The unique clamshell hood spends the entire width of the car minimizing panel caps for a clean high tech. Look the led lighting showcases, its signature, parametric pixels, unique jewel like design elements that will feature an exterior of all future ionic models. Lets take a look: the 2022 ioniq 5 uk specs hi, im christiana and behind me, is the ionic 5 hyundais groundbreaking new electric vehicle and im about to give you a sneak peek into how it works. Lets go. The ioniq 5 was designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind, along with the comfort and silence that comes with zero emission driving. A significant portion of this interior has been produced with recycled or sustainable materials, and just look at the quality of this interior. Im surrounded by tactile, durable materials that feel as good as they look. For example, the carpet and trim materials contain raw materials extracted from sugar cane. In addition, bio pet plastic yarn is used in the manufacture of the cloth seeds. These plush leather seeds are made with an eco friendly process, leather that uses flaxseed oil instead of animal products, and here, on the doors we have a unique material called paperette. This lightweight and flexible fabric alternative is 100 percent recyclable. The ioniq 5s sustainable approach also extends to the exterior this sleek and stylish body is available in nine distinct colors, including this gravity gold mat. These lustrous colors are achieved with a polyurethane paint containing 13 biomaterials extracted from bean oil.

This model also comes equipped with a solar roof. This optional feature collects energy on sunny days and transfers it to the high voltage battery providing additional electric range. The innovative use of sustainable materials is just one of the ways. The ioniq 5 is redefining the way people look at electric cars for the first time ever in a hyundai ev youll be able to ensure your devices are charged on the go with the ioniq 5s innovative vehicle to load technology. A port located under the second row seats here in the back supplies up to 3.6 kilowatt of power. This means, aside from your smartphone, you can charge everyday devices such as a laptop or tablet. Another v2l port is located here at the charting port. Using a converter, you can charge any 220 volt equipment, such as an e bike or camping equipment. This port even provides power when the vehicle is turned off a great solution for last mile mobility. The blu link app displays your range battery state and charging times when plugged into public or private charging points. You can also select charging times that best fit your schedule and make the most of off peak electricity rates with the new cloud based connected routing feature. Driving routes are calculated on a powerful server inside the blu link cloud environment. This ensures more accurate traffic forecasting. More precise times of arrival and more reliable route calculation with the ioniq 5, this database has been expanded to show more charging stations on the map.

It even shows their availability and estimated charging time by clicking on the station icon. You can see whether ac dc or high power charging such as ionity is available. The ionic 5 comes with a one year: membership to the ionity charging network from day. One opening up a new world of fast, reliable and sustainable charging youll also be notified. If your ioniq 5 is left, unlocked or with the windows open, and you can start and stop charging your ioniq 5 with the push of a button within the blue link app and a luxury for those colder months, youll be able to schedule and control a target Temperature for the heating or ac ensuring your vehicle is warmed up or cooled down to your liking before you start driving inside the ioniq 5. The first impression you have is space. The interior takes full advantage of the increased flexibility offered by hyundais dedicated egmp platform for electric vehicles. The floor is almost completely flat and this allows for what hyundai calls the universal island a movable center console, which can be shifted forwards and backwards as needed to enhance that feeling of roominess. Both front seats are electronically adjustable and recline almost completely just push this button. Here sit back and relax like youre taking a business class flight. Certainly a nice feature when charging occupants in the rear will also find the ioniq 5. A comfortable and spacious place to be. The ionic 5 has a wheelbase of 3 meters thats longer than both the hyundai kona and the hyundai tucson, meaning adults will have no issues sitting comfortably with plenty of leg.

