And that is exactly what weve got here. This new skoda, enyak iv, is pretty identical under the skin to something like a volkswagen id4 or an audi q4 e tron. It even shares those cars 300 plus mile range. So the question is: why should you pick a skoda over an audi or a vw well find out in this video review, but before we do make sure you subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon, so youre notified when new videos go live. Skoda is part of the automotive powerhouse that is the volkswagen group, but to look at this as little more than a re bodied id4 would be to miss the point. The days of skoda scrimping on quality, just to undercut their premium badge siblings are long gone. This is a car with, as many luxury features tricks and toys as the premium models of yesteryear lets quickly start with the exterior. This is the rain shopping sportline model which, as the name suggests, looks a little bit sportier than the other models you can get, but no matter which one you go for you get led lights, alloy, wheels, roof rails and loads of safety kit. Now, if thats not enough, you can go for the bigger battery model which throws, in things like chrome, trim, cameras and extra trinkets, and if thats not flashy enough, you could even spec a light up. Grille with 130 led lights, to show the joneses next door.

That youre just that little bit better than them moving inside, you might be surprised to learn that the materials used the fit the finish and the design all feel and look more at market in the equivalent volkswagen. There is fabric where you might otherwise expect scratchy plastics, a 13 inch infotainment system and a tall center console that kind of cocoons you in what is actually a really nice driving position. Some models get a two spoke steering wheel, but this got a more conventional. Three spoke layout and those dials behind there simple but effective, moving back to this screen in the middle here, its fine, its responsive enough, but some of the menus could be more intuitive whats. More frustrating is that, despite this row of shortcut buttons down here, all of the climate controls are hidden away in that screen, which doesnt make them all that easy to use on the move. Otherwise, its really hard to find fault in here in true skoda, fashion practicality is excellent, with cubbies dotted all around the cabin skodas made, choosing an enyak rather complicated. First, you pick your battery 58 kilowatt hour or 77 kilowatt hour. Then you select your interior theme. Loft suite lounge or eco suite or as weve, got here the sport line, which confusingly is only available with the larger battery. On top of this, you can add various option: packs combining accessories focus on things like comfort, convenience or connectivity. Rather than talk you through all the kits included with each trim level, take a look at the full review on our website, just search for skoda.

Enyak on car buyer dot. Co uk well come to booth space and rear seat room in a moment, because those are two of the enyaks strongest areas, but, seeing as were here lets see what this thing is like to drive and im pleased to report. On the whole, the news is very positive. The skoda, like its vw counterparts, ditches blistering acceleration in favor of something a little bit more tame. Shall we say in order to protect this cars range but thats, not necessarily a bad thing. You still get that instant shove of acceleration pretty much at any speed. Whenever you put your foot down the standard rear wheel, drive models, get a similar amount of power doing north 62 in between 8.2 and 8.5 seconds. But the four wheel, drive x, models get a bit more power and they slash that to 6.9 seconds. But we wouldnt bother with the extra outlay because most buyers theyre not going to need it theyre not going to need the extra traction in day to day driving in terms of handling. The enyak follows its vw group, siblings, feeling safe and predictable, rather than particularly fun to drive it majors, though, on refinement. This is a really quiet motorway cruiser and its good around town, too ride comfort could be better, though, especially on the bigger wheels. If you can, we would try one with the optional adaptive dampers because they do seem to take the edge off what is otherwise quite a rough ride.

There are various settings for the regenerative brakes as well, but none of them are particularly strong, which feels like a shame. If youre currently running a petrol or diesel suv, there are potentially huge savings. We made by switching to electric theres no road tax to pay and youll be exempt from things like the london congestion charge. Should that be a benefit to you, it sits in the very lowest band for benefiting kind company car tax too. How much range you get? Will depend on which battery you go for the cheaper enyak iv60 models officially manage up to 256 miles on a charge, but its worth noting that you only get 50 kilowatt rapid charging as standard which is merely average. In this day and age. You can pay to upgrade 440 pounds at the time of filming to 100 kilowatt fast charging, if you think youll make use of it on a regular basis. Doing so will almost half the 10 to 80 top up time from 55 minutes to 33 minutes. The enyak 80, depending on spec and wheel size will do up to 333 miles on a charge roughly 280 miles in normal driving or a little less in winter. But again, this top model is only available with 50 kilowatt charging as standard its the same price to upgrade, but you get 125 kilowatt charging rather than 100 kilowatts, even with the increased battery size, it will charge to 80 in around 34 minutes home war box.

Charging takes between nine and a half and 13 hours, depending on which car you go for the boot is big not just by ev standards, but compared with this cars. Conventional suv rivals theres 585 liters with the rear seats in place, which is pretty much the same. Give or take as a petrol powered skoda, carok fold the seats down and theres 1710 liters again pretty much the same theres no space in the nose like youll, find in a mustang mackey, but there is space under here for the charge. Cables. Practicality is, and always has been a strong skoda selling point, despite this being the brands first purpose built electric car, you still get plenty of skodas, fantastic, simply clever features. The ice scraper in the fuel filler cap is gone, but you still got umbrellas in the front doors. Even ignoring these most family buyers will be happy with how versatile the car is. Whats more theres, a totally flat floor, which means theres loads of space. To put your feet, especially if youre sat here in the middle one more thing: the doors stay open, nice and wide, which makes fitting a child seat really nice and easy not as wide as a nissan qashqai, but still pretty good visibility all around whether youre sitting In the front or the back is really decent, so all in yen yak is a really accomplished family car. But what are the deal makers and the deal breakers? Skoda is quiet and easy to drive, not quick like a tesla but fast enough.

The enyak is a hugely versatile ev, with loads of practical touches and a big boot entry level models sneak in under the threshold for the governments plug in car grant, making it one of the best value electric cars on sale. While the enyak offers a decent range. Youll have to pay extra for the fastest charging. The specs are confusing, with loads of trim and option packs to choose from. Thankfully, most models come well equipped, as you can probably tell were big fans of this skoda. Enyak iv, it feels like the kind of electric car that you can switch into without even noticing that youve done it, its good value, its massively practical and its easy to drive all reasons that, if you dont care for that supposed premium badge that you should pick One of these over the equivalent audi or vw, but be careful with those option, packs though they can send the price spiraling and be sure you need that fast charging as well, because most people, after all, are going to charge this thing at home. But whichever version you go for, if you bag yourself, one of these youve got yourself one of the most capable and well rounded family suvs. That just so happens to also be electric.