You join me in munich with the honda e. This car has so much personality. Let me show you around it. Take a look at this face its so pleasant, of course, lets pop the charging port. You can see type 2 on the top ccs on the bottom. It does about 50 kilowatt peak, but it doesnt hold it very long. I have a whole charging curve test on this vehicle with reviews and everything on our out of spec reviews channel. You can see digital mirrors were gon na, see how well this works its, not a two door, its a four door. Take a look at this. You have a whole back seat area, really kind of neat. Sorry for some of the lighting here and the back of it looks kind of just like the front, really interesting car. Of course, i think plenty of trunk space really the perfect size. This is an expensive city car, though fully electric vehicle costs about 40 000 euros and um. You know thats a lot of money for something thats kind of a toy, but lets see if its worth it. You can see the door handles present themselves. As i approach lets have a seat inside, you can see the uh cameras here on the side quite interesting, just getting belted up. We hit start here on the infotainment lets go lower fan and it has some really neat features. Actually so this steering wheel has sort of a wood line here in the middle of it, which i think is really neat different driving modes brake hold the typical honda shifter down here, three cupholders in the middle thats rare to find in cars.

It has hdmi port power outlets, 12, volt, 230, volt shuco plugs pretty amazing and then the best feature, i think, is this aquarium and you can, i think, yeah feed the fish, so you can tap over here and the fish starts swimming to where the food is Which is its just crazy to me? I absolutely love this uh, this sort of pleasantness and then the split display actually works pretty well. For example, i can put like a trip computer on the left side here and then i can choose a. I dont know power flow on the right hand. Side you can see. The honda e is a recommended charge limit of about 80 percent daily and thats perfect. This is meant to be a city car, its not meant to leave. The city therefore were gon na. Do our review in the city uh, so the vehicle is on lets, hit, drive, lets select the one pedal driving function. We dont actually need sport mode and it doesnt make much of a difference in this particular car. So look at that turning radius by the way massive, this guys uh looking at me like im, crazy, obviously with a camera strapped to my head and then theres, just screens everywhere, theres one two, three, four: five: six screens in total uh, really its not information overload It works pretty well so were pulling out here of our apartment in munich. Look at this power down amazing acceleration off the line.

The zero to 50 over 300 newton meters of torque here is just insane off the line. It is really cool. You can see a volkswagen id3 here parked on the right, thats, quite a big car and its actually our main vehicle here in europe that car the id3 is quite nice, but it is big and driving this. I much prefer it to driving id3 around the tight streets of munich. Now were a little bit on the outskirts of munich and were going to be heading uh into even more outskirts, but well just talk about the car as we go. Um interior, i think, is a big win. This floating design everything looks and feels really tactile, and then you start to get into sort of the driving dynamics of this car, which is just the perfect thing for the city, not having side view mirrors is an extremely huge benefit to maneuverability around the city center. You can see like just squeezing through tight spaces, we dont have big mirrors on the side. The car pretty much just ends right here. This means that when you start getting on roads like this, where you can see, the q8 has to drive down the middle of the road to not hit parked cars in front of us uh. In order to drive in scenarios like this, this car is so good at squeezing past things in people and like these little corners, just little zip and nimble.

The best part about this car, i think, is the rear. Wheel drive nature of the vehicle you can see here were waiting to squeeze by theres a little gap and foot down, and there we go just an absolute blast of a city ripper right here: um, oh id4, in that cool color that we dont get in the U.S thats neat, so ive been having a blast here in europe, just checking out all the cars. Of course, i think its really extremely interesting to see um, you know the the cost of this car is really its main downside. It is 40 000 euros. A direct translation about 50 000. I think if honda sold this car in the us, which i fully dont expect them to do, this would probably cost like ‘ base and go up to probably 45 for top trim. I think thats how they would price it thats. Just a gut feeling its not based off of anything and you can see, i can just use my digital mirror to make a lane change here. I selected a button on the end of the turn signal that puts on these little distance indicators and then, as long as theyre out of the red, then i know theres room behind the car. Ive gotten really used to them. I, like them quite a bit, and the only thing that the digital mirrors really are bad at is tight parking spaces other than tight parking lots where youre like trying to get the edge of the car right up to the wall, its been totally fine.

So the price of the car is quite high. The battery pack on this vehicle is a 35 and a half kilowatt hour battery pack. As quoted by honda, i was only able to stuff about 29 kilowatt hours into it, which means theres, big buffers top and bottom, and that 29 kilowatt hours was charging power or charging energy delivered, not uh. What made it into the battery pack and, of course, theres. Always losses when dc fast charging or, as you would say, in europe, dc loading uh, schnell loading, actually its chanel laden so uh pretty funny. You can see here a mini one. The base version of the mini not available in the us, but with the jcw body kit. This is a very euro spec of uh the cars here in munich um, so the 35 kilowatt hour battery pack really 28 kilowatt hours means the range is quite low. Um. Even just driving around the city daily, like i started today with about 90 state of charge, im down to 60 and have really only driven around a little bit its perfect. If you have home charging, because then you just plug it in whenever youre, not using it charge it up to 80 and each little trip across the city is fine. I could not recommend this vehicle if you dont, have home charging and live in a city, because the dc fast charging curve to charge up this car is pretty poor uh.

