With all this talk about electric cars, i couldnt help myself, so i got three electric bicycles. These are the three winners ive been trying out: various electric bicycles and then their price range. These are the ones that i really like, although i have to say the last one to step through was from my wife. She couldnt fit on the other ones, and even here i had to cut this down to get it low enough. Shes only five feet tall, so she could ride it now. These are all chinese made bicycles, but realize the chinese have been using electric bicycles for a long time. They have hundreds of millions of them over there, but to begin with always check prices first, because take this hemiway bike with the big old fat tires. I like it because it looks more like a motorcycle, but all of these electric bikes have to be electronically limited in the united states, because by law at least what stands today, theyre supposed to be limited to 20 miles an hour, its basic black. I, like the look of it, i found the same exact bike, mind you, it had a different name and it had a camouflage paint job done on it and it was sold at a private bike shop and it was a thousand dollars higher than this. Basically, they painted it camouflaged, youre buying them from china. It had the same shimano, seven speed gear for when youre pedaling it had the same motor drive in the hub.

Its got one wire feeding it for power. It had the same nice disc brakes in the back and in the front, but it was a thousand dollars more realize. Almost all of these are built exclusively in china, so dont overpay. Now these three bucks that i picked at my winners have a lot in common. They got a lot of the same exact parts and technology on them. As you can see, this kbo1 thats a step through for my wife, its got a shimano, seven speed. So does the hemi weigh and so does the turbo hunt? They got the same shimano gear setup, theyll run on 48 volt motors, though you see this hemiway one, its a little bit bigger, be a womans bike, its a little bit smaller and their braking systems are pretty much exactly the same. They got discs front with a wave rotor this back with the wave rotor same as on the hemi way same as on the kbo theyre, obviously, all sorting their parts bin from the same manufacturer, different power levels, depending on what you want now in terms of power. This hemi weight is my favorite, because it looks more like a motorcycle, its got the biggest battery that has the biggest motor now theyre just bicycles, so i can pick it up and well see how fast it goes ill. Just pick the rear wheel up well see how fast this thing could spin. It goes about 23 miles an hour 22 23.

, now technically thats faster than the 20 allowed in the united states, and when i was driving it down the hill and i was pedaling it. I got it up to 32 miles an hour. I was really pumping use the power and pump you get them going pretty fast lets see what this kbo can do. Well pick this one up see how fast it goes same thing: 22, 23. theyre. Basically, using the same components just in different styles, they got the same exact speed. Now i cant test this this turbo on theres nothing wrong with it, its just its a lower priced bike, so it doesnt have a speedometer you bike around as fast as you want. A bike, maybe you dont care, what speed its going now. All three of these bucks prove to be pretty good bikes, but if youre looking for one, you got to decide what do you want to pay for, and what do you really need well take this base model this turbo hand, as you can see, its got. No suspension its a regular bicycle with just solid front forks and a solid rear axle youre going to get a much bumpier ride because theres no suspension system, but you go to this hemi way bike its got adjustable. You can make them real soft, so they bounce more or you can make them real, tough. I like them tougher, so they handle better and it even has pre stressing that you can do to pre load the springs to make them ride smoother or tougher.

This kbo has the same setup matter of fact. To me, it looks like the same exact setup, theres adjustment on one side and theres, the pre load tensioner on the other side, and since this is my wifes bike, if youre short like she is five feet and then when it goes really low, much more comfortable With the step through design, rather than having the bar, if youre worried about theft, theyre all pretty much the same theyve got these fast clip wheels, so you can remove them and take them off and then lock them with a chain on the back. Theyre all set up the same way. You can see all three have the same system on them. Come with nice, bright, led headlights and a big safety. When you hit your brakes, you get flashing, brake lights. I like many motorcycles, so you want the safety light. Flashing light people see it flashing, they know youre slowing down or warning to it and the brakes. They all have pretty much the same brakes. Theyre phenomenal disc brakes front and rear as youre going to see stop on the dime and you notice the front wheel, didnt skid. You know why they have electronic abs brakes now on a bicycle front. Brakes that are abs are really needed. I was a kid youd. Stop those drum brakes you could actually fly like would stop in the front. Youd flip right over abs on the front brakes are a real necessity.

