Like a suv, so this one 58 kilowatt hour battery means four kilometers or 250 miles of range. You know the id3 is available also with a bigger battery, but since this one is a smaller car, it can reach the similar figures. Then, with a smaller battery – and you can see here – the retro styling rectangular styling in the front – nice retro logo – big one illuminate in front. If this one will be loud in germany, not sure in the us, probably yes, but then again, such small vehicles might not come to the u.s at all. Or do you want such a small volkswagen u.s then put it in the comments you can see. This does not have a real exterior paint, they use wooden pellets to give a natural coloring, so they use less chemicals for the paint so to speak. So no traditional paint to be even more sustainable, and this also seem about this vehicle. They want to improve sustainability. Even further now – and this is of course a very good and likable approach for for this vehicle. Well, i like that this they finally went for the retro design. I hope it will stay this way, because the id3 is not kind of this retro design. This one is now an even more rectangular. I really love the design, looks in the front. What do you think should i bring this car into production? Of course, now lets take a look at more details, 4 meters and 10 or 161.

Inches is the length here and you can see interesting shoulder and the paintwork itself. It really feels very interesting, so i love this new approach, the roof by the way and the um top front. This is made from pet bottles. It looks kind of soft, actually um yeah, im, not sure if this one will come to in the production yeah, maybe like a convertible roof or something thats very interesting, impressive c pillar here as well. So the car overall is very, very short, but will never have actually space in the interior of a compact vehicle acceleration figure around 6.9 seconds from around 230 horsepower, but interesting is so far the meb, the modular electric building platform, has rear drive. This one, however, will be planned as a front wheel, driven vehicle, so also looking forward to test drive that, of course, when it comes into a final production stage and also for the final naming even more interesting by the way, the rear. So the same light scheme. We saw in the front will also happen here in the rear, where we have, you know. Basically, this seamlessly integrated layer and the lights are behind it. This looks really really fancy and the same bw logo we had in the bright scheme in the front is then here in the red scheme in the rear. Top speed is planned for 180 kilometers or 112 miles an hour, but even more interesting is the pricing. This spawn supposed to hit the market in 2025 for around 20 000 euros, and this, of course, would be a game changer to have really an affordable small ev on the market from a mass manufacturer.

Taking a look at the interior, now a lounge atmosphere already in the rear, and we see a lot of fabric materials or these microfiber surfaces, also animal free and really nice here also than the matte wood touch, so that looks rather living room. I like and also a high floor mat right there, this kind of rolls royal style and also once again theme about this one recycled materials, reusing things, less chemicals and so on, and so on here also with a nice fabric inside the inside of the doors. Next, to capacitive buttons here, for example, for the window levers and this whole vehicle has frameless doors. You can see it right here, not sure if this one will come into reality, but very interesting approach. Nevertheless – and you can also see at the inside of the doors look at that this non paint, i would call it that way also goes through the inside and hardly ever have we seen such a concept and i think its really impressive, and why not i mean Its kind of like a white structured vehicle looks a little bit theoremic alike or something but definitely for a change. Why not? It looks really fancy. I think here now the front interior. With this joke or yolk steering wheel. Is it a joke? A yoke yeah depends on the definition. I guess like tesla weve seen that and um yeah very interesting. They also went for that and even more interesting is you can see you have this projection there in the front.

This is a cinema on the inside and you can actually also fold the front seats. All the way to the you know to the front, and then you have this lounge atmosphere or have a 2 meters, interior or 78 inches, 2 meters or 78 inches long on the interior, or you can maybe make a big cargo area out of it. In another version, so this also leaves you a lot of possibilities. Oh lower part again, this uh pause and play buttons for the for the throttle and for the brake, weve, seen also with the id3 very interesting and funny idea. So it is kind of reduced to the max this interior and i think its a very interesting approach. Theyre, making this either to a cinema, or you know, of course, with the gaming console. For example, when you have some controllers or maybe use the steering wheel or something so definitely two very important things about this car reduction in the design that goes more in tesla direction, but also about the entry price, this 20 000 euros or dollars. That will be the game, changer so of course its a concept car so far. But if this one here comes close to an id2 or id1, i think it could really be a game changer for the eevee market, oh by the way the wheels 20 inch. So quite massive for such a small vehicle, but since you have this rather prominent rectangular design the wheels dont look too big at all interesting well, and indeed it is a convertible.

So if you pull these zippers here, you can actually also remove the top heres. The in a very manual way just to have a little bit more fun and by the way you see here this you know the projection. It can of course be retracted. Then the dashboard goes down. Youll have a head up display and in the middle part you will not have an infotainment system, but just you put your smartphone and yeah with some. I thought about that. You say you know. Google maps is the best service most of time anyway. You just put your smartphone there. Everyone does that, so you could also think about hey lets, reduce to the max dont spend billions in infotainment systems that are slower than your smartphone anyway, and just use your smartphone. This is also this minimalistic concept we see here, especially, of course, when this cinematic screen there is retracted.