They have a lot more torque from zero rpm, which produces more strain for the tyres, theyre, quieter, theres, no drivetrain noise, which means you hear more of whats going on in the cabin and perhaps most importantly, the overall energy efficiency of the package is critical. Thanks to a battery taking far longer to recharge than it currently takes to refill a fuel tank, these unique requirements means a tire will have a bigger overall impact on the ev experience compared to a traditional vehicle. Youre, going to hear more of what the tyres doing. Youre going to feel more of what the tire is capable of and again, most importantly, any extra energy use, the tire generates is going to mean reduce range and more time recharging, something an electric vehicle owner strives to avoid. But what do these ev tires? Bring in the real world well to find out ive very kindly been lent. This beautiful audi e tron ive got a set of the normal hancock ventus s1 evo 3 suv tyres. These are the aftermarket replacement tyres. Ive got a set of the ventus s1 evo 3 ev, which are the tyres designed specifically for an electric vehicle and im going to be using this vehicle on both sets of wheels and tires to find out exactly what the ev tire brings in terms of handling Noise and range, so you join me after ive spent nearly a week with this e tron and ive done as many miles as possible.

Now the british weather hasnt been brilliant. Its been raining quite a lot this week, which hampered some of my testing, but i think ive got all the key data. I really wanted to get to present to you exactly how the tyres are different. Firstly, handling the tyres now hankook were very kind enough to send me. Both the mounted tires on the 22 inch wheels and some unmounted, so i could handle them and shoot with them now the difference is visually are very slight. The eevee tyre has that very lovely eevee emblem and also tread pattern wise again, very, very close, but ev tyre. If you look at it, it just has slightly less lateral, grooves and thats for two reasons. Firstly, less lateral, grooves means less tread pattern, noise because its moving less air and secondly, because evs are traditionally heavier. They dont need as many lateral grooves to disperse water, because the weight of the car does some of that. For you handling the tires is where you start to notice the real differences. The ev tyre is heavier significantly heavier actually two reasons for this. Firstly, its got a stiffer meteor construction again to cope with the extra weight of the ev and the batteries and, secondly, most visually different youll, see on the inside. It has acoustic foam, and that is essentially literally just foam bonded to the inside of the tyre to reduce the cavity noise of the tyre and while it seems like a simple solution, it actually makes quite a significant difference as were going to get to one final Thing worth noting, as this is the 22 inch wheel option and they are big and heavy.

The focus from the oe, the focus from audi or any oe with the big wheel option is less about efficiency and noise and more about handling and comfort, so thats, something worth bearing in mind as were going through this video. So all these differences. What do you actually notice on the road if anything? Well, firstly, im going to start with handling. Now this is the number one reason i would buy the eevee tyre, but i think for most people, its probably the smallest reason, theyd buy the ev tyre, and that is the handling of the tyre is improved, noticeably but honestly, im just not sure if the average Sort of suv or ev driver will care that much unless theyre thinking about sportiness the tyre reacts better. The most noticeable thing is the steering precision, as you turn with the non ev tyre. You get this sense of the car starting to load the tire sidewall and the tire almost sitting on the sidewall, so theres a delay to the steering the ev steers higher. The ev tyre, which this is wearing at the moment, is more direct, its more linear. Its more predictable the rear feels more unified with the front all things i love in terms of handling, you dont forget its a 2.7 tonne vehicle, but on this ev tyre on the ev specific tire, its its so much better. Secondly, traction: now both ties did exactly the same, naught 60 time thats, not so much a product of the tyre its more a product of this is 2.

7 tons, and it only has around 400 horsepower, so we cant break traction in normal conditions and dry conditions. However, breaking not the most scientific data ive ever given to you, because it wasnt a testlessly, it was on the road. Now, the non ev tyre is still a very good braking tyre. It came forth in my test and was in the front group in my suv test this year, the ev tire stopped to the car at eight percent shorter distance than the non ev tire, which is a huge step forward. Now again, this wasnt the most scientific data, but this is the data i got from. My testing. Hancock have very kindly done this at a test facility for me, and it was five percent better in the dry and four percent better in the wet. So that is a significant step forward in braking performance thats, not something that you notice every day in driving. But when you lean on it, the extra weight of the batteries and everything are pushing the car along thats. Something youll really appreciate in an emergency situation. So another big tick of why an ev tyre is better for an ev. As for the noise and comfort of the two sets of tyres now quickly touching on comfort as im going over speed, bumps very, very similar between the two tires, in fact, i would say the non ev tyre has a slight edge in extreme conditions, so like potholes Or big road imperfections, but overall in day to day driving very, very similar the noise levels of the tyre.