If youre going 30 miles an hour like these, things can go if youre riding downhill or pedaling really hard. That makes a big difference. Youre thinking about buying one of these id advise getting them to have abs brakes like this, like the kbo turbine, is a nice bicycle for riding around and it costs a lot less, but it doesnt have suspension. It does not have abs front brakes and, of course, the question comes, what kind of e bikes you want? What kind of tires? Well this economy, one has thinner tires. Theyre good tires theres, no arguing that theyre well made but theyre thinner, mind youre, not as thin as the 10 and 15 speed bucks. We used to ride as kids theyre a lot bigger than that, but still theyre thinner. You take the kbl bike. You can see theyre somewhat thicker kind of mid range. Of course cemu is my favorite. Its got practically motorcycle tires on it front and back if you plan doing a lot of off roading or going to the beach, which is this thing is made for you want. The fat tires theyre all exactly the same theres a charge port, which is the same charge port. I have three chargers, one for each bike, but they all work on the other bucks because, like i say its, the same technology bring the whole bike in you. Dont have a charger in your garage, you get the key and then the whole battery pack pulls off.

You can charge it at home. Of course, the big question is: how long do they last the hemiway has a very good samsung battery in it. It does take six to nine hours to fully recharge it, plugging it into 110 volts, and i found that if youre conservative, you can get like oh 35, 40 miles out of it. If youre not pushing now they advise that you recharge them. When you get about halfway, if you can and that way you get about 900 recharges before the battery goes bad, which you mean it would last about 900 days, if you did it every day and use it every day. Now, of course, theyll have pedal assist or if the battery goes out, full pedal power. If you use pedal, assist youre going to get more mileage youll be able to go further, but a lot of that depends on what are you driving if youre going up hills? A lot hey, youre, going to lose and realize these are pretty basic. They dont have regenerative stuff on them. Yet not at this price point they dont regenerate power. They start making them where you go down the hill and then it regenerates the power. Of course they go a lot further. Now there are bikes out there like red power. They have regenerative, braking but theres problems with regenerative braking. They can only use a direct drive motor magnetics, its always dragging it weighs more. You got ta pedal more and when youre in pedal mode, the thing is dragging the bike all the time.

So if you plan on using it as a regular bicycle, the ones thats regenerative braking are going to take more energy to pedal and, of course they weigh more. These are all geared bikes. They have different speeds. This one has low medium high. These two have one two, three four five speeds: theyre, not direct drive motors theyre, geared motors. You can pedal them freely. You cant do that with a direct drive. These are all geared thats, the three speed depth of five speed and thats a five speed. The way theyre set up non direct motor theyre, not gon na use regenerative energy. It can be done theoretically by adjusting the clutches they have clutches. You could freeze them up, but its a real pain in the butt plus these regenerative systems, arent, like say in a tesla marvel of technology right these from what ive gleaned and what ive found myself. If you do have a regenerative one you get. Maybe five percent of your energy back theyre, not that good. They dont work that well on bicycles. So if you think about it, the added cost direct drive motor with magnets, the added weight and all youre gon na get is maybe five percent return of the energy. Most bikes arent going to have that feature, especially if youre using them for cruising around playing around where youre probably going to end up doing a lot of pedaling too yeah. It just doesnt make any sense to put that technology in at the price points that these things sell for and what youre actually using them for realize that higher technology when it breaks these are a lot simpler.

The chinese have been using these things for a long time. Theyve made millions of them. So if you want to go electric for a little while, hey maybe try one of these electric bikes, an economy version, one with normal type, tires a mid range one with suspension. Anti lock brakes and stepped through for the ladies or anyone who was a shorter stature, or this big brute with giant balloon, tires just dont throw your money out with a little knowledge. Now you got the knowledge you can decide which ones right for you, if any.