Looking for an urban electric hatchback, the car is an ideal juncture of maneuverability, robust design and optimum comfort, making it suitable for both in city and interstate trips. The car is a result of 10 years of expertise from group renault, which has delivered some promising results in the past. This high tech, all electric four wheeler, is the pinnacle of innovation. According to the company, it provides ease of handling a list of modern features and a stylish design while remaining light on the pocket. The spring has a compact, yet spacious, chassis, inspired by the renault kwid and offers enough space for four adults. The look and feel of the car are suv like because of some of its features like wide wheel, arch claddings, roof rails, a reinforced front, rocker panel, rear ski and an above average ground clearance of 150 millimeters. This makes the spring a perfect ride for in city and countryside travel alike, Music. The car boasts a stylish look starting from its wheels, which look like alloys but are actually made of pressed steel with the ingenious flex wheel technology. The use of this tech makes it cheaper while replacing or removing them for servicing. The tires are wider than an average urban hatchback, but still provide a narrow turning radius of just 4.8 m, making parking a rather seamless task, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music.