Its powered up, didnt have to touch an engine start button and getting out and exiting is just the reverse, so put it in the park and just get out and walk away. Im justin pritchard. This is the volkswagen id4. This is an electric car. This particular unit is actually pretty special because it is an american spec machine, so visually and functionally. This represents what were going to get here in canada when this goes on. Sale were going to take a look at this machine and im going to show you everything that ive learned about it in this video. Welcome to the volkswagen id4, seen here on a little road trip to killarney, ontario for a hike, plenty of fresh air and some famous fish and chips. Basically, what you see is what well get in canada, although my american tester did not have the heated, windscreen and heat pump climate control system that will be standard on canadian models to reduce the effects of cold temperatures on the range of its battery. The id4 is all electric theres, no gasoline involved itll do 400 kilometers to a charge at room temperature, and if you want my best guess for severe winter use, id say knock off about 80 to 120 clicks from that range. If its 25 below and youve got the heat cranked, the average canadian driver drives less than 50 kilometers a day and you can easily recharge this from empty in your driveway overnight.

If you have to and on a fast charger, you can add 100 kilometers of range during the average road trip bathroom and coffee pit stop Music. Sometimes you get storage under here, not in this case, though cooling system and computer modules and so on batteries. On the floor, the motors in the back put a sandwich here: yeah, maybe a sandwich. My tester runs the id4s standard issue powertrain with a single rear, mounted motor and rear wheel drive. This makes it the first rear drive volkswagen in decades, and one of just a few cars like the porsche 911 smart car and even volkswagen camper van, which have the engine in the back. My tester, the one motor rear drive setup is good for 200 horsepower. Most units sold in canada will have an additional front: electric motor for all wheel, drive and a power boost to 300 horsepower. You can consider the id4 as an electric alternative to models like the toyota, rav4 honda, crv, subaru forester and even the volkswagen tiguan, which is the next crossover size, wise up, volkswagens suv ladder in the smaller id4. All wheel, drive models, can even tow 2700 pounds and come with a standard trailer hitch mount, so you can put it to work with its striking shape and futuristic design details. The id4 clearly communicates a crossover body and closer inspection, as you hop on board reveals plenty of space, a completely flat rear floor and easy entry and exit at each outboard seat with little more than a slight shift sideways to get in or out a little demonstration.

My friend, joel here is going to show us how easy it is to get in and out of this thing, if youre running a day of errands and how it removes a couple of steps along the way. So if you just walk up, you should unlock as you approach and just touch the door handle there. Now its powered up didnt have to touch an engine start button and getting out and exiting is just the reverse, so put it in the park and then just get out and walk away. The car powers down when hes out of the seat close the door and just walk off and it will automatically lock when were out of range after 10 days at the wheel, a few key impressions stood out. First lets talk performance with this rear drive. 200 horsepower configuration the id4 performs most impressively at lower speeds in around town driving city commuting and the like. The throttle is snappy and the id4 can quickly gobble up the space between traffic lights without making a peep, but at higher speeds, where highway, passing and merging are required. Throttle response falls off. Driving enthusiasts are advised to wait for the 300 horsepower all wheel drive version, though, if youre not looking for all wheel drive if youre looking to save some money and if youre not a highway speed demon, this 200 horsepower setup will do you just fine on connectivity. Wireless android auto and a concealed wireless charging pad meant my phone could stay, parked, juiced and out of sight, while driving with key functions scaled up into the central screen, with no need for record thats, less clutter in your driving environment and one less step.

If you feel like heading off in a rush, so in summary, this is an excellent around town runabout and i think a lot of shoppers will appreciate how easy this machine is to just get in and drive. So how does it drive? The highway feel is solid. Dense heavy and relaxed noise levels are kept nicely in check. Theres no need to raise your voice for a conversation at highway cruising speed and the cutting edge new meb architecture beneath the id4 is so solid and strong that it really feels more substantial on the road than its size leads on. This is an incredibly rigid and advanced body structure and on rough surfaces that helps mitigate noise caused by flexing of the vehicle body, which typically causes air to move throughout the cabin sort of turning it into a drum. Still, certain surfaces do coax more suspension, noise and feedback from the vehicle than id like id. Advise test driving shoppers to hit a rough road on their test drive to confirm that ride. Quality here meets their needs and while solid and sporty, if that comfortable, backroads ride is a priority, you do have better options. I also wished for more steering feedback, but appreciated the heavy and quick feel dialed in brake pedal feel is somewhat numb and vague, though i noted no issues with performance on pricing youre. Looking at about forty five thousand canadian dollars for a unit like the one on your screen and about 50 000 canadian dollars for the more powerful all wheel, drive unit with 300 horsepower, those figures do not include applicable rebates or incentives.

Owners will appreciate the ability to easily set a battery charge limit which can help sustain battery health over time by stopping the charge at 80 percent or about 320 kilometers of range, while preserving the last 20 percent of charge only for use on longer trips when needed. You feel, like youre sitting in a crossover its got a bit of a lower roofline sort of a coupe like feel to it, but nothings crowded, nothings, cramped, actually headroom is quite decent. Despite that, the windshield is sort of low and it does feel a bit coop like, but ive still got decent headroom, so lets see how i would fit directly behind myself. Plenty of legroom plenty of knee room here again headroom is, is decent its kind of disappearing. A little bit in the back, this will be the first area that youll run out of space will be headroom, but at five foot. Ten, no issue for me interesting to note here too. This rear floor is completely completely flat. There is no hump here whatsoever, and that adds to the sense of room and spaciousness that you have back here. Uh, because you dont have to confine your feet to just one spot. Folding seats lets just come down almost a flat fold, not quite flat, but close enough. This surface is very, very easy to vacuum. If youve got a dog whos getting hair all over it, like i do for reference here at five foot ten, you can see the roof line on this is about up to my shoulder.

A more conventional crossover might sit a little taller than this jump in height for your average family dog here is going to be relatively easy. This is a little higher than a volkswagen. All track got a good sense of the cargo space here im going to push all this stuff up ahead, so i can show you whats underneath the storage floor here. This can come out if we dont want it. Go down lower like this. If we need a little more room, handy little storage, bins in the side, keep your smaller items organized under here, even more storage. This will be your travel charger fits in there. This is if youre, going to plug into a 120 volt household outlet. So thats handy comes with a little bag stores away in here nice and easy out of sight, though some tacky touch pads and interfaces drive up the futuristic appeal of the id4. Some were a source of frustration and confusion. For instance, steering wheel mounted, controls are relegated to the textured touch pads, not switches and buttons, which feels clumsier and less precise. The slick central infotainment interface is easy to navigate after a few minute learning curve, as is the touch activated, control pad for the id4s lighting system, but power window controls are irritating. The id4 has four windows controlled by two physical switches and a touch sensitive pad that toggles them between controlling front and rear windows, thats added complication and its fairly temperamental.

So, aside from a few fussy controls, much of the id4 driving experience is extremely approachable and extremely convenient. This is a crossover with room for your dog, your activities and your family. It never has to go to the gas station, and owners of recent vw products will feel right at home with the design much of the driving feel in many of the interfaces. This is an easy machine to look at an easy machine to drive and in most ways i figure an easy machine to like Music. Thank you for watching.