It is teslas jacked up model 3 for those who need more room inside a bigger trunk and slightly more ground clearance. The exterior design is like a model 3 that was born with an unfortunate case of a vacuum pump because it looks like its head is a bit extended upwards. The front still looks like an amphibian and the rear is the only nice looking part to it or kinda. However, teslas are appreciated for their inner beauty, so lets dive in inside. The first thing you will notice is the minimalist design and the large glass roof. The roof is extremely impressive. I love it other than the window switches and the two steering wheel controls. There are absolutely no other buttons inside the cabin. Everything is controlled from this 15 inch display. The materials on top are mostly nice and soft to the touch, but, as you start feeling it up below the belt line, it gets pretty hard hold on a second that sounds terrible. Most of the materials used on the top are nice and soft. The ones below get a bit cheaper, a bit harder, thankfully fit and finish is not that bad. I mean its better than what it used to be. The seats are identical to the ones used in the model 3, but because this is a crossover, they had to use taller seat mounts and the result is lots of foot room in the back and you can even store things under there.

Its kind of like an airplane roominess up front is fantastic. I have ample space, no complaints. The seats are pretty good theyre, not the best ive ever experienced, but theyre pretty good. However, lots of people have complained that the headrests are tilted a bit forward. However, as you can see, it really doesnt bother me because i dont drive like that so im, like usually right here, i have a good distance from a headdress. So if anything, the seats are a bit narrow sort of the head race. So in case of an accident, kind of feels like your head, can slide off of the headdress, so it doesnt really protect it. But man. What do i know? The driving position is really nice. It is a little bit higher up, but i guess thats the point in the crossover. No visibility is all great until you try to look to the back, because that rear window like what you see out of it, is absolute garbage. All seats in the house are heated, but you do need to ask the driver or passenger to control the rear ones, as there is no other way to do it. The trunk is large theres no official volume announced when the seats are up. However, the maximum volume, when you fold the seats, is 2158 liters and their rear seats do fold in a 40 20 40 configuration. The trunk also has deep pockets on the sides, and even more space under the floor.

Also lets not forget that this thing has a frunk. The frunk also fits some more stuff. Oh, the only problem with the front is that its a two step process. First, you need to press the button to release it. Then you have to go outside and access. It in terms of space, as you can see, this guy has half his household in here and still has space to spare the rear windows dont open all the way down, but whatever now before we drive it lets check out some really cool things happening through the Screen so the screen is divided in two parts left and right on the left. You see your car and you see your surroundings. It acts as a blind spot monitor, so it paints the picture around you. So, cars trucks stop signs, traffic lights, cones arrows on the road, it recognizes everything its really cool and when you stop at a traffic light – and it turns green, it actually beeps and it even shows you the graphic. The light turns it goes from red to green. Really cool stuff once you access the settings menu, you have the quick controls for the stuff that you use often, and the really cool thing is that when you go, for example, into the steering wheel adjustment, the button on the wheel now becomes the button with which You adjust the wheel in and out isnt that cool multi function steering wheel the definition of it.

The second category is your music. Obviously you can stream bluetooth music from your phone. Then you have things like radio streaming spotify tuning whatever. Then you have obviously your cameras which are pretty cool. You dont have a 360 view, which is weird, but you do have enough cameras to understand whats happening, and then you have stuff like calling calendar cameras, energy monitors, charging, a web browser and listen to this entertainment and a toy box under entertainment. You can play various games, for example, you can play cuphead, you can switch the theater mode and then you have netflix youtube, twitch tesla tutorials. The really awesome thing that i discovered is that when you watch netflix through the lte of the car, you actually get the us content, even though were in canada, thats, really freaking cool. Last but not least, you get the toy box, which has my favorite thing in the world, which is the farts. Oh man, my favorite feature is that you can press this button and then you can front on the outside, like when somebodys passing by the car. You can send them a fart, thats, really hilarious. You have really awesome climate controls, so you can change the direction for which you want the actual air to come to you and obviously temperatures and whatever. But you have three modes, so you can have the air conditioning running so it keeps the car cool. You can do dog mode. So if you leave your pet in the car, it will set a nice comfortable temperature for the dog and it will display a message on the screen that my owner will be back soon.

So dont worry about the dog dont go ahead and smash any windows or call any cops. Everything is under control. The sound system is absolutely killer. Its a really good sound system has speakers all over the place, love it nice, bassy, clear, sound, absolutely fantastic, sound system. The last three things i want to mention is the sentry mode, so the car can actually record from all the cameras around when its parked. So if somebody tries to break in youll get the footage of it, then you have the actual dash cam footage. So you know the car is recording when youre driving. If something happens, you can program it. For example, if you honk the horn, then it will save the clip for you. The other really cool thing is obviously autopilot. Okay, this car has all the features enabled. So when youre on the highway, it literally drives for you and it does it very well. It does auto lane change and, for example, if you want a lane change while somebodys next to you, the car will actually slow down and tuck in behind him, and do it really? Well, i mean tesla is known for this autopilot stuff. Yes, they are the best to do it. Obviously, you still need to hold on to the steering wheel its not like fully autonomous driving, but it will be at some point. This car also has the summon that can also come and pick you up its pretty funny.

