Thats coming out its available to buy from now, i believe and if youre looking for something thats got longer range, looks beautiful and stylish and full of technology and gadgets. Then absolutely this is one for you to consider and actually watch this video. But before we do that, though, if this is your first time around here, please do subscribe, smash the like button and also share the video at the end. If you like this video and uh yeah, if you like car videos, mobile phones, reviews features future tech, all that stuff plenty of video up on the channel for you to check out and uh, please do subscribe, lets check it out. The ev6 in this video is a prototype and even then its still pretty much functioned really well. Design wise is sporty and no doubt one of the best looking ones on the road, its based on the modular e gmp platform, allowing kia to give it a flat floor and plenty of space inside enough to fully recline your seats and even relax. Whilst you charge your car as far as designs go, this is a sporty stylish and every angle it presents itself in it has something to offer the headlights look sharp and aggressive. The bonnet has a cool aerodynamic crease that is also seamless in the way that it connects to the wheel, arches, and you have big alloys and, on the side profile its long but hard to tell in videos onto your seats in person a bit like the ioniq 5.

, the door handles sits flush with the car body and when you open the car door, then the pop open and youre good to go to enter the car. The back windows rise to give it a sport back, look without compromising on space on the inside, and i kind of wish they did something similar with this prototype. Writing on the final production version on the back is where it really stands out for me and becomes memorable. If you see it on the road, it gets a roof spoiler, adding to its 40. Look the long bar of led lights for the brake light is one you have to see in person to really appreciate the looks i like it. It goes from one edge to the other, with the reverse lights covered in cool patterns, and you can imagine opening up the actual boots to reveal the large boot space enough to fit myself in on the front. Theres also a front too, to keep your charging cables on the inside. The seats are soft and comfortable kia used vegan leather and the dash is full of recycled bottles, making it very sustainable for those that care about that kind of stuff. The seats offer plenty of control to get you feeling comfortable, including a one touch button to recline the seats for comfort when youre recharging yourself and the car. The center console comes with the usual cup holders and a rotary dial for changing the drive motion and a wireless charging mat for your phone for the driver.

You have plenty of gadgets to play with. You have two curved 12.3 inch, hd wide screens wrapped around the driver, providing easy access to key vehicle information at a glance. The left side is the touch display for your infotainment system, and the right side is more for all your vital driving information like speed. Remaining. All electric range and state of charge, the infotainment system works really well even for a prototype vehicle and the curvature is seamless, creating an immersive panoramic experience and even the glass material is chemically strengthened glass as quoted by ikea for better visibility and robustness. This i will have to test that once i have one in for review at the back theres plenty of space too, for the passengers, plenty of usbc and a charging port same for the driver at the front, and you get a three pin plug for maybe drying. Your hair, using a hairdryer when waiting to charge your vehicle, who knows back to the infotainment system, you get the option to adjust various driver assistance. Settings such as motorway driving, assist lane change, assist and motorway automatic speed change. You also have smart cruise control forward. Cross traffic safety, lane safety assist safe exit, warning blind spot view which displays your blind spots in the instrument cluster, depending on which direction youve indicated. So, if indicated left you get the left view. If indicative right, you get the right view and you also get park. Assist including being able to move your car from a parking space using the key fob and also a 360 camera 3d view to help you park your car safely.

So, yes, plenty of safety equipment there to keep it going. The ev6 has a smart recuperation where you can adjust the settings allowing you to drive with just one pedal if you like kia, also included synthetic engine, sound which you can turn off or adjust to enhance mode where things get interesting in terms of tech is the End up display, which has augmented reality system, the on board, camera and the end up display system project turn by turn directions onto the road ahead and the ar feature even warns you for sharp corners, for example, allowing you as a driver to fully keep your eyes On the road, at all times, for sound system, you get a meridian audio, sound system for the speakers and you can adjust the sound in settings with meridian intel eq. You can adjust things like your mid, your bass levels and when youre charging your car, for example, you can even have some relaxation sound, so you can try and relax for a little bit for the best in car. Sound experience and comfort. Kia uses sound absorption materials in the floor wheel, arches doors boot lead and tires reduce road noise and wind noise as well, creating a quiet and serene space for all the occupants. There are also acoustic, windshield and door glass to further improve that on board experience. Whats also cool is a dynamic display by the climate control area, which uses one display to switch between two different menu options, which is really cool.

It just means theyre able to save space and still allow you to do two things if you wish to do so. When it comes to the battery and power information, it comes with a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery in the uk, and it offers 314 miles range. Wltp. 321 brake horsepower and 605 newton meters of torque, which will deliver 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 115 miles per hour theres. Also a 577 brake horsepower gt version coming soon. Some charging information for you, though it has an 800 volt electric architecture allowing 350 kilowatts charging so 10 to 80 percent, top up in just 18 minutes and 7 hours and 20 minutes to fully charge using a more common 11 kilowatt ac charger. Theres. Also something quite cool where you can plug in say a kettle on the outside to make a cup of tea, for example, whilst you camping, maybe how does it drive in case youre wondering i would drive youll have to wait until i get a chance to actually Take the non prototype version on the road, but i will say this version here, though it feels really fast plenty of torque. It feels smooth handles the corners very well like a boss. It feels heavy in some areas, but its a heavy car, as you would expect how it performs in the real world in terms of range well, have to find out later. Also the ev6 gt line.

All wheel drive starts from 47 ‘5 pounds and you also get a seven year warranty or a hundred thousand miles cover all right, so thats it for the kia ev6. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below. If you think this is one to definitely invest in, is it worth the price? Do you like all the tech in it as well? Let me know in the comments below in the meantime, as always, please do subscribe, share and hit the bell notification.