also connected to the bigger battery these door handles here. They come out otherwise theyre closed, and here this this side part. This is then for the classic control when you use the reader key, maybe yeah if something loses power or something then take a look at the interior here.

This is a very interesting structure, so new materials are being used also here this one, however, on the top part, is hard pack. This one, then, is soft touch, and this one you also solve them for your elbows at least some galvanization here at the window, levers and reasonable door pockets and an all new interior with capacitive buttons, hashtag capacitive curse on the scene. Well, this is a real one, but here we go theres a button, one field. We see that with so many manufacturers, but the steering itself looks quite cool with a flat bottom right there and all digitalized interior digital instruments and also infotainment system, and we can see also that it basically forms this tetris form like in you know, l or or Something so yeah thats, very interesting and okay tune on the volume right there. Yeah thats always thing you are searching for you know how can i tune down the volume right there because theres, some music running thats? Why we have the big microphone seats in this case here, the animal skin pack, but they also have some entry level fabric, for example, which is also then having a recycling share. Also the bottom of the car like the floor, mats and so on, use recycled materials. So they have definitely increased the share of recycled materials here in that interior and it really looks way more modern than before so completely new. Indeed, interesting new approach here for the new renault vehicles and lets take a seat, see about the comfort so and lets also see how i can tune down this music and yeah.

This is then again capacitive here on the side i really like to have, like you know real dials with ah here on on this side. They kept this one. You know the um, if you renault customer, you know you have these diodes here next to the steering wheel, they really kept the classic ones. Um soon were going to show you, because from this angle, you cant see it so lets. Go now with the proper seating position: im romanias, 86 or 61. subscribers no and headroom here enough, headroom left steering wheel can be moved up and down in and out actually quite good control, and this looks really you know when we, for example, compare the recent renault Review we did with the arcana. This is a really new, futuristic interior, very crisp, how the instruments appear and so on so definitely very interesting in the top part here. This is rather hard actually here from the dashboard, but optional harman kardon sound system. This is something we also have to find out in a test drive or something here, theres a so called multi sense button, and this one then go to you know, goes to the different driving modes. Easy to pick than here. The steering thats a cool thing like with the sports car, and they can see also how the driving modes adapt to that sport, comfort, eco and so on. To give you even more boost for that here that cockpit over you can see once again, this form is horizontal here and then rather vertical screen right here.

Yes, we still have manual climate, dials, thats good, actually so, and they have a nice clicking sound as well. So i really uh really like to have them thats, actually pretty cool here, theres inductive charging pad then for your smartphone. You can easily access it and also some leather red with some contour stitching right there. I think its a very interesting design they found here lets focus on the infotainment system, and here you can see way to go because we know it from the poltstar 2, for example. This one here is a google infotainment system and thats, of course, awesome wow. Who would have expected that that we know goes for this one? This is really groundbreaking for the whole brand. You can still have android, auto and also apple carplay, so thats actually cool, but having this android based infotainment system is, of course i mean they are really. Then, on the same part as polster and also with tesla and no one else and all the premium manufacturers, they have suddenly a worse infotainment system than renault and thats, of course, shocking. Such an easy solution to go for the google solution and have you know actually good speed and especially the best voice, recognition system, of course, and the best map guidance system so way to go. You know, weve seen so many other um brands developing their own systems. Spending billions of dollars or euros, and still they are super bad. This is way to go and still physical buttons in the lower part hey.

This might bring a lot of customers back to renault. Indeed, in the lower part, then here cup holders you can adjust them with these splitters. Here then more couplers in the front, and here this armrest here you can slide a little bit forward or backward forward. Then there are two usbc chargers hidden. You cannot see it at the moment and here when i open it more space underneath you cant see the xml either, but what you can see now, finally, is here this rather classic volume control. So i didnt expect that they still put this one here um and then you can also switch the songs with with a you know, turning jog here behind it. So this rather classic renault element. They obviously kept that the customers still feel at home. If you already have owned a renault before and very interesting detail, look at that here. This is either a normal mirror or you can switch it around and then you have a screen when maybe like the back in the trunk, everything is packed fully and yeah. You can also watch the people at the show here, access to the rear here – integrated, very nice solution and then here also hardback, of course. At some point you know they need to have some cost savings and at the moment this one is rather a dark interior. So you cannot see too much, but the real big question is: this is a short vehicle, its a small ev.

I cant believe how short it is actually from the exterior dimensions, but will i have enough legroom still i mean i cant imagine but yeah i mean with my feet. Its a little bit close. The seat would need to be put a little bit higher, but then you see its not like plentiful, but still my knees fit in here. You can drive this car with four tall adults, although its just four meters, 20. thats – really astonishing, so very impressed by the dimensions and, of course, using the ev platform. You can very well sit in the middle here as well. There is no middle tunnel whatsoever. Of course, the battery placed all the way in the bottom of the vehicle. Also then low center of gravity for that and what they also thought of is a special access for the battery for firefighters. That, in you know, case of a crashed, and you know you know it might. It is actually a big problem that when batteries catch fire or tend to catch fire its hard to put them out its interesting that the manufacturer thought of that, and now the trunk 440 liters lets. Take a look at that. You have this button right here. They can open, then the hatch lets see maybe with the shoka there we go there. We go so Music, see here not too large. Of course, then, here, storage for charging cable, but i mean considering the length of the vehicle – still very well usable, so the overall usage of space, even in the front i didnt, feel cramped at all.

This was overall, very, very impressive, so i would say renault is really back on track here with the new megan ev or whats. Your take on that, of course, comparative competitor would be the vw id3 tune into that review. I mean by that size, maybe even a honda e or something, but of course this one already offers us. You know you know actually a very good overall range, especially if you go for the bigger battery pack, so that might then even compete with some bigger evs.