Space for further flexibility. Drivers can control the layout of the cabin through the 12.25 inch infotainment touchscreen lets say i want to bring my kids closer. Just one touch and the rear seats will move forward electronically to help create a cozy and warm atmosphere. The ioniq 5 also comes with 64 different colors of ambient lighting, which are adjustable through the digital touchscreen. With the ioniq 5 hyundai is challenging how a car interior should look and how it should make. You feel the ionic 5 blurs the boundaries between a car interior and a living space, ensuring quality time when youre on the road based on hyundais new egmp platform dedicated for electric vehicles. The ioniq 5 manages to pack a lot of space into this minimalist exterior for storage. You have the flexibility of both a traditional trunk and a frank here under the hood with a capacity of 57 liters. It is an excellent place to store your charging cable. This leaves you with the full use of this spacious trunk, which opens hands free with the smart key, with a storage capacity of 527 litres expanding to 1587, with the rear seats down, you wont, find yourself struggling for space even with a larger family and for those Looking to move something a little larger, the ioniq 5 has a towing capacity of 1 600 kilogram, which is exceptionally high for an electronic vehicle. The ioniq 5 takes full advantage of the increased flexibility offered by the dedicated egmp platform, providing a variety of practical, roomy storage options to fit with your lifestyle.

The ioniq 5s interior is certainly a pleasant place to be its spacious. Inviting and these fully electronic relaxation seats are incredibly comfortable and when youre relaxing say, while you wait the 18 minutes, it takes to charge the ioniq 5 from 10 to 80. At the 350 kilowatt dc, charging station you can even recuperate with the ioniq 5s built in relaxation sounds such as lively forest and rainy day Music. These ambient sounds come out of the 8 premium bose speakers situated throughout the ioniq 5s cabin. The sound system is optimally tuned to ensure stellar performance, meaning you can take advantage of the quiet, comfort of electric driving. In addition, of course, the ioniq 5 comes fully equipped with android, auto and apple carplay. The bose premium sound system within the ioniq 5 is just one of the features designed to make sure every drive with the ioniq 5 is an enjoyable one. Beneath this modern, pure exterior lies one of yundais, most technologically advanced vehicles, with a host of features to make your drive as comfortable, convenient and safe as possible. These front lights called parametric. Pixels are more than just a design feature. Each headlamp contains an array of bright leds, illuminating the path ahead and adapting to oncoming traffic. This handsome front also hides a multitude of advanced sensors aimed at keeping you safe and secure on the road. The ioniq 5 is the first hyundai vehicle to feature level 2 autonomous technology with highway driving assist 2, which helps control, speed and distance to the car in front of you, even when changing lanes when driving, you wont need to take your eyes off the road thanks To the 44 inch ar head up display, which uses the windscreen to safely display all the important information like speed, navigation and warnings, the ioniq 5 is also equipped with 7 airbags and ecall as standard which automatically contacts the emergency service in the event of a serious Collision, another important feature, especially for families, is our safe exit, assist with powerchild lock once youve parked.

If the car detects a vehicle approaching from behind it temporarily locks the rear door, ensuring it cant be opened until it is safe to do so, Music parked in a tight spot with the ioniq 5 smart key. You can navigate out of a parking space without being in the car itself. Dont worry both front and rear parking. Sensors will also ensure this is performed safely. The ioniq 5s interior may be clean and minimalistic with a range of tactile sustainably sourced materials throughout, but there is a host of advanced technology within this inviting space, for example, these pedals behind this multifunctional steering wheel, control the level of regenerative braking a key feature in Evs that allows the battery to recover energy from the friction generated, while braking selecting gear is easy. With this column mounted shift by wire relocated from its traditional home in the center console to up here behind the steering wheel, freeing up space and ensuring easy and intuitive operation. I also have a fully digital experience here in front of me. Both the cluster and the infotainment screen at 12.25 inches are bright, vibrant and seamlessly integrated in this beautifully executed dash with the infotainment screen, which is a digital touch screen. I can easily access the built in navigation check up on my battery percentage and driving range Music and connect to android, auto or apple carplay. It is also possible to enjoy a hands free experience with the expanded, hyundai voice recognition.

With this button on the steering wheel and the simple voice command, i can activate and control features like climate settings or navigation. Please say a command find.