Ah today, weve got an electric vehicle for a review. It is a new decor, ev Music. It becomes a completely new culture where we are so much used to driving conventional icy engine vehicles, and here is a vehicle that does not make any noise Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So so here is a vehicle which climbs up the generation of electric electric vehicle technology. It is a plug in pure electric vehicle, with an ari certified range of 306 kilometer. The tigor ev7 is based on the conventional tigar, which is a compact, sedan and theres a category of compact saturn, which is unique, almost unique to indian market. The tigor compact 7 was launched in 2017, and now the electric version of this vehicle has come out in the market. You can imagine the generation gap or the generation swing that has happened from an ic engine to an electric vehicle architecture inside this vehicle is the tatas proprietary ziptron architecture, which makes use of the best technology that is available at this moment in time. It is available in three trim levels and the starting cost for the best stream level is 12 lakhs. You add subsidies theres a lot of policy revision for evs. That is happening in various states. You add the subsidy to it and there could be a substantial drop in that initial acquisition cost, which starts at 12 lakhs, but then theres a lot to gain when you actually operate it or actually run it.

The charging at home takes about seven to eight hours of overnight charging. When you start operating it, you dont have high fuel prices to be Music tackled. You dont have theres a lot: less maintenance, those regular oil changes. All those worries about whether the cooling system is working. Yes, the battery pack is a water cooled as part of the ip67 protocol. This in terms of connectivity, is another area where, technologically this sedan, this compacts are done scores. It has about 30 plus connected features. You can do geo fencing, you can do tracking. You can remotely control your vehicle. Now. Let us take this ev for a drive and see how it performs out on the roads. We are on the palm beach road and uh. The new tigor ev is a big cultural change. Theres more of road noise drive that i can hear than that of an engine or something because theres no engine theres only the battery pack no motor and the electric circuitry. This is a pure battery electric, a plug in battery electric. So all i have is a lot of electronics, a lot of digitalization here out there. You can look at the completely digital dashboard. It is showing me uh. It is showing me a range of 245 kilometers off now, where i can travel. The charge is about 96 percent and im doing about 43 44 kilometer per hour, its Music, its a huge change, its a huge change.

I mean from driving conventional fossil fuel vehicles to this its its a big change, and i can see a new age of vehicles arriving with this, where electrification is happening at a big at a high pace and uh at a big rate around the world and india Is latching on to it? It is interesting if you see the vehicles out there and the electric coming amidst that it is indeed a change there. Is there theres, no clutch theres, just a set of theres a knob here with a set of instructions where one is neutral, one is drive, theres, a sports mode and theres a reverse mode. Well, i have to put it in drive and just get going. No hassles! No pain of bracing and depressing the clutch every now and then theyre, just nothing and a silent rider. The tigor eevee is about technology, comfort and safety, so the comfort part is what i am experiencing at this moment in time and the beautiful communicative interface, the dashboard of this vehicle. When i increase the speed, you can see those rays going up and coming down climbing up and down, so they give me an idea of a bit of an rpm meter that would be there in a conventional vehicle here it is not theres no engine, as i Said so, its rising just to show perhaps the consumption? Okay, the consumptions rising its going down its in the eco mode, because were here to experience this vehicle to feel what an electric is like the beautiful part of it.

I push the pedal and it gets it. It accelerates it catches momentum its because in an electric vehicle, where you have a high density lithium ion battery powering it and then continuous cycles motor helping the vehicle move ahead. Music, the torque is instantaneous. The talk is available right at the tap and right at the push of the pedal it doesnt need for the turbocharger to kick in or for the rpm to climb closer to 2000 km, 2000 rpm for the turbo to cut in and for the for the engine. Also to come in to get on the boil theres, nothing of that sort, its like okay, i pushed the pedal, and here it goes. It feels it feels like theres, a turbo attached right from the start, so its a completely different experience. You consider the chaotic traffic in india and the way things move. Safety is becoming an important factor. The tigor ev that im driving and that that im piloting at this moment is rated at four stars end cap in terms of safety. When we started in the morning, the battery was about 99 percent charge, it was about it, it showed a range of 251 kilometers Music and now that weve traveled a certain amount of distance, it has dropped down to a certain extent. It has come to about 90 percent of the charge, but it is still there and we have been running it with ac, because here in navi mumbai, the air is quite humid.

You dont use weve been using it in the eco range, but you need an ac at the end of the day. Tigor ev brings you accessibility to the electric vehicle domain, which in itself is a good starting point. If you would be confident enough to transition from a conventional vehicle to an electric vehicle, well, charging infrastructure is gearing up here in navi mumbai that we are at this moment. There are about three charging stations that tata motors has already mapped for us one at turbay. One at nehru and another closer to panvel, so that assurance is there, though we may not need it. As i said, the battery is still about 90 or a little here and there and we would have traveled from say, washi to khargar, with the ac on and doing our shoots on the way, with a lot of stops and goes thrown in and its still been. A wonderful experience in terms of refinement in terms of drivability in terms of ease of driving and in terms of confidence about being at the hem of an electric vehicle, Music Applause, Music.