Ev6 thats right were going to be running this car through all of our testing. Doing charging testing range testing and so much more, but of course we have to start with our first drive so join us now for the first drive of the kia ev6. This is the all wheel, drive gt line about 77 kilowatt hour battery pack. Im pretty excited this is the kia ev6. It is the new highly anticipated electric fully from the ground up built on the egmp platform. This is an exciting platform that well see multiple vehicles tested off of such as hyundai ioniq and others. We are trying to actually get with a hyundai ioniq soon, so stay tuned for this video, maybe in a couple weeks, is the plan. This is a pre production prototype, so youll see some things in this car that arent exactly final production and thats. Okay, we get super early access to this. This is a really interesting car 800 volt battery pack system, this one again dual motor about 320 horsepower. The ev6 will be coming to the us and itll cost a base price of around 45 000, but i believe the first edition is going to be priced in the mid 50 000 range again all before incentives, so overall theres a little bit of a front trunk. A massive rear trunk plenty of room inside. Let me take you on a very quick tour of the car and then were gon na, get it out on the road and drive it for the very first time opening the trunk of the ev6 right here.

Power. Of course, there is this little bit of a cargo cover, but wow is that a pretty big trunk and the seats do fold flat under here? Of course, this one has the upgraded sound system, the meridian system, and you can see theres a subwoofer under here. However, if you dont choose the upgraded sound system, this would all be under floor storage and again you have to remember that not all of the grading on the plastics like this here. This is not all final production. This car again is a pre production car. It has almost 10 000 kilometers on it. The back of it, though, especially in black. This is a good looking car in photos. I havent been so enthused with the ev6 and ive, been pretty vocal with this, but actually spending time with it. Looking at these nice little small details, im really starting to dig it. This is the hidden charge for it, which is so cool, so type 2 up top 11 kilowatt ac 240 kilowatt dc here on the bottom lets see. This is the little thing we pulled boom. So just your ccs plug, of course stay tuned, well be doing a zero to 100 charging test. This is your battery level, its at 94. Right now, you push this button boom charging flap closes. How about that so cool lets. Take a look into the back seats here. You can see the door handles have presented sort of there.

We go again, not final production. I guess we its hard to know what will make it and what wont, but everything here, design wise should make it this. One. Does not have a sunroof it has this really nice sort of big cloth, alcantara ish seat, but then mixed with leather here in the center. So this looks pretty nice for sure. Overall, the interior is a really cool. Looking interior im, not digging the steering wheel design, but look at those pedals. Look at the dashboard look at the shifter. Everything here is looking pretty nice, theres even usbc ports in the seat themselves, with all this noise around here. What do you say we get inside? Take it for a drive todays video is brought to you by ev wash. You can see here im using the waterless wash solution on the hood of my electric smart car cleaning it up very cool. More cool than whats inside of this bottle is actually the way that you can refill it once you run out of your solution inside the bottle come back here. This is a sustainable, washing company, again branded ev wash you take your biodegradable refill pouch that you purchase on their website fill back up your bottle, its a lot less expensive and better for the environment than just buying new bottles. Every time you run out, ev wash the link is in the description, use the code out of spec 30 for 30 off your full ev, wash kit order, support the companies that support us for making these videos possible.

You join me in the ev6 now, as were about to head for a quick drive across town. It says its a seven kilometer stretch, but given the traffic thatll probably take some time so lets go through some drive modes first, so theres eco, normal and sport. In eco mode, the cars rear wheel drive only it physically disconnects the front motor with a clutch kia says thats, pretty interesting. The only other car that i can think that does that is the ticon that disconnects the rear motor with the clutch pack, because theyre permanent magnet motors you cant, actually shut them off, so its more efficient to just disconnect them normal mode will actually mix between rear Wheel, drive and blend in the front wheel, so its a rear bias system and then sport mode will obviously have both motors engaged theyre the same motors, but the rear motor has a little bit more power, so maybe we can slide it around. I dont know well see we want to be gentle with this pre production car, of course, when were back in the us, well get to spend more time with it a whole bunch of different menus here, but its very similar to kias in the past. So i think what ill do is put it on the navigation menu. Well shift it into drive with this nice little shifter in the set in the center. I have my air conditioned seat really working. I think kia has the best air conditioned seats in the business and were going for a drive um.

