Spec rear wheel, drive porsche tycoon. It is not a video about liam neeson. I dont know who you are. I dont know what you want if youre looking for driving ability. I can tell you i dont have much, but what i do have are a very mediocre set of skills that make me a nightmare for cars. Like you, i will look for you. I will find you and i will drive you good luck here at carter. We havent yet been converted to the electric vehicle revolution, the debates still raging and we havent got time to go into it all now thats for another video. However, you all know that we like porsche round here, so when porsche do something new like make an electric vehicle. Well take notice. You just know that their engineers will have put a lot of time and effort into it if im going to own an electric vehicle in the nearest future id like to think its going to be a porsche before we crack on lets address the name, because some Say take an most say: tai. Can the official porsche press release says that it comes from the turkish thai meaning a young horse? Thats all fine, but i think all porsche have done is give a gift to the pendant to go around correcting people who say porsche. I think youll find its not porsche its porsche uh lets push uh push. Now they get to give unwanted free, elocution lessons to anyone who says the word take out.

I think youll find its pronounced tai. Can you could always argue that its spelt t a y? Can and theyll refer you to the turkish origin of the word and you could say well thats fine, but just because a german car manufacturer decides to lift a word from a language and then stick it together. Another one doesnt mean they get to decide how to pronounce it. You can colloquialize it if you want to its a free country, ask that same person, if they say paris instead of paris or deutschland instead of germany, the pretentious okay. So there have been loads of reviews about the taken tycan since it first came out and theres no arguing that the turbo s is bonkers, quick, but its 140 000 pounds. If money was no object, then of course turbo s, please, but the novelty of that acceleration could wear off at some point and theyre already reviewers, like chris harris saying its just too fast turbo s is too fast, its totally out of sync with the rest of Traffic because youre out of sync with the other traffic, the other two tycans in the range, the 4s and this entry level rear wheel, drive model tend to get overshadowed by the turbo s. But they really shouldnt, not least because theyre virtually half the price. Its. Not really fair that they seem to take a back seat in the lineup theyre judged unfairly, because they share a body shell with a turbo s.

If the turbo s was wearing a 911 bodysuit, nobody would bat an eyelid and then the two lower end tigers could step forward and claim credit for what they really are. Comparing the turbo s to the two other tie guns is not really a like for. Like comparison anywho, the 4s always seems to be the pick of the reviewers, with the reviews ending in things like its the best bang for your buck or pay the extra and get the 4s or its the sweet spot in the range. Is that really fair? On the poverty, spec tycoon heres, the reason why im uncomfortable with that phrase pay the extra and get the 4s, because the 4s is still 13 000 pounds more expensive unless your middle eastern royalty or jeff bezos, 13 000 pounds is still a lot of money. Put simply, you could buy a taikan 4s or you could buy a thai, can and take your family on a caribbean holiday and get yourself a motorcycle and buy yourself a speedboat or for the same money you could buy. A tie can and remodel your bathroom and get a used porsche boxster for a bit of fun at weekends. So, with that in mind, i thought id give the ginger step child at the taikan range, a chance to show me that it deserves a swipe right. Thats, a tinder reference for anybody whos aged over 40. Apparently you swipe right on your phone and a sex arrives on your doorstep.

Theres, no doubt that the thai can even in poverty. Spec is a gorgeous bit of kit. It is in the words of jim carrey b e, a beautiful. I will admit that the basic model doesnt get as nicer wheels as the turbo s, but thats the way it goes. You can actually buy them for three thousand pounds. The base models come with the standard 19 inch take hand wheels. This one has the 20 inch turbo aero wheels yours for a snip at fifteen hundred pounds now im sure porsche could have designed some sexier wheels for the base model as well, but then the turbo s drivers would be like hey. My wheels should be much sexier than here, because i paid twice as much yeah know your place: poverty, spec drivers, many of the reviews, youve seen – were probably on new tycoons. But having covered a few hundred lockdown inhibited miles, i can tell you whats good about living with this car and what is not. First of all, what is not im, not particularly impressed with the fragile looking boot floor. If the argument is weight saving well, this car weighs nearly two tons im, not sure it would have made much difference to make it out something slightly sturdy that feels like it. Wouldnt buckle under the weight of two slabs of beer, then theres the noise Music. The noise is really cool to start with, it kind of sounds like a star wars speedster, but you have to turn it on manually.

Every time you drive the car and after a while, you just kind of stop bothering and then you learn to enjoy just wafting around silently. If the noise was free, then fair enough, because its support its a 500 pound option, my advice would be dont bother. Now. Im not going to lie this car is pretty wide. It doesnt feel very wide on the inside, but it is deceptively wide on the outside its a bit of a nuisance in supermarket car parks and when youre trying to pass cars on a narrow lane. And if you park it on the street, it always sticks out further than the other cars, so youre always worried its going to get clipped its only piss off son, its only 20 centimeters, or about that much narrower than a hammer then theres the pcm system. I suppose that all manufacturers are going the same way with the screens and menus, but i strongly believe that any system with the function menus that are more than two levels, deeper, just a pain in the backside, whats wrong with buttons and knobs. I quite like to twizzle knob every now and again things like trying to turn the air con off isnt, a simple pressing. You have to press one button and then up here turn it off not so easy when youre driving and then simple things like try to turn the radio on if youre over 15, which is uh uh here.