Im not testing that out, because i dont trust it, but it is cool and its there. Unfortunately, it doesnt have apple carplay and android auto, but it does have a very nice dual wireless charging pad right here, love it. The problem is, i didnt, find any usb ports up here for like the front passengers, i mean. Obviously we have the wireless charging pads, but there are two usbc ports in the back for the rear passengers all right. So enough tech lets talk about power. This long range dual motor model y has two ev motors, so obviously thats how its all wheel, drive, tesla, doesnt, really announce horsepower and torque figures so thats. Why we have the butt dyno and were gon na measure it right now. This is how much horsepower it has so, while my prehistoric performance measurement device is guessing 480 plus horsepower its actually more like 384 and 376 pound feet of torque ish, i mean again, if theres, no official figures who are going to trust for these numbers, i dont Know so dont take them at face value, they might not be accurate. What is accurate, though, is that performance is not exactly mind blowing, but the response is the moment you hammer the right pedal off you go whats very nice is that the power keeps coming it. Doesnt run out of breath, as you pick up speed once you pass the highest posted speed limits, it still keeps coming at the same rate.

Top speed in this car is 217 kilometers an hour, so even on the autobahn, it wont be holding up any traffic zero to 100 kilometers. An hour is supposed to take five seconds. We measured it at 5.1, so good enough. The range is rated at 525 kilometers. Although this one with 100 battery in my driving its guesstimating at about 496, so just under 500, not bad at all, especially knowing that the competition is still so far behind tesla also doesnt announce the official capacity of the battery. But with about 15 remaining, i did a full charge on my flow home x5 connected charger, and it showed about 65 kilowatt hours being pulled at the end. So it seems like the batteries are about 75 kilowatt hours, a full charge at 30. Amps took about 10 hours at my house, although you can go to a tesla supercharger and get an 80 charge in just 15 minutes. So we have to give that to tesla that supercharging their network is the best. The car also comes with an adapter for a j1772 connector, so you can charge this anywhere, but only teslas can use the tesla network now on to the drive and handling, which is very good. Despite the two ton curb weight, the center of gravity is low, but weight is weight. The steering feels great one pedal driving is awesome and the brakes work really well with the four piston front: calipers stopping this car from 100 kilometers an hour and just 38 meters.

The rear, multi link suspension always keeps the chassis in check. There are no surprises. When it comes to road manners, it will understeer, it will lean. There is significant body roll, it will understeer if you push hard, but the electronic aids correct its course, its all. Okay. As this is not a performance vehicle over road imperfections, it does a decent job absorbing the bumps. It is comfortable for sure, but damping does come with some minor rattling noises from the interior, god, damn road, noise and wind noise are well suppressed, especially because the front glass is also laminated. Prices in canada start at just under seventy thousand dollars. This one with the white interior, upgraded wheels and full self driving features comes in at 81, 890 before taxes. It doesnt really feel like an 82 000 car when stopped, but once you feel the performance it takes it right up there i mean think about it. A bmw, x3 m40i same money as this dont know, if its slower faster, but its pretty similar in terms of performance. So with that said, i cant say that this model y is actually expensive. Overall score is eight and a half out of ten and the best part about it is that it set the bar really high for the competition to follow. So before we go. I obviously owe you the verdict. The winner between the mustang machi and the tesla model y here goes. The looks i like the mustang maki more the exterior design, the superior.

I like it much more than the model y thats, a clear winner for me. Mustang inside also the design i mean the tesla might be very fancy, especially the white interior, but the mach e is better built its more like a real car. It has no flaws. The model y had broken stuff already from brand new, so unacceptable. For me, no thanks mustang wins again, but this is probably the point where the scale starts tipping the other way around, because when roominess and practicality is concerned, the model y, clear winner comfort, model y, clear winner technology, the tesla is the clear winner range. The tesla is the clear winner performance was close, but the tesla model y was quicker, so it wins as well quality overall, like panels, whatever the mustang was better handling wise. Both cars were pretty good, theyre very different in attitude, but theyre both not sports cars. Really. So theyre both safe, i cant find a winner here. I like both the same so no points awarded for handling, however breaks the mustang was a little bit better. That brings us to a final score of five to four, so its been very close, but the model y is the winner and the last cool thing about the model y. Is that if you want you can option it as a seven seater, which is pretty cool since its not a very big car, so thats pretty much it with a tesla model? Why please smash that subscribe button? We need those subscribers to do more cool stuff.