Well folks, two years ago i featured the kia niro electric and we really liked it its a very affordable, functional and very well equipped little electric car. We did about 400 plus kilometers, fully electric, no stopping nothing stop to go, which is pretty good for an electric car, its been two years since we featured it has my opinion, changed on it and also whats new whats different. Well, the mechanics of it. Havent changed at all. You still get the same motor same front, wheel, drive system about the same range, but there has been a couple small changes, not too much. You really would have to look to see them because there was a teeny, tiny facelift for the 2020 model here and really the back taillights were restyled a little bit and they say that the led front lights were just updated ever so slightly so parking this next To 2019 you probably wouldnt be able to tell but on the inside is where things got interesting. They added the 10.25 inch infotainment system that we featured on a number of kia vehicles over the past year. So you got that last year, for this year there really wasnt much pretty much. They added the rear, occupancy alert as standard along with wireless apple, carplay and android auto the remote start feature which might be good and handy if youre using that and then the updated navigation based smart cruise control system, again weve seen before on some other kia products.

This year, a couple other safety tech that they added was the highway driving assist system and the leading vehicle departure alert. So a couple small things for 2021., but the elephant in the room is the 2022s have already been announced. You can probably already get them in the united states whats changing for that not much you dont have to get too worried about it. Something like this will still work for you. Well, the new 2022s will get the new kia badge which weve seen on the carnival and the 10.25 inch infotainment system becomes standard across the board. So you dont have to go up to the asset, storing to get it, but this is still very well equipped, with the way that it is so were going to be going on the road. I want to talk about kind of how the drive ride and feel is, and everything else about it and why you might be interested still in the nero in 2021. All right so were on the road with the kia, niro ev and its pretty familiar. I mean we drove this, like i said two years ago, not much has changed except for the roads here. These are terrible, but the idea is youre buying the kia niro eva, because you need something that obviously is electric and comes pretty well equipped. Now, over the course of the production of this kia, canada has sort of changed. The trim offerings a little bit to make it more appealing for canadian buyers.

We always have the top end trim, though, so we always get the best idea of what the nero has to offer. So if youre looking for a very competent electric car msrp around 55 000 canadian here in quebec, you would get 13 000 rebate and that will change depending on where you live. But the idea is its pretty affordable once you add all of that in and youre getting a lot of good tech, you have single zone automatic climate control, but it works heated front and ventilated seats, heated steering, wheel, navigation works very well and the updated screen looks Great thats again the biggest change here and it works out. Well, so i really do like it. I think, if youre looking for a non, you know luxury oriented electric car youre getting a lot with this, and i think it looks really good. Personally, i think this looks better than the kona and i dont know why so many people buy the konam, because i think that this looks much better. But what can you do? I guess you cant by taste. So what do i want to tell you about the nero? As i said, nothing has really changed as far as the drive goes, so i would suggest going and taking a look at the video that we did on the 2019 to know absolutely everything, because one of the things we did in that episode was to go pretty Much non stop to see how far the range could go and i believe it was 407 kilometers.

Before i gave up. I only had like one or two percent battery left and were not doing that today, but the idea is were still getting about that 400 kilometer range, depending on how you drive it, where youre driving, what youre doing with it and even coming to where im filming This right now was driving for about an hour and drove about 44 kilometers, and it still says i have 378 kilometers of range left. So you get very good mileage, especially if youre in town youre, using that regen braking thats kind of the idea of buying an electric car is better for in town stuff, but for the most part very comfortable in here. The one thing i do find it was asked actually recently on a different but comparable kia vehicle. How i felt the seats were – and i do find that these arent as comfortable as i would prefer now, obviously with a slightly bigger vehicle, its going to be a little bit more comfortable for me, but i just feel i sit too high up like if i Sit up straight im, pretty much touching the roof. So if i was sitting a little bit lower, i think id be happier, and i just find that these seats are a little too firm. So a little bit softer would have been nice, but for the most part it works back seat space, not ideal for a big guy like me, but as a family hauler, you got kids, you want to put them in the back, no problems whatsoever and the great Thing about this generation of electric cars, you have so much cargo space compared to sort of the previous generation stuff which were going to be touching on in a little while.

But if you think back to the ford focus electric, i did because the way the batteries are placed on that car there is a lot less trunk space. This thing is pretty much the same trunk space that you get on the regular nero so youre, not losing that on anything, so theres a lot of good that comes with this vehicle. If youre looking for an electric car, you want something that i think looks really good, has all the features, all the bells and whistles and excellent range for 2021.. This is the way to go. I dont think you need to hold off for a 2022 if you found one that you like, like i said, theres so few changes. The biggest change will obviously be the kia badging. But if youre going for one of the lower trims, maybe you might want to hold off since youre getting some extra tech. As i mentioned, the screen is going to be bigger standard on all trims, but with that you also get the harman kardon system, sirius, xm and navigation, so its not just the bigger screen, its everything that goes along with it, which is nice to have. But if youre going for the sx touring like we are here, then it doesnt matter you might as well get this and i like it. This would definitely be my pick if i were in the market for a brand new electric car. I just like everything about it, and it does so well and again why i keep saying it, but the koreans are on top.

When it comes to cars and theyre, showing us that they can take on the luxury segment they can take on the electric segment. They can do it all and look good doing it. If you have any questions about this episode on the 2021 kia niro ev, please let me know in the comments below i try to get back to everybody.