This is the tigor ev and in case you feel youve seen this before. Well, yes, the previous generation was called the express tev and was only available to fleet operators and government purchases. However, this is solely aimed at the private buyer. There are lots of changes in and out lets find out. Music. The design is based on the tigor facelift, and this comes in only two colors. This is the signature. Teal blue. It also comes in the daytona gray. The charging port, which was on the grill, has now gone back. You get projector headlamps, the fog lamp housing has been revised to accommodate the drls. The tigor petrol comes with 15 inch wheels. However, the ev gets 14 inch wheels and comes with low rolling resistance tires. Alloy wheels are surprisingly not offered, but you do get wheel caps with electric blue accents Music. The dashboard gets a black and beige layout with black color seats. The seats offer good amount of support and space is sufficient by compact sedan standards on the equipment front. The tigor ev gets a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system with android, auto and apple carplay. Iraq connected car tech with over 30 plus features four speakers and four tweeters automatic climate control and an updated instrument cluster in a conventional ev. The battery pack is placed along the floor of the car. However, in the tigor the battery pack is placed where the fuel tank is, and it extends all the way till the spare wheel.

Now, because of this, the spare wheel is placed inside the boot total boot. Space is 375 liters. You reduce 59 liters for the spare wheel coming into the boot, and the usable space is around 316 litres when it comes to safety. Tata motors is offering standard dual front: airbags, abs, ebd and corner stability control. You also get rear, assist and rear camera. The big news is that tata motors has bagged a four star global end cap crash test rating for this car, and this is a first for any indian made ev the battery is ip67 compliant and also gets a protective casing to protect against over charging and shock. This motor produces 75 hp of power and 170 newton meters of torque. It does a 0 to 60 kilometer per hour, run in just 5.7 seconds conventionally in evs. The talk is available right from the word go, however, in the drive mode, the power delivery is more sedate, and that is done to conserve the battery. However, if you feel like pushing to the limit, occasionally tata motors has also offered a sports mode. Lets come to the battery, which is essentially the heart of your ev. Now you can charge this battery from 0 to 80 percent in just 65 minutes using a 25 kilowatt dc fast charger. However, if you want to charge it at home with the 15 ampere home socket, it takes about 8 hours and 45 minutes to charge it to 80 percent.

Tata is offering an 8 year and 1.6 lakh kilometer warranty on the battery and a three year and one lakh, 25 000 kilometer warranty on the electric motor as per ara standard conditions. The range of this ev is 306 kilometers. However, under practical conditions, you can expect 210 to 220 kilometers per charge. Now, even though this uses the same technology as the nexon, the range of the tigor is slightly better, and this is because this is a little lighter and more aerodynamically efficient as compared to the nexon driving redemption actually comes from the right quality, which is excellent. It soaks up most bumps and potholes easily undulations do give rise to a fair amount of movement, but it is always very settled. The steering, too, is a delight. It is light at low speeds and weighs up brilliantly as you speed up brakes, offer a predictable bite and sufficient stopping power. The tigor ev is available in three variants. You can add another 15 000 and get yourself a dual tone. One. This car is approximately four and a half lakhs more expensive than the top of the line tigor petrol amt, but considering the negligible running costs, this definitely makes more sense in the long run. Tata is aggressively pushing for the mass market. Adoption of evs the tigor offers decent performance a good range and, at this price point offers the perfect stepping stone into the electric bandwagon.