Imagine a brand new mg model to be so well plain. This has got to be one of the most low key electric cars you can buy. Of course, for some buyers the understated looks matched with its practical estate. Body could be just what theyre after, but were here to find out what its really like, but before we do dont forget to subscribe to the driving electric youtube channel and hit the bell icon, so youre notified when new videos go live apart from the very pricey Porsche tycan cross turismo. The mg5 is the only electric estate car you can buy at the moment and what it lacks in excitement. It makes up for in practicality its just a normal, sensible family car with a big boot and a range of up to 250 miles on a single charge that will appeal to some of you. But if youre after something that stands out, the mgs rivals include the renault zoe and peugeot e 2008. Everything from super minis to small suvs, but the big ace up the mgs sleeve is that its really cheap. The range starts at just over 25 000 pounds. Although the car we have here is a higher spec model, so this is the mg5. The exciting styling details include nothing at the front and down the side. Youll notice, no theres, nothing there either. We did say it was a plain looking ev, but this has got to be one of the most anonymous looking cars on sale isnt it i cant, see anyone falling in love with it because of the way it looks, but i can see the appeal of owning A car, no one would look twice at, especially if its a bit of a wolf in sheeps clothing, but more on the performance a bit later, its actually not totally devoid of flare and fancy touches, look theres, a silver bar that links the taillights eh.

But what really matters about mg is whats, underneath the metal mg recently released a larger battery option, meaning youve got the choice between a standard and longer range models. This one weve got here with the smaller 53 kilowatt hour. Battery will do 214 miles officially, but while weve had it, weve worked out its doing 3.9 miles per kilowatt hour, which works out 187 miles of range on a full charge in the real world. The mg5 has a maximum charging speed of 80 kilowatts, which means you can get it from 10 to 80 percent at the fastest public charges in 30 to 40 minutes at a more common 50 kilowatt charger, itll take just under an hour to do the same. Most people will do their charging at home on a 7.4 kilowatt war box charger where it will take around eight and a half to nine hours to complete, depending on which version you go for mg, says charging via a three pin. Plug should be reserved for emergencies. Only and you can see why itll take 24 hours to do so, theres no road tax to pay its exempt from the london congestion charge and every single model is currently eligible for the governments plug in car grant company car drivers could save a fortune running. One of these, too, the low purchase price and ultra low tax rate for evs means it costs almost nothing to run theres no way you can accuse mg of putting form over function its just as plain on the inside as it is on the outside, but you Can kind of forgive it a bit more in here, because the simplicity means that its easy to use look at the air con controls, for example, theyre real buttons, rather than hidden away in a touch screen menu somewhere.

The center console is as simple as it gets with this rotary gear: selector some storage and useful cup holders. You then get an 8 inch touchscreen as standard across all the models which has apple carplay and android auto, but theres also a built in sat nav. So you can use that instead of your phones, apps. If you wanted the system isnt as quick or as easy to use as the systems youd find in a kia or hyundai, but its got all the features youd need. It looks a bit cheap with this plastic surround. The materials in here are hardly luxurious, but if you keep reminding yourself about how cheap this car is, then you wont mind so much that its not built like an audi. The drivers display behind the steering wheel is nice, even though the information isnt as easy to read as it is on other evs, its good to have so. Basically, you could live with the uninspiring design as theres very little to moan about theres lots of headroom and legroom in the back, and although there arent as many storage cubbies around the cabin as wed like in a pragmatic car like this, its practical enough, this exclusive Model has leather effect, materials and theres heating for the front seats as well. So, even though it looks a bit dowdy its not an unpleasant cabin to spend time in as its an estate car, the mg5 has a big boot, theres 464 liters, with the seats in place or 1456.

If you fold them down, that means its more practical than a nissan leaf which has 370 liters of boot space and because the roof is nice and high, all the way along dogs wont feel cramped in the boot either there are all sorts of rubber mats and Accessories you can buy to accommodate your furry friends too. The sensible styling translates to the mg5s driving experience, which is a shame because mg used to be known for its driving thrills. It seems to have moved so far from the sports cars that made it famous, but there is one thing that moving to electric power has brought back, though, and thats performance theres, 154 brake horsepower from the electric motor, which gives a 0 to 62 time of just Under 8 seconds in sport mode, there is normal mode and eco mode, which seems to focus more on maximizing range. It does feel nippy, like all electric cars. Do, though – and that is a lot of fun – the handling doesnt match that, though, as it pitches and rolls into bends and the steerings a bit lifeless, we reckon most buyers wont mind that. But what is disappointing is that its not as comfortable as it should be either its smooth enough on the motorway, but when youre driving around town and lets be honest, thats what electric cars spend most of their time doing it doesnt deal with bumps in the road. Very well, the suspension seems to take a while to compose itself after hitting a bump, so you just left feeling a bit like a nodding dog in the drivers seat.

It is nice and easy to drive, though, and like most electric vehicles, its quiet and relaxing, especially in traffic. The windows are quite large, so all round visibility is good and the controls are straightforward, depending on what size and shape you are. However, the driving position leaves something to be desired, even with the seat fully adjusted. If youre a taller driver, then you may still have problems with feeling like youre sat too high and that the steering wheel is on your lap. There are only two trim levels in the range excite and exclusive, and each is available in conjunction with the standard or long range battery. All models have plenty of equipment, including that touchscreen on the dash and the drivers display four usb ports and a leather steering wheel. This exclusive model comes with keyless entry, faux leather, heated seats and automatic wipers, one things for certain, you cant argue with the price. So today we found out that the mg5 ev is a car that does what it needs to and nothing more its spacious, easy to drive and has good electric range, especially with the bigger battery, but it lacks one thing that makes so many of its electric rivals. So successful and thats desirability, but the point of this car isnt to get your heart racing or mega luxury, its a cheap, practical, well equipped. Electric car for people who dont care about good, looks or flashy features. Its biggest strength is value for money and we reckon thats worth plenty head to drivingelectric.

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