Is it media uh even trying to turn the radio off, is a challenge this one media Music? That said, i think the force system is still better than the tesla or the audi system, but i dont think anyones really cracked, this type of system, yet no one seems to have a definitive user friendly interface or it might just be an old fart. Let me know in the comments mr car manufacturers cant. We have some sort of compromise, you know just knobs and buttons for the most used stuff and then all the lesser used stuff in the silly menus. No just me: okay, porsche had a go at it with this car. There are some analog buttons for things like radio volume, but this one is just a waste. In my opinion, this is the regen button which changes the way the car drives. You can make the car a more tesla feeling one pedal driving feel with actual braking when you lift off the accelerator or you can have it coast for a more traditional petrol powered driving experience. It really doesnt feel like a traditional ev. Then, as far as i know, it has no effect on how much power you recuperate its just personal taste, which is what id be better buried in the pcm somewhere. I dont think anyones going to be changing it back and forwards. Theyll just pick a style. They like and leave it the better use of this button would be to change between driving modes.

However, with cars with the optional chrono pack, you get a button to change driving modes, so i presume, if they made this button change driving modes, they wouldnt be able to flog as many chrono packs. Perhaps just me being cynical, there are a few cheapy feeling parts of the tie can, and i dont know if theyre weight, saving or just money saving these roof inserts, for example, these plasticky kick plates, but on the whole, the quality of the interior is exceptional. One of the best ive encountered everything is solid and feels nice its a lot better quality than a tether interior, especially the seats. The tesla seats are comfy, but in a way that your favorite armchair is comfy. If that makes sense, the thai can seats feel like theyre, designed to support you properly, not squishy soft, just ergonomically, designed to support a human body. I really like the virtual dash too. I didnt think id like it, but i do its well laid out and its well thought out and you can have almost any combination of information you like on it maps, speed g force, marvelous, Music. I want to think about it. Theres another thing i dont like this center glovebox thing: you have to be double jointed to get into it. It doesnt feel like its designed for human use. They should have got the guy designed the seats to design it. The tycoon comes standard as a two plus two, but you can order a fifth seat version like this one, but its a little bit cramped to say the least.

Id save you money Music, this particular poverty. Spec model is fitted with the battery plus, which most reviewers are going to tell you you need to buy true. It does give you more power, probably about 50 horsepower more but thats canceled out by the extra weight, so theres no performance advantage at all. None its exactly the same naught to 60 and exactly the same flat out. It does give you more range, probably about 25 to 30 miles, but with an already half decent range of 280 miles. Youve got to weigh up personally whether four and a half thousand pounds is worth 25 to 30 miles. Im not sure it is my advice would be dont. Bother. Save your money, oh, whilst were talking about range. Another advantage of having the poverty spec model over the 4s is that it has one motor rather than two and two wheel drive rather than four wheel drive, which means its more efficient, which means more range. Although the basic taken isnt as fast as its older brothers, it still has 375 horsepowers and 400 on overboost hold on its actually 476 horsepower on overboost dummy carry on, which means the naught of 60 comes around in 5.2 seconds. So, while everybodys rattling on about how its not as quick as the other titans, its still quicker north of 60 than the lamborghini coutas, lp 5000 s from the 80s, and it does the quarter mile in 13 and a half seconds which is quicker than aston.

Martin v8 vantage the entry level model also comes with steel, sprung suspension rather than air suspension thats standard on the other tycoons. Now you can pay for it on this, its not that bad at 1500 pounds compared to some of the options, but again i dont think its really worth it, and besides most air suspension often fails. If you keep it long term, at least on this one theres. No airbags to replace, on top of that porsche, do coil over suspension as good as any air suspension. For that reason, the handling on the tycoon is astonishing. It corners flat and the turning is beautifully precise. It sticks to the road like poo sticks to a blanket another reason why the tycoon handles so brilliantly. Apart from the big fat tyres, is the low centre of gravity like with all electric vehicles. The battery weight is all low down in the chassis, but you also sit really low down in between the wheels like a cayman. Of course, youve got the whole weight distribution, absolutely bang, on its a fantastic car to push hard down the windy b roads. You just know its going to put a smile on your face and, unlike the four wheel, drive models, you can turn the traction control off and have some tail happy drifting action. If you like spending money on tires, though the base model thai can cost half the price of the turbo s and its certainly more than half the car, like i said before it shouldnt be compared to other tycoons.

It should be compared to what else is available for seventy three thousand pounds, which, amongst other things, is various bmw, hybrid, five series and seven serious diseases is fully. Electric rivals include the jaguar eye pace, but i think id rather have a porsche than a jaguar and, of course we have to mention the teslas. Yes, the teslas faster, but the porsche gives you so much more. It gives you an emotive experience. Porsche understands that a car needs to give you more than just transport. It stirs an emotion in you that most car manufacturers, just cant, seem to reproduce and its proof that it doesnt need to be the fastest to have the best experience. Considering im, not an electric vehicle person, yet im really impressed by the way this review, isnt sponsored by porsche or anything like that. I just really like it. One thing to remember with all fully electric cars is, if youre leasing them youre saving anywhere from 25 to 50 tax in the uk. That means you have that much extra to spend on your monthly allowance over a petrol or diesel car 550 pounds spent on a bmw petrol car could equate to more than 700 on a fully electric car. Just something for us non converts to consider, and there are no used bargains. A brand new tycoon if you can get one is actually a pretty good investment at the moment, especially if your purchase method is one of the more tax efficient ones.

A quick look around shows that used models are going for 10 to 15 000 pounds more than the original selling price. This could be because waiting listed. Some dealers are up to 12 months. As always, if you like the video, please give it a thumbs up and if you havent subscribed already, please subscribe its easy. Just push the button there. Just there just go and push it, do it do it go on? Do it go on, you really will you will and if youd like to watch a video about a bentley click here and if youd like to watch a video about a porsche box, thats done nearly a quarter million miles.