For this car ill talk more about it when we get on our way, but its an exciting day, because im going to be picking up my new handy car today and im not going to give too much away. Apart from the fact, this might give you a hint that car charger ive got on the wall over. There is going to be getting some use over the next few months because im going full eevee Music, okay, so we are on our way its a beautiful day. In west sussex today, in fact, actually i think ive creeped across the border into hampshire. Already so im on the uh, m27 and ive got the car in highway driver assist mode, which is so clever, really um. You just stick the cruise on and its got road sign recognition and its currently sat at well 70 miles an hour, uh top, but ive its got adaptive crews. So this cars in front of me, so it will adjust to their kind of speed the normal kind of stuff. But what was the plan so im on my way down to pool uh to a handy dealership in pool i shouldnt say which brand yet uh to drop off the tucson and pick up mine ahead? Thank you very much. Uh pick up my new uh hendy ambassadors. Car, but i wanted to just talk a little bit about the tucson, because um ive really really enjoyed having the tucson and what i want to make sure everybody realizes.

Is you know, although i am a handy brand ambassador part of the deal was when i agreed to see there? We go weve just gone past a 50 mile an hour, and the cruise has automatically changed to 50. love that um so part of the deal. For me, part of my agreement was that i was always going to be free to say whatever i wanted to about the car. If i liked it id say i liked it. If i didnt, i said i wouldnt so im, not just saying that this is a great car, because its part of a deal ive got with hendy its just genuinely a really really good car. Hopefully, by now youve seen my review i put out on the channel just a couple of weeks ago, um the things i really like its, not a brand that i would have been naturally drawn to as my own car, although ive driven the i30n hatch and fastback In the past and love both of them theyre, brilliant, brilliant things um, this particular um car, probably wouldnt, have been one on my radar, but then thats a bit like the kia sorrento i had it was one of these cars and you know you get hold of It you think, okay lets just lets. Just um lets just look at the car based on its merits, not on any preconceived ideas about what the brand should be or what the car should be and when you do that with a car.

For me, actually as a car reviewer, its taught me quite a few really really important lessons. You ignore the badge and you just you just look at the car for its merits: styling wise on the outside. I think this car is absolutely on the money, but inside for the money you know this. This is the the top spec exclusive model, so its 38 000 pounds. So for me i know for some that is a lot of money, its a new car price uh, and i know you know its still a lot of money, but actually for the spec that you get. You get a lot of a lot of calf for the money. You know i drove back from duxford on monday this week. After a full day of filming, it was 30 degrees. It was super hot and i got in the car, and i put the air con on and i put my chilled and vented seats on and i connected my car to apple carplay and i sat in this highway. Uh driver assist mode all the way home and it was so relaxing, and i just thought this is a brilliant car and so weve really enjoyed it, and mrs petroped has loved it as well. So its really sad to see it go. The big question is: what comes next, so ive done, a plug in hybrid ive done a self charging hybrid, which lots of people got the real lump about me, calling it a self charging hybrid or its, not self, charging its petrol charging.

Well, of course, it is but thats a commonly used industry term, and i just use the term self charging hybrid to differentiate from a plug in hybrid because they are very, very different things. So ive done plug in hybrid ive done self charging hybrid, and so i thought it would be a good idea to go full ev. The big challenge weve had as im sure many of you know and its a subject. Ive talked about on the channel before its currently in the uk, and actually, i dont think its exclusive to the uk. We have massive problems with supply. Uh supply and demand have just gone absolutely nuts theres lots of reasons why supply is difficult, theres. The whole issues around covid theres issues around brexit and what it basically means is the car industry. Currently doesnt have enough stock. So we were really challenged in selecting what my next car would be and ive gone for something thats full eevee, because i was very keen to now live with a full ev for a couple of months. Ive only ever had an ev for a week, um, sometimes thats been very painful, sometimes its not been so i really want to kind of just live with a full ev, but i also wanted to live with a fully v. That was just that little bit different and not the normal things that people would think about so lets head on down to pool when we get to the dealership.

I shall tell you more: oh god, these average speed check zones are really dull. This ones really long as well 50 miles an hour for a long time. I mean you can drive along in one of these, with your hands off the steering wheel and actually this car and some cars when youre in this kind of autonomous driving level two mode. You take your hands off the steering wheel for more than a couple of seconds and it starts to have a bit of a moan at you, this one, you could literally, i think, its quite a long time before the car says, wait, put your hands back on The steering wheel anyway um, i thought id just look back at the history of the car in terms of miles done and average uh mpg and so on so um. In the time, ive had the car three and a half thousand miles uh nearly 90 hours sat in this drivers seat. So i think, im in a good position to give you a feel for the car, but in that time and in that mileage, ive averaged 43.6 miles to the gallon over a whole mix of different types of driving. And that was the number that i kind of quoted in my review. The kind of low mid to low 40s um is that is a number and a few people said thats, not that good. But, interestingly, if i look at the trip since i last refueled, which i did in duxford, so ive done 205 miles since monday, um ive actually averaged 51.

