Many of you would have seen the video of indias racing champion, rayne karthiken driving his nexon eevee around the hairpin bins of the corey hills in tamil nadu. Well, the video shows that, as he ends his drive, he is kind of overtaken by another car thats. The camouflage, tigor eb a smiling karthiken, gets off from his car and gives a pat on the bonnet of the tigor ev. Well, to tell you frankly, tada motors deserves a pat on his back for doing a great job on the electric vehicle front. Yes, if you see the indian companies around, it has overtaken many of the big guys there to be a leading electric vehicle player. So today i shall be talking about the tigor eevee features and mind you. Let me tell you guys that at motown, india, we are on a sabbatical. We are not going for drives and rides for the time being and as we do that we will let you know. In the meantime, we shall take the help of the videos and the footage that the company provides so that you get to know a vehicle close and well talk about it. Incidentally, this vehicle, the tata tigor ev costs around rupees 11.99 lakh. That means at that price. You can actually buy a mahindra xuv700 that was recently launched. Of course, that would be the base model, but then the fact is that the 700 is an icy engine powered vehicle, so lets get to know a little more about the tigor ev stay tuned.

This is the montana india show and my name is robbie: taryan Music, the tata tibor electric car comes with an ar ai certified range of 306 kilometers under standard testing conditions and will be available, free trim options, xc xl, xz, plus and xz plus dual tone option. The top end cost should be 13.14 lakh actual room. The ticker av has also got a global end: cap 4, star fastest safety rating for adults and for child protection. It has got one star: less. The ticor tv features tata motors proprietary, high voltage, ev architecture, zip front. The tigor av delivers a peak power output of 55 kilowatt and a peak torque of 170 newton meters and is powered by a 26 kilowatt hour. Liquid cooled, high energy density battery pack and an ip67 weighted battery pack and motor to make it weather and very cool the impact resistant battery pack casing of decor ev complies with ais048 standard on nail penetration at cell level, Music, based on a proven platform with rare Crash suited structure, the car is compatible with globally acceptable cc s2 charging protocol and can be fast charged as well as slow charge from any 50 ampere plot point. The tigor ev is no different. It looks when compared to its icy engine sibling the only difference being the eevee and sip trunk badging. The tigor has always been a good looking vehicle and you can see for yourself how exciting it is to look at.