We provide you useful information that it will help you to lift the luxury. If you are new here, welcome and consider subscribing Music models are being added fast to mercedes electric benzs portfolio, with the most recent being the high performance amg version of the eqs which was unveiled earlier this year. This eqg idea will be the electric version of one of bens famous vehicles, the g wagon, an off road suv, widely known as the g wagon, its no secret that most of mercedes electric benzs vehicles seem more funky than their gasoline powered equivalents, but mercedes concept, eqg Maintained the g class suv, conventional boxy proportions and round headlamps in its design. These trucks are near production concepts according to mercedes, with 22 inch wheels. The spare tire holder has an integrated lockable compartment for charging cables according to mercedes benz, an independent front, suspension and solid rear axle are part of the concepts design four wheel drive is provided by an electric motor on each wheel. The g63 amg boasts a twin turbo 4.0 liter v8 that produces 577 horsepower according to mercedes amg. The amg, eqs and amg eqg will be high performance variants of the eq range. Like the other mercedes eq models, the eqg is anticipated to be marketed alongside gas powered versions. Fords electric brand might debut this year, while jeep says it will offer an ed wrangler by 2025.