7, because those miles were on a lot of road roads, like this sort of you know just cruising at 60. 70 miles an hour on a dual carriageway and that thats much much more like it, because a few people had commented that the hybrids come with a price premium, and – and you know you why dont you just buy a diesel and get much better fuel economy and Theres some truth in that, but what i would say is what i didnt mention in the review and what you need to bear in mind with these hybrids – and i guess its the same with electrics as well. Actually is the other costs of running a car can be reduced, so you get a better in the uk. We call it benefiting kind, but a better incentive to have one of these as your company car than you would do a full piston car um and then youve also got things like maybe congestion, charge or low emission zone driving that kind of thing. So it is a broader picture, but i think on the whole i think actually sort of mid to high 40s with one of these uh is realistic and, as ive said on this journey, since i last refueled im in the 50s uh, which, for a little 1.6 Petrol engine with a hybrid, i think, is really really good anyway. Hopefully, this average speed check zone will be over soon because its so boring safely arrived in sunny pool now, sadly, the tucson will be returning back to handy hyundai behind me of pool, and it is a sad day because ive really enjoyed my couple of months with This car, its its really got under my skin, i didnt expect to enjoy it nearly as much as i have done.

I think its a great looking car from the outside, but when you live with this car, you really appreciate just how rounded and how good it is that all the things you want from an everyday car, its got lots of space, its comfortable, its economic. It looks good its a good price, its got a good aftercare and warranty, and so on. You know you cant really want much more than that for a car, but when i, when i started working with hindi, i knew that every now and again, every couple of months id have to say goodbye to a an old car and say hello to a new Car and what i want to do with the next car is just explore the world of evs ive, driven plenty of evs on the channel before um, clearly theres the whole living with conversation that i want to explore. You know the public charging infrastructure longer journeys. Ive got my zappy at home, so local driving should be really easy um, but one of the most common comments i get whenever i get an electric car is about price and how expensive they are um and to be fair. I have had some expensive electric cars on the channel from the etron gt and porsche tycan audi e trons jaguar. I paces theyre all well north of 60 000 pounds. In fact, the porsche tycan and the auditron gt are well north of 100 000 pounds. So with this electric car, i wanted to explore what is it like with a budget electric car? What, if you didnt, have 60 grand to spend on an electric car, but still wanted to get into that that you know environmentally friendly economic driving? Well, the car that weve chosen for my next handy car does exactly that because its an ev thats going to set you back less than 30 000 pounds and its parked just behind you.

I think youre either gon na love it or youre gon na hate. It lets see how this one goes, shall we yep welcome to mg of pool another brand that hendy have in their group and one that maybe will have surprised you in terms of choice? I need to get a couple of things out there. I guess first of all, probably more for my british audience and that is the whole mg thing im sure many of you know that the brand was bought a number of years ago now and has been repurposed theres, not a great deal of similarity or link between The modern day mg badge and the old mg sports cars of the kind of 70s, and so on, um, i guess the big link is the logo im actually going to put that to one side and not worry about it too much. But this this is my new daily and yes, it does have an mg badge on it. This is the zs ev a fully electric car, and this has a 45 kilowatt hour battery and a range of between 150 to 170 miles. We will put that one to the test in my two months of ownership. The charge port is quite cool its in here the charge port is just there. It does rapid charging. So its got a ccs charger. It will do up to 100 kilowatt charging, apparently again. Well put that to the test, although my zappy charger at home is just a seven kilowatt charger, but the reason i was interested and and chose this car is because i think its quite a challenging car for some people, um.

First of all, weve done the mg thing um, but its not a brand that you would necessarily associate with ev. However, its a bit like the kia and the hyundai that ive had already is actually, if you look at where this car is made, how its made, who its made by theres a lot of really really advanced electronic and electrical car tech in the company. And it uses a lot of components from some quite well known brands that you will know in order to keep that price point down, because this is the really interesting thing for me about this car. This is the exclusive spec, so the top spec that they do in this particular model and this car retails at just over 28 000 pounds. There are only five color choices, so there are some some spec options you can choose in terms of color choices. That might vary that price a little bit, but in the region of 28 000 pounds on the four court. That is, your brand new, all electric car thats with the current government subsidy by the way. So i just think its quite interesting to explore if youre going to spend less than 30 grand on an electric car whats it going to be like whats the quality going to be like whats. The drive going to be like whats the range going to be like whats, the living with experience going to be like talking about living with weve, got some important characters on the channel.