It charges quite quickly to 60 or 50. But after that, its almost not worth charging. I mean its like down to like low 20 kilowatt range and then even into the tens and teens uh. Once you get below that, so this car um, it really need a home wall box. Charging solution for it – and you just have to you know – get used to the low range 83 miles at 70. Miles per hour is what i tested this vehicle at and i think thats fine, my smart car does way less than that, and i charge it about twice a week, but its also i mean i drive it daily, but only for very short trips. So i think this plus another vehicle, this plus maybe a combustion vehicle for long trips. That could be a really nice complementary solution and this does drive better than its competition. We have fiat 500e. We have id3, of course, smart electric. This drives better and part of thats, because its rear wheel drive with a ton of torque. You can see foot down. Look at this instant acceleration up to where you want to go just that that rear drive acceleration paired with the narrowness of the vehicle. With this great steering, rack and really good feel means you get a lot of confidence to just rip around and get through the city quite quickly. So overall ive been extremely impressed with this car in terms of its daily urban mobility.

Ive not been impressed with the range ive not been impressed with the charging, but again i think thats, okay uh, because thats how you use it. I also want to mention brown seat belts, which is an interesting touch matches sort of with this stitching. It looks like uh. The seats themselves are very comfortable one of the problems with this car. As you can see, my knee here hits the heated seat. So, every time i go around the corner, im knocking the heated seat on and im getting quite warm quite quickly, and so i think thats really funny um that theres no like surrounding thing theres, no one who caught that that your knee just smacks in to the Heated seat all the time. Certainly i could put myself a little bit farther back and extend my leg out, but the problem is, then the steering wheel doesnt come far out, so id have to be reaching for the wheel. The whole time theres a whole bunch of great menus in this car as well. Again, i think the infotainments well done uh, but it is a little bit buggy and a little bit. Laggy ive noticed uh three times now, ive gotten in the car, where either it was unresponsive and then even earlier today, the screens just went black and we couldnt even get them on. We had to restart the whole car, so i think uh. You know this ones. Probably like a really early build and it has 9 000 kilometers of press driving – and you know its probably had quite a rough life, but id say the infotainment when it works is really good.

It has apple carplay with a pretty good uh sound system as well, but i would say id for this kind of money id like to see a heads up display id like to see better baked software. But i hope we see more of this software design from honda. I hope this is sort of a vision of things to come for them and overall, i hope this is something that we see more of. If this was available in the us. I understand its very pricey, but its so rare, and it gets so much attention on the street and people love it so much that i think its actually worth the money, and i know i go against most of my colleagues who probably say well. This is a dumb car and you know you shouldnt buy it because its uh, you know expensive and it doesnt go anywhere. But if you live in a city like this, like in europe, its the perfect solution in japan, its a perfect solution and its a great way to make a personal statement that youre into interesting cars and youre not afraid to spend money on something. That is an emotional purchase rather than just numbers on paper with good resale value. I dont know what the resale value is here, but overall one pedal driving calibration is really good. Brake pedal blending on regen is incredible. Honda spent so much time they must have getting the accelerator pedal calibration and the brake pedal calibration to be just, i would say better than most any other ev ive tested.

I mean i think tycon and polstar are probably the only two. This has way better throttle. Modulation than pulse r2 – and i think its because its not exactly instant, you put your foot down and there is a little bit of a a millisecond of a delay or a slight ramp up, which gives it this very pleasant feeling of acceleration. Not so much. This slam in the seat and then it dies because of you know obviously itll itll pull down off the peak hit. So i think honda tuned this car properly and as their first fully electric vehicle is it. I think there was a fit ev back in the day anyway, at least as one of the very few electric vehicles that honda has managed to produce. I would say: theyve done an amazing job. Look at this acceleration coming up here. You can just bomb through the city in this thing um, you know its not tesla fast, its like seven seconds zero to sixty, but that zero to 50, 00 to 60 kilometers per hour, really good, really, really really good and and like i was saying, i think, Honda really spent the time to make this car quiet, make this car a real good step forward, and they let their engineers and design team really really go at it. Here i got ta say im impressed im in love with this car. I really uh really wish. We got it in the us, but i understand the decision not to bring it there honestly.

I dont think anyone would buy it in the u.s, so well just take this opportunity to spend ive spent a week with it now almost about five days as a big. Thank you to honda for arranging this. They had to bring it on a truck across europe here to munich so that we could live with it and make videos on out of spec and inside evs its been a wonderful experience and if it was bad id tell you its bad, but you guys know. I love these quirky weird little cars and im not sure it gets any quirkier or weirder than this. So, thank you so much for watching another kyle connor youtube channel video, as with always im gon na, have plenty of uh, evs and weird electric cars and weird combustion cars here on this channel for you rs6 avant earlier one. Oh, the cars here are insane ive.