Your encouragement and questions help me to investigate experience and find answers to share with all of you. This was filmed july 22nd of 2021. It was my first impression on ionic 5 and in that video i said, i would need to drive about 1 000 kilometers after driving, uh six different ionic fives, renting nine different times and traveling 2944 kilometers, i can say ionic is an excellent car and to state It confidently, i thought i needed to drive it for about 1 000 kilometers. This is my rental record and emoticons are to show that some were better than average. I thought, but mostly it was good but theres just one time where i thought from the beginning. It was bouncy and hard to control and my mother felt the same way being in the car. So i made a list. The left column are the three digits of a license plate and the right are kilometers that i drove with each car and i tallied it up and it came out to be 2 944 kilometers or 1 828 miles so from la to las vegas, its 269 miles. So 269 miles times, seven its a little bit over 1828 miles so its about traveling seven times. So where did i go and what did i see racking up all those kilometers and miles? Well, this i never get tired of driving at night. Um im stopped on a bridge here to videotape this. I dont know anywhere else in the world where you could just stop in the middle of a bridge and take pictures on the other side.

You see taxis, lined up theyre waiting for customers and probably never getting tired of looking at the city light its always changing its so dynamic its like that bts song dynamite yeah the city is dynamite. There are 31 bridges 27 for regular transportation, four for railway. So you have subways crossing from uh north of the river to the south. This river is called the hahn river and you have ferries yachts. I think all types of water sports that you can do so, but its not deep. This building right here, which looks very ghostly and its interesting in person more interesting and more fascinating, its amore pacific. They make korean cosmetic k beauty headquarter. This building right here has led uh figures dancing on a building, and then you can walk across that green uh. Walkway that connects from a sewer train station to a marketplace that is all changing because of cornell well, this is in changsondo. Songdo is called smart city. Why did i come here? Because i was looking for lamborghini to race uh. I found mustang icev internal combustion engine vehicle and i beat it twice at a stop light and he wanted to race me, but it just its really hard to beat ev but against another eevee thats a different story. I almost beat this tesla, but i dont know what model this tesla is im, not good with cars im not into uh cars. I just like driving and going to places.

So can anyone tell me what car that is which model that is? I do plan to drive model y tesla model y. I did sign up for that and i today got a confirmation: ill be test driving kia, ev6 4 wheel drive long range gt. So before i drive it, if you can give me questions to ask a salesperson or if you want theres a certain part of kia ev6, you want me to film. Please let me know please subscribe and comment. This is a coastal region and you see drive through mcdonalds and starbucks. I think right now, during the pandemic, is a great time to invest into new business and, i think even evs, our new business model or concept. I think its changing from icev to ev coming here was for investment purposes. There was a condo that was going up and i wanted to come here to check it out. This is a laundromat and its got a massage chair, its very clean and because of corona. These 24 hour self service laundromats are sprouting up everywhere. So uh we came here to wash my blanket, but i also did car camping because um okay, so did first. This is called. This area is called miracle of moses because during low tide a road appears and then you could drive on it to get to those islands that you see in the distance high tide, its covered up again with water. So on the navigation system you see in blue color, so back to car camping.

I saw this youtube channel where this gentleman said that he cant turn on air conditioner in ionic 5. All night long and his battery power will only go down to 5. So i needed to test that out, so i spent the night at a rest stop because, just in case my car runs out of battery. I turn the car engine on and i dont know if its called an engine, but i turned it on turned the air conditioner on. I watched youtube and i fell asleep and i was parked there for about. I think five to six hours and really the battery went down four percent. I thought that was amazing and another time we turned the engine off and, as you know, you breathe in oxygen and you breathe out carbon dioxide and i guess the car started filling up with carbon dioxide, so the car the engine was turned off. The car turned on air purifying system or it started letting air come in from outside. So i thought the first time when that happened. I thought it was a fluke so thats why i did not want to say anything in the video, but it happened again. The second time so i think its got a sensor that senses like what type of air that is, you know inside the car and it will adjust. So i thought that was really neat, so i get to travel to different places with this beautiful lady thats walking up to go to this temple, where you see wonderful trees like this and i hope, driving electric vehicle will save our environment and earth lets hope.

So, for the sake of the future generation, so yes, thank you for watching.