The pups, and i need to think about my bike. So lets have a look around the back and see what the luggage space is like, so its that compact suv format boot wise its quite quite a clever boot. Its actually got a two level floor, so you can the moment the boot floor is as low as it goes. But youve got these two different heights you could have. You could raise the floor and have like a secondary floor underneath, but there seems to be plenty of space in here. Uh looks like a 60 40 rear seat drop uh removable parcel shelf, so i reckon i reckon we can get lots of stuff in there. I think the pups are going to be happy. Let me just jump into the drivers seat and talk about the inside of the car on some of the trim levels, because its pretty well spec car. This all we need to do is keep thinking 28 000 pounds. Not 60 not 80. 28.. Now then, this zs comes in two trim levels: its got, the youve got the excite and then youve got the exclusive which were in now even the excite. The bass trim. I think its about 1 500 quid cheaper. Its still got quite a lot of kit on it. Its got an 8 inch touchscreen display with apple carplay and android, auto happy days already um its got auto headlights, rear parking, centers, adjustable door mirrors and those types of things.

If you go for the excite uh. Sorry, the exclusive spec, however, a couple of things that you get, which are for me really important. First of all, you get the pan roof um, you get roof rails, you get the leather seats and then you also get heated front seats. You get a rear parking camera and the front driver seat is also electric as well, so its quite a lot of extra bits of kit on there. So it for 28 grand theres a lot of kit in this car and im going to be really interested to see. Just you know how well it works. My initial impressions, having honestly first time ive ever sat in it, is actually its a really nice looking cabin its got: an okay range of materials, its got this kind of thats, quite a nice material around here. I dont want to do too much in this quick walk round. Um ill save most of that. For my full time review. Youve got a couple of drinks bottles there, a little storage bin down here, storage, bins in the doors um. It looks like a really useful place. A little rotational gear, selector youve got a number of different um drive modes apparently, and the three different drive modes ill explore those in my review. Let me just start the car clearly thats it its on um. Quite a nice um sort of more traditional looking display its not a tft screen completely.

There are two analog dials, the one on the right hand, side is all of my electric information, my power and so on, with a a charge indicator at the bottom, and then ive got my normal odometer on the left hand, side little small screen in the middle, With various functions altogether, do you know what this feels pretty good um the steering wheel feels nice, um, steering wheel, feel and position. Ive got up and down adjustment, no reach adjustment, but actually thats, not too much of an issue. So yes, so this is my new daily now i am busting to hear what you guys have to say about this. As i said when i, when i, when i started working with hendy – and we started talking about these ambassador cars – that i would get every couple of months – um, you know for sure on that list were cars – that you would maybe guess, high performance cars big. You know suvs those types of things, but we always wanted to do something a little bit different, and hopefully you found that, with the first couple of cars, ive had theyre what i call more normal cars. There are plenty of youtube channels out there that are swapping out supercars, like theyre, going out of fashion without telling you actually how theyre being financed or paid. For you know, i want to do cars that normal people can buy and that normal people might be interested in.

You know you might be interested in taking the jump into ev, but you didnt want to spend a fortune um and actually maybe this is a way of of doing that. One of the things i havent mentioned by the way is all mgs come with a seven year. Warranty um and you know some some really good peace of mind uh. The idea is, this has got five star end cap crash testing, which again is something really really important. Um, you know: ive got uh a whole range of sort of safety features to keep me safe, while im driving so um yeah im really really looking forward to this one. As i said, its a bit left field im sure some people will be what a rubbish car i actually dont agree. I think that we need to. I said this on the way down. We need to open our eyes to different brands. I im not a big fan of the reuse of the mg badge and the mg name, but its been done – and i cant do anything about that. So i dont look at that mg badge and think about an mgb, roadster or anything. I just think. Okay, fair enough new brand new range of cars, theyve got some really cool tech. Apparently theyve got some quite interesting cars on the road map. This is due a facelift in the next sort of six to nine months. Uh. The current petrol car has that faced.

If it looks really quite good, so you know lets lets see how we get on anyway. Please let me know what you think in the comments um, but i hope you enjoyed that if you have done so, please give me a thumbs up comments below are always welcome and if you havent done so already, please subscribe to petrapet for plenty more content to Come im not going to do any driving now im going to get in it, drive home and see how i get on, and i will update you as soon as i can with a video on this. In terms of my like my first review and driving impressions.