The hummer ev will go on sale in fall 2021 and at first only the most expensive edition. One model will be available. Less expensive trims will come into the picture starting in 2022 Music. For now, the only powertrain available in the hummer ev is a setup with three electric motors that makes 1000 horsepower all wheel. Drive is standard and gmc estimates a 0 to 60 mph time of 3.0 seconds, which the company says is achievable thanks to the trucks watts to freedom, launch control, driving mode gmc is also quoting a dubious 11 500 pound feet, torque figure from this powertrain, but that Estimated number is almost certainly calculated through the torque multiplying effect of the trucks gear ratios. While we take issue with how that misleading torque number is calculated, it should have massive pulling power regardless. The real torque number will be between 1000 and 100 pound feet. Gmc insiders say we are eagerly awaiting our chance to test the hummer evs performance capabilities at our test track and well update this story with test results. As soon as we can Music, the hummer ev leaves no question as to its heritage. Although the pickup styling is sleeker and more modern than its h1 h2 and h3 forebears, unusual h shaped headlight elements replace the round units found on those off roaders, with a full width led light bar proudly bearing the hummer word mark each letter separated by seven vertical Grill slats in an homage to the internal combustion original Music, as weve seen in previous teasers, the electric hummer gets a very upright windshield that recalls the vertical glass of previous models, while still preserving some aerodynamic efficiency.

A high belt line and narrow side glass echoed the old h2s gun slit greenhouse, but the angled c pillar is like nothing else from hummers repertoire and provides some sense of forward. Leaning motion wide box flares on the front and rear fenders provide plenty of clearance for standard 35 inch, goodyear, wrangler territory, mud terrain tires and the electric hummer has room for giant 37s if youre so inclined Music, even though hummers of yesteryear were mainly suvs. The hummer ev takes the form of a crew cab, pickup truck with a five foot long bed. An suv model will follow the truck into production and should be revealed sometime in 2021. The hummer evs cabin is similarly spacious to gmcs sierra crew cab, pickup truck and the interior can be opened to the elements via a novel, removable, roof that reintroduces a t, top esque design popular in gm sports and muscle cars in the 1970s and 1980s when in Place the transparent panels are akin to a normal panoramic glass sunroof, but lifting them off and stowing them in the hummer evs front trunk gives the truck a convertible vibe similar to that of the jeep gladiator Music Music inside several moon inspired touches such as a moon. Boot footprint on the dead, pedal and speaker grills that show the sea of tranquility serve as not so subtle reminders of gms connection to nasa astronauts and the electrically powered apollo 15 lunar rover that the company helped engineer.

Music, Music, the airy cockpit, gets an extremely tech forward approach befitting the trucks premium positioning the hummer features a massive 13.4 inch infotainment screen and a 12.3 inch digital instrument. Cluster theres, a wealth of functionality in the system too, off roaders and mall crawlers will appreciate the ultravision front and rear underbody cameras that show a live view of whats under the truck making, wheel placement or parking easier and more convenient. Other cameras provide a maximum of 18 different views: Music, Music, Music, the hummer ev launches exclusively as an edition one model in fall of 2022, more modestly, configured variants, including versions with a two motor drivetrain in place of the high end models. 3 motor system are slated to hit dealer lots by spring of 2024 with a mid level. Eawd version arriving a year earlier, early adopters pay a price, the hummer ev edition. One starts at one hundred twelve thousand five hundred ninety five dollars, but less pricey variants are coming later down the line. Those waiting for the most affordable model will be waiting a while still the entry level two motor trim priced at seventy nine thousand. Nine hundred. Ninety five dollars is due in spring twenty twenty four a mid level. Three motor model planned for spring 2023 will be priced at eighty nine thousand nine hundred ninety five dollars in the flagship non edition. One variant will start at 99 995 when it debuts in fall.