Now this one is quite special and ive teased about it in the previous video if you watched it in full um yeah. So this one is about an electric about, oh hey, folks, so welcome to another video at car thrust and now, if you think that my tone is a bit post its because i have to change and adapt to make it more understandable for people. These are the comments that i received from some people uh for both videos on my personal channel, as well as on the car trust channel, that the accent, if you may is not very much understandable and ill, also reduce the speed and make it a bit more. Interactive by making it in english, so you will have to decide if you want it forced or flowing, but you know i i thats something well have to choose anyway. Lets shift our focus back to the car at hand, which is the tigor ev. Now this is essentially a facelift, even though the previous one was not available to public, but this time it is. It uses the ziptron technology, its just rupees, 2 lakh, cheaper than the nexon eb, which puts a lot of question marks and, if youre thinking of buying it. Well then, this video is for you, because there are certain things that you must know about that car and yes, there must be certain questions that you need answered for that car, which will be answered, hopefully in this first try review video lets, get on with it.

Music, the cabin is usually required by, but the best part is because tata uses good tires, so theres very little road noise as well petrol engines. They are not that refined. Yes, you know yes, when its an electric vehicle, its strangely quiet and, of course the right is going to be smooth its electric, yes, so its not very good yeah, both of its almost the same as the normal, because theres no difference and usually tatas ride is Very nice, its very planted on the road all the time, even on highways. It shows 185 kilometers and 80 battery remaining yes, so somewhere around 220 230 miles, but its not as fast as the nexon ev now yeah its. What more, though, zero to 60 in 5.6 seconds, i think, but its still quite a bit uh slower than nixon yes, Music. There is a 26.2 kilowatt battery yeah and also the motor is 95 kilowatts in nexon, and this 74 kilowatts, 75 horsepower and 129 horsepower thats. The difference and theres difference uh. This has only 170 that has 100 245. Yes, so thats, i think, thats the major issue with with the tigari its just two lakhs rupees, two lakh rupees, cheaper than the next one av and its offering way less power, which is my only concern because the nexon offers 312 kilometers of range. Yes, this offers only 306, so even that is reduced, which is the area i claimed and its uh its significantly more expensive than normal to go.

Yes, which is a bit of an issue for me, because i was considering it really. I was expecting it to be somewhere around uh, the 10 lakh mark 10. 11. We are expecting two top models: yeah yeah, 11, 11 and a half was fine for top models. Yes theres so much water, but i think the batteries are ip67 right. Yes and uh. A spare spare wheel and instead of the spare wheel, we have the battery set up, so this baby leads up in the boot space, which is again some. These are some things that they should have figured out first and secondly, i i, if im paying so much extra, i dont like for tigor its fine, because its a cheaper car, it should have changed yes and also the mid. The nexon is such a good mit. This this has a very basic feel to it, even though they are asking a lot of premium well, i think i got a bit carried away then anyway, uh. What i wanted was, you know, put a screen right there in a black spot, thats on the dash or put everything and make it entirely clean, like a tesla, but no, i dont want a tesla because i dont want the build quality issues anyway. This is a smaller car, its got it its everything, its not on everything i dont like the dash and you wouldnt either and it doesnt make you feel special. Nobody would you know you wouldnt, you wouldnt feel that you spent 12 lakhs, so basically its not a very value for money car for the normal.

Yes, so this is beyond normal drive mode. Yes, now, okay, so the range has reduced. I think, because we drove in sport mode, the range is reduced to base thats at some effect. This is the economy. I think the range economy this this car is good for city driving. Yes, this is what i think i think still for highways. I i i wouldnt in terms of safety, its very good, the only reason yeah, the only reason i would uh break them. No, oh, no, its still not okay, okay, uh, picks up very quickly its strange how fast it picks up, but uh the wine. The motors wine, its its like you know, youre in a the ride, is pretty good theres. No doubt about that. Like i dont feel the bumps as much as i feel in my burner. I have a warner and its a very low slung car. So you know, i feel a lot of bumps in that car, but the ride is pretty good in this one, an issue you can learn to drive with this, but in terms of an accident this is going to be much safer. Yes, this is the four star edit car, only car in the world that has been tested in gnk, which is electric and its four star rated. So i think if they would have priced it at ten or ten and a half, this is a bit too expensive because i mean starting is 11.

99, which is to me its a bit much its a bit much for this, but in terms of safety yeah. Definitely there is no doubt that its going to be much much safer than uh if you buy any other car in this price range. You see you hear a lot of journalists and youtubers alike, along with certain customers who believe that tata cars have really brought a pillars and that they have a vision. I dont really buy it because, first of all, thats the reason that tata cars are strong. Not just the chassis is strong, but the pillars as well and thats why the roof doesnt collapse, youve, heard stories of a tata hexa that flipped over 11 times and yet its roof didnt collapse. It stayed there and i dont really mind if that happens, because we know certain other brands that are selling really cheaply made cars and certain brands that are selling well made cars outside india, with the same cars being sold at a much cheaper, build quality. Much worse build quality in india, but you still cant take it to a highway. You still cannot take. Our charging points is every 400 kilometers. They are planning thats going to be nice. I i think its. My charging time is uh 25 watt per dc fast charging. 0 to 80 in 65 minutes right, yes and normal 15 ampere ac charging. I think its going to take about eight and a half hours, yes, zero to eighteen im, finding that right so strange because im always in cars that are diesel and diesel cars make a lot of noise, and this is not making any noise.

That also very little very minimal, because tata usually uses good quality rubbers in their cars, its very minimal. Only if tata had these kind of petrol engines, they are not as refined, but this is amazingly refined. I was expecting i i still wish that you know tata. Does some changes to the price and makes it a bit cheaper because on the next one, maybe they made it cheaper? Okay, the battery pack is also not as big as the next one, but the charging is pretty good. The thing is, if you want it to be fast charging, it will take 0 to 80 in just 65 minutes, which is spectacular, but if you want normal charging, which is uh, not bc, charging its going to be somewhere about um eight hours. I think its about eight and a half hours for zero to eighty percent. The big caveat, though, is that the fast charge is somewhere around two and a half lakhs, which is a lot, and that brings me to the most important point of this car. Its pricing, the lowest the base variant of the car is priced at 12 lakhs and the base variant of the nexon is priced for 14 lakhs, so theres just two lag difference and i would suggest anyone whos ever interested in buying eb save more money. Go for the next song, so basically its not a very value for money car, but that could change because tata did reduce the price of an exxon ev later on.

It was also very expensive in the beginning, so i hope that happens, but if it doesnt right now its not very good value because its strange to say but a tartar car is not really value for money. The driving experience, as you realize, its its bonkers, its just bonkers, the the electrical wind that you get when you put it in the sport mode, just press hard on the throttle, its crazy, its great and uh. I, like that theres no gear knob or something like that, its just a dial selector. It should be the case because electric cars dont have gears and lets not get to why thai cam has two thats a different story altogether for another video you can, let me know in the comments below, if you want to know more about that, but for this Video that was it and i hope you enjoyed it ill, be bringing more videos like this, so stay tuned and do log on to for more advice.