Welcome to cargills india, Music, you know tata has been upping its eevee game. It started off with the tata nexon and now we have indias most affordable electric car, which is this beautiful, babe right here, the tata tagore ev, starting at just 11.99 lakhs. How cool is that? The powertrain is new in the 2021 tigor ev, which gets tatas advanced ziptron high voltage architecture that uses a permanent magnet synchronous. Electric motor producing 75 horsepower and 170 newton meter do remember that the tigar ev was available earlier too, but only for taxi operators and the motor was a lot less powerful and the range was much lower 213 kilometers, precisely even on the extended range model. Music. The tata tigar ev is arai certified for 306 kilometer range now to tackle range anxiety. What tata is doing is its adding to its fast charging network span. India, for example, where we are right now like the mumbai, pune expressway, and what is the best part about this thing is that you can charge the battery 80 in an hour flat. You know if youre at the fast charging station and while youre charging at home, you can charge the same amount for eight and a half hours Music. The tigar evs lithium ion unit, along with the electric motor, have been rated to ip67 waterproof and dust proofing standards which will give the indian customers some peace of mind, considering how dusty our roads get and how much water fills up during monsoons, Music and the most Impressive part about this whole thing is tata, is giving a warranty of eight years and a hundred and sixty thousand kilometers on both the battery and the motor guys.

If you know tata, and if you like tata, you will know that they are all about safety. I mean safety is priority with tata, which is why you would be delighted to know that the new tigar ev has a four star end cap rating, which makes it not only one of the safest cars on the road, but also one of the safest tvs. Music. Remember this its not just the regular trigger that has been crash tested, but the tigar eevee itself has been trash tested and has garnered a commendable four star rating. The tata tigar eevee is pretty similar to the tata tiger in terms of the overall look, the design, the style, except that the eevee has ev batches all over the car. And it comes in this stunning, blue color, which is a stunning electric blue color, which is of course, an indication of it being a navy and also the interiors. Have these blue accents everywhere again a clear indication of it being an eevee and you know, truth be told, um these little blue patches everywhere, its its pretty calming while driving and now that were talking about interiors. Obviously, this does not have a gear lever. Instead, it has a rotary dial which helps you select the driving modes, Music, okay. Now that brings me to my next point. I am going to put her on spot mode and lets see how sporty she really is, oh, which, by the way tata claims that she goes from 0 to 60 in 5.

7 seconds. We are not going to be trying that right now, because its a public road but uh, just letting me know as a fact okay here goes and on to sport, mode and Music. Okay, there definitely definitely is a surge im, not very sure, of the how the steering waits up, but i definitely feel a power surge. When i hit the throttle, i must tell you one thing: the road that im driving on right now is not the best of the roads as in come on its mumbai streets. There are potholes everywhere id be surprised if there are no potholes around, but the tata vehicle. Keeping up to its legacy is a very good quality is a very good ride. Quality you know im not feeling very bumpy its um, its its its going on pretty smooth. So im enjoying driving her around in this Music so compared to the regular tigor i have not driven the regular tiger. I am guessing, she would be. The tigar evie would be better to drive since she has her battery bottom mounted and the center of gravity is low, so thats my assumption that the tigar ev would be a better drive than the regular t car. The tata tigor ev comes with a gorgeous harman infotainment system, which comes with apple, carplay and android. Auto. Now you can use 35 smart features on the z connect app as well. The digital cockpit is functional, its beautiful its simple yet elegant.

It also gets ira connected car tech, four speakers and four tweeters automatic climate control and a digital instrument cluster. In terms of safety. The tigor ev gets dual airbags abs, with ebd rear parking, sensors, rear parking, camera and seat belt reminder. If you are primarily a city user, you should have absolutely no problem using the tigor ev without any anxiety. In fact, it makes for a compelling use case as a city car that is easy on your pocket and good for shot city runs. The boot space is a bit compromised due to the battery, but the good thing is, it still carries a full size spare and a puncture kit too. So tatas electric push is very evident: theyre really trying to strengthen their portfolio by offering something for every type of consumer. The tigor ev is also available in multiple trims, starting with xe xm and xz, plus with the nexon ev, also bringing in good numbers for them. Do you think they will also launch the harrier or safari ev versions? The platforms have been designed with an electric future in mind is something that we already know. What do you think? Would you like to see a harrier eevee with about 500 kilometer range? Let us know in the comments all right guys that was our take on the new tata tigor eevee. I hope you enjoyed watching this episode as much as we enjoyed shooting it. You know the drill like subscribe.

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