com today, im going to be reviewing the 2020 tesla model, 3. Music, so Music, technically. The fourth model in the tesla lineup is oddly enough name. The model 3.. The tesla model 3 is the worlds best selling plug in electric vehicle ever with more than 800 000 units delivered as of december 2020.. There are three trim levels for the tesla model: 3., the standard rear, wheel, drive, long range, all wheel, drive and the performance all wheel drive starting at just over 38 000 for the standard model and with the most expensive performance model, with all of the options coming In at just under 69 000, when getting into a tesla model 3, there are no traditional keys. You either use the bluetooth on your phone or a key card that you hold up to the b pillar starting the car can be a bit confusing as theres. No push to start, you simply put your foot on the brake and it starts or if you dont, have your phone bluetooth connected, you use the key card, you put it on the center console and put your foot on the brake. Now the model that im testing today is the mid tier trim, the long range version now. I believe that this long range version is the best version that you can get with an estimated range of 353 miles on a single charge. However, the owner of this car has driven it for over a year and says the most hes got out of it.

On average is about 275 miles on a single charge. Compare that to the standard range with 263 miles and the performance model with 315 miles estimated range besides range, top speed and 0 to 60 times are different across all three trim levels for top speed standard has 140 miles an hour 145 on the long range and 162 on the performance trip now for the 0 60, the single motor rear wheel drive, gives you a 0 60 time of 5.3 seconds, the dual motor all wheel, drive. What this trim level is gives you a 0 60 time of 4.2 seconds and the dual motor. All wheel, drive performance trim gives you a 0 60 time of 3.1 seconds on this trim, the dual motor long range. You have the ability to get a power increase for two thousand dollars that two thousand dollar acceleration boost changes your zero to sixty time. From four point, two seconds to 3.7 seconds now, one thing thats standard across all the tesla model: 3 lineup – is the technology. This massive 15 inch touchscreen display is the only display in the car you control everything with the touchscreen and the buttons on the steering wheel. Everything from the audio to the mirrors, even the glove box, is a button on the touchscreen, as well as the climate control can be controlled down at the bottom of the touchscreen. Now, because there is no traditional gauge cluster, your speedometer is displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen, as well as all of the necessary driving information that you would typically find on a traditional gauge cluster.

One major piece of technology – thats, a big part of tesla and the reason that you choose a tesla is teslas autopilot system. Your standard autopilot capabilities are included across all three trim levels of the tesla model 3., and this is essentially adaptive cruise control, but on steroids i guess you could say if youre not familiar with adaptive cruise control, it basically allows you to match the speed of the Car in front of you and then automatically break and slow down. All practical purposes is cruise control and it comes standard on many cars nowadays, but was definitely something an amazing feature when tesla was first coming out with autopilot. You can, however, purchase full self driving for your tesla for an added cost. Full self driving allows automatic lane changes self parking, as well as the smart, summon feature that allows you to control your tesla via the app on your phone. This smart summon feature is great for parking, as well as leaving parking spots and coming to the front of the door, say youre, leaving a store at the time of recording the price for the full self driving capability is ten thousand dollars when the owner bought this Tesla, the price of the full self driving capability was six thousand dollars and in less than a year its gone up over four thousand dollars. I think thats an important factor to consider when purchasing a tesla as to whether you want full self driving capability.

One major concern people have when buying a tesla is charging with the included charger and a standard household outlet. It only charges at about one to two miles per hour. However, if you install teslas 240 volt wall connector in your home, it dramatically increases that to about 44 miles per hour and can fully charge overnight, while youre sleeping one major reason that you would pick a tesla over any other ev brand is their network of superchargers. With over 20 000 superchargers worldwide its the best option, with the ability to charge up to 200 miles in about 15 minutes, many teslas even get free super charging, but the best part. While super charging, you can even watch netflix youtube or even play some games on the touchscreen. You can customize the drive modes to your liking, everything from the steering feel to acceleration and even regenerative braking. As for the steering feel its okay in sport mode, it does get a lot better and it truly is a fun car to cruise around in you know, on the back roads where theres some twists and turns to it in the normal driving modes, the steering is In my opinion, a little bit sloppy and unresponsive as id like it to be, but because the battery is in the floor of the car, it means that the center of gravity is really low, which makes it taking corners amazingly well, especially in the sport steering mode. Because the battery is in the floor of the car, it makes it extremely safe when it comes to rollovers its virtually impossible to fully roll this car over acceleration is quick.

Of course, one of my favorite things with electric vehicles is the instant torque. One thing ive noticed while riding pasture and driving it is when you floor it, the passenger feels it a whole lot more than the driver. Does it just goes. It feels like youre in a spaceship. The big thing you notice audibly, because there is no engine noise – is road. Noise above 80 miles an hour. It is considerably loud. One cool thing about electric cars is the ability for regenerative braking. When you take your foot off the accelerator, you immediately feel the regenerative braking kick in and start to slow the vehicle down and while its slowing the vehicle down its actually recharging the battery ill say this regenerative braking is something thats weird to get used to, because Youre hardly pressing the brake pedal. You dont have to replace the brake pads and rotors as much as you do on a traditional car. The tesla model 3 is an amazing minimalist luxury sedan, whether youre, environmentally conscious or not, as other manufacturers have made pledges to make most of, if not all, of their cars electric or hybrid in the future. Theres, no doubt that alternative fueled cars are going to become the standard as an automotive enthusiast and someone who enjoys the sound, the feeling, the smell and even the mindset of driving an internal combustion car, it scares me that a traditional car could become obsolete or even Illegal, i know its a long shot, but if one day traditional cars and alternative fueled vehicles could someday coexist, that would be amazing.

I could definitely see myself owning a tesla in some form as a daily commuter. As long as i get to keep my gas burning weekend sports car, i love the fact that tesla is setting the standard for other manufacturers producing alternative fueled vehicles trying to compete in this future market. Special thanks to my friend levi for letting me review his tesla model 3.. Let me know your thoughts on the tesla model. 3. In the comments below my name is grant lewis and thank you for watching autotalk.