This is so nice, finally being able to drive the ev6 how exciting this is a car that you guys have requested heavily on this channel. Every video i post, when are you testing, ionic, 5 or ev6 and guess? What today is the day? And i have to say first impressions are uh. Styling is so nice in person. Ive now seen two of them ive seen this uh sort of matte silver color thats, available in series, production and ive seen this black color as well, really think this car looks good in black a clean black like this thing looks hot really does totally into it. The steering wheels a little odd its got this giant center thing here, but this is common for kias, i would say thats not so great. The infotainment is all pretty much out of existing kias and um. You know so so quite a bit uh of difference here, but uh lets see if we can squeeze down this way. If this guy will move, i dont know if he will. This is so weird driving here. Why isnt this guy moving come on there we go. Thank you very much. Wow big heads up display in this thing, with my with the speed limit with my speed, the driver assistance and then the turn its a little blurry is it. Maybe i just need to get used to it, but its really bright and really quite large, thats awesome first thing we have to do, of course is lets put it into sport mode.

So there we are in sport and well give it the beans whoa. That was a lot more than i was expecting thats pretty awesome. So the thing to remember is this: is the gt line not the gt, so this is the normal everyday sort of grand tour family. You know haul the kids around type thing, but they will eventually have a gt which, if we go by anything kias done with gts in the past, we know theyre, pretty serious and so thats going to be exciting for sure ive put it back into normal mode And were just cruising along with the turn signal on. I can see the cameras out the side mirrors, which is really nice, so i have a really good idea as to whats going on on the side of the car um a lot of hyundai kia products. Do this a lot of things ill mention are across the brand, but ill just talk specifically about this one, if thats, okay with you guys, um yeah, so theres different, paddle, shifters, so level zero. If i pull all the way to the right, coasting thats level, one on regen, so its definitely slowing down a little bit more, i will say and theres level two. I need to turn left here. Augmented reality, heads up display, put the arrows up and they got closer. As i got closer thats, pretty amazing, um wow just a seriously cool package, then i went all the way to i pedal, so it goes level one two three and then i pedal on so i pedal is one pedal driving.

Yes, i pull this all the way to the stop and theres no creep mode with ipedal. This is how i would probably drive the vehicle lets test the calibration again so accelerating i pedal lifting off big regen, yeah thats, nice. Okay, i pedals the jam. You go! Ipedal – and we are good – i dont know if ipedal is predictive slowing down based off of the distance to the car in front. Well have to test this, but at least on my initial impression it came all the way to a stop and it seems to be holding the car very nice. This car has big range we dont do. We know the epa range for this car 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack thats almost fully usable capacity uh, they say thats, not the installed and its not the net, its kind of in the middle, which is a little bit odd uh. But they said you can pretty much get all of that out of the battery pack. So well just go with 77 kilowatt hour battery pack, uh usable capacity. Oh and it sounds like we cant go down this road wow. What a disaster getting around this city is sometimes i swear. I guess we can go down this road, pretty crazy. I have to say the cars quiet. I dont hear anything out on the roads. Yeah, no noise, no construction noise. This is nice uh. There might be some slight suspension. Differences between the u.

s market car and the car im driving here in europe so well have to see, but overall theres also auto hold is on yeah, but with ipedal. I dont know if you need auto hold anyway. Let me get a little bit more accustomed to this thing. I got to say: impressions are quality, drivetrain, calibration and overall fit finish and feel even for a pre production vehicle is really really really really good. Really good and great acceleration like what are you even gon na do with the gt, i guess shred it around, while were kind of sitting in a little bit of traffic and light speed. I figured id run some numbers through with you and before we actually do that. I also want to talk about the ionic 5 because of course, this car and that car are sister cars, which means they share the same egmp platform, but the wheelbase is different. This is 10 millimeters shorter. Is that true, yeah, 10 or 100 millimeters its a little bit shorter, wheelbase here and also this car has totally different suspension calibration tuning and overall feel uh, while driving so uh kia said look we were given the chassis, hyundai was given the chassis and then their Engineers adapted the cars to fit the character of the vehicle better, and so, while i havent driven ioniq 5, yet im driving down the middle of the road, i am looking forward to uh to feeling this difference, but heres some numbers for you, the front motor makes 74, kilowatts, the rear motor makes 165 kilowatts total power, outputs 2′ uh kilowatts, which is pretty good, i have to say, and overall its pretty nice, they say the battery pack voltage is 697.