This is where the foam matting and the tread pattern. The slight tread pattern tweaks make a noticeable difference in a normal vehicle. The drivetrain, the internal combustion engine accounts for fifty percent five, zero percent of the overall noise you hear and in an ev, its fifteen percent. That means theres much greater scope for everything not like ancillaries tires noise from the wing mirrors. All these things have a bigger impact, which is why this car has these fancy digital wing mirrors, because you get much less wind noise from the wing mirrors its very noticeable, as is the tyres its a slightly lower pitch, but its just a better all round package. Its really noticeable, especially when youre coasting down or anywhere between about 20 and about 50 60 miles an hour before the wind noise completely takes over its just a relaxing quiet place. To be, i mean, listen to how quiet this is, and this is a really rough road. You might not be able to hear it, but this is one of those roads that the uk government loves to put down and then put down a load of stones. And then you just drive it into the floor. So impressive. The official data from hancock a test facility again without any external influences on an iso registered surface, was anywhere between half and two and a half decibels on a 40 to 20 coast down significantly difference when you remember that decibel scales is logarithmic, its not linear.

So i think thats, another tick where the extra work and the extra engineering that goes into an ev type of noise, uh really does make a difference and finally range now range. As i said in the intro, i think is one of the biggest things for any ev owner the range your vehicle will go on a single charge, which is heavily affected by the energy consumption of the tire. Now again, like the braking doing range testing on the open roads, isnt the easiest thing in the world and its not exact data. I did go out very late at night and did uh found a very quiet stretch of the a1 and just did a 56 mile 56.4 mile leap. I did on both tires, and while it was one of the days was sport by rain. One of the days was sport by the car not fully charging overnight, so it ended up being a bit rushed and i had to go out later than i planned because of rain. So there are these little variances in the test data im going to give you the hankook didnt have in their own data, which ill also give you. But on my 56.4 mile loop, i found a difference of about nine percent in range, which is significant when you calculate that up to the overall battery usage on a charge that could be up to 25 or 30 miles extra range. I get enough battery anxiety from my phone, let alone my ev, so i think an extra 30 miles if youre driving an internally combustion power, car thats getting 30 miles a gallon, your petrol tank, your gas tank is probably only 10 or 11 gallons from empty or Nearly empty to full so youre, effectively getting a free gallon of fuel by fitting a more energy efficient tyre for an ev.

Now this wouldnt work for an internal combustion power. Car ill, explain why in a minute, but to me that is a significant you might think. I was only 25 or 30 miles, but when you put it in the context of petrol thats a significant advantage, so to conclude, should you be fitting an ev tyre to an electric vehicle? Yes, you should not just for one reason not just for the energy efficiency of the tyre, not just for the lower noise levels, not just for the extra handling the crisper sharper handling the more harmonious behavior of the vehicle. The shorter safer braking distances, its everything that goes involved tires, are very complicated pieces of engineering. Electric vehicles are very unique challenges, and companies like hancook that are making specific ev tires, are putting a lot of engineering expertise into those tires, which makes them a very good. A very smart purchase for us. The only thing i havent been out of test is where and hancook tell me that the wear between the two tyres will be very similar, and the audi on the oe program require at least 30 000 miles from the front axle and 35 000 miles from the Rear axle, which is significant mileage for a vehicle like this thats 2.7 tonnes, so its not like youre gon na buy a tire with all these advantages and then its gon na wear out in a thousand miles theres its, not its gon na, be exactly the same As the traditional internal combustion regular tyre, whatever you wan na call it does this work in reverse: can you put an ev tire on a normal powered vehicle and get all of these benefits? No, you might get lower noise because of the foam ratting, although you can, in certain applications, get a acoustic phone in regular tyres or tires not designed for ev vehicles.

But things like energy use of the tyre thats going to behave differently on an internal combustion vehicle because its lighter it doesnt need the extra structure to resist the deformation, which turns energy into heat. So all youre doing is carrying around extra weight, which could mean youre using more energy. What about handling well? The extra construction might give you slightly sharper handling, but that will come at the expense of things like wet performance and hydroplaning performance, because you dont have the extra weight. So you need the extra lateral grooves thats. Why theyre in the original tires, so dont try and put an ev tyre on a non ev car? Stick with the regular tyres for traditionally powered vehicles and ev tires for ev vehicles, thats the take home. One final thought: what do i think about the whole ev experience if youve watched this channel for any significant amount of time, youll know im a petrol head through and through. So it almost pains me to say this, but this audi utron is incredible and if i had the need for a family car – and i had a lot of money because at this spec its nearly a hundred thousand pound theres, just no reason to go internal combustion. The only thing holding it back is the recharge time everything else about the electric motor, the electric drivetrain. The electric experience is better apart from sort of noise and emotion and for a family for a family car.

I i just dont think that really matters so audi. Youve made an amazing vehicle, hancock uh. Thank you very much for the support, uh and audi, but thank you especially to hancock for sending me two sets of 22 inch wheels mounted and then some unmounted tires to film with really appreciated. I hope youve enjoyed the test. If youve got any questions about evs, any thoughts ask below thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Of course, i will be doing more and more evs in the future, especially ev specific tires as we go into the future. The new world im not personally convinced that batteries are the forever answer, but for right now they seem to be the correct. Stop gap to help reduce carbon emissions and its great companies like audi, are producing such fantastic vehicles.