when we plug it into a dc fast charger, well see if thats dead Middle or full, obviously with the state of charge pack voltage, will change so thats. Never just a constant and so well have to take a look at that. Overall, they say its 5.2 seconds 0 to 100, so about 5 seconds 0 to 60, and does it leap and the motors sound, really good and well tuned as well. You can hear when theres not a lot of inverter line or inefficiencies in the drivetrain, and i have to say this feels so well calibrated the regen is so good. I also want to make another point when the front motor is in disconnecting stage, i believe in normal mode, and maybe in eco mode as well, well have to test theres a little gauge here. Um. It will reconnect the front motor to do more regen. So this is something we will definitely test out for sure, and you can see its telling me to not make a lane change here, but im going to anyway man, what a cool car, what a cool car its so exciting, we are able to test one. So early i mean american journalists wont have access to this car. I think for some time so um our videos are going to be uploaded a little bit out of order. Of course, i want to get this vehicle up all of the testing. We do here pretty soon and then some of the stuff weve already shot will come after so its going to be a little bit awkward for the viewers who are following every video, but overall it doesnt really matter.

This is the ev6 and its worth it. This is cool, really cool. Its got all the good tech inside sounds of nature. All the good infotainment stuff lets get it on, maybe a little bit higher speed road. If we can see how it feels at speed test, some of the driver assistance then well call it a little quick first taste of the ev6. We are now up to speed on the highway and the most impressive thing is really the ride: quality and the noise. It feels refined, um lets see im gon na bump it into sport mode for this corner, whoa instant, throttle, pedal change. This thing is gripping pretty well instantly. The throttle is way more sensitive, really, nice cornering ability here, hard power. This thing, boogie, is pretty good and before we get a speeding ticket well slow down a little bit here back into normal mode, wow, so theres. Definitely some dynamic capability here. This is not just like a really soft and squishy ev. I recently tested eqa that video will come out after this one, of course, and this car was um was good, but this is way more performance oriented here. We have no speed limit, so lets actually uh go back into sport mode. Shall we move over to the left and full throttle see how this thing does theres a hundred miles an hour wow its quick and it pulls even up top again, were at high state of charge 89 right now, but this thing gets it when you get on The throttle i mean its not tight on turbo fast, but its pretty freaking fast, im so impressed here and this isnt even the fast one.

This is a grand tour, so, with this charging curve at 240 kilowatts, they claim pretty deep into the pack with this level of acceleration and comfort at high speed paired with. I imagine, really good efficiency well find out. Of course, this thing must be a cruiser lets. Just get it up to top speed here, really quick, theres 170 kilometers, 180, 185 192 kilometers per hour just before we get into a speed restricted zone. Well, try out the brakes here in a second so 192, coming into a 120 hard on the brakes brakes straight and pretty strong, too high speed. Braking got ta love, it um pretty awesome, but this is where you feel that its not the real performance oriented one. The car kind of dive forward a little bit to be expected for a comfortable grand tour back in a normal mode. Here really quick lets just put on driver assistance so because were on the highway, we actually get hda, which is highway, driving assistant by hyundai, uh or by kia, were not in a hyundai. I think its the same system, though, and then i can click this little steering wheel. So now were just cruising along here at 125 kilometers per hour. I see all the cars on the screen going by its very much like autopilot. If you will, it seems like its got the same blobs as cars um. If i put my left turn signal on the car will keep hands on steering wheel.

I have it, will it make a lane change? I dont know lets see it. Doesnt seem to yeah. It does look at this. You just have to so what i did was i clicked it all the way on, but if you go just to like where normally you hit the triple blink before the point of resistance, this is when it will then make the lane change for you. So here again going back to the right: making lane changes all by itself. Super smooth lane changes wow, really good, that lane change automatically paired with the the camera view on either side is a really nice feature um. You know in order to get this on like a model y or a model. Three you have to spend ten thousand dollars for full self driving uh and not to knock the system. I use autopilot all the time, its fine um, but but its just like thats. So expensive, for the one feature i really feel like, i want in a base tesla, i dont want any of the other stuff. Just lane changes this. Does it and its great and its really really good and the the technology here in the infotainment which again ill show you in a little bit is so cool. It tells us the exact percentage of power coming from each unit. It says the exact amount of power coming from each so right now were using 19 kilowatts to move the car 0.

3 kilowatts to cool the cars interior and uh 0.’ kilowatts to power, the electronics in the car. I assume thats the driver, assistance and everything like this. So really great data really comfortable on the highway, a very good top speed as well a lot of evs top out at 150 160.. This is north of 190, which is awesome really like that and uh im. Just so so pleased with this vehicle were heading to a spot to actually perform all of our standardized testing, so stay tuned over the next few days for this vehicle.