, thanks to brian at fitzpatricks hyundai kildare town, for giving us the ionic for a few hours. The ioniq 5s exterior proportions are deceiving. It looks like a standard hatchback sized car, but it actually is more like a crossover in disguise for context its the same size as a range rover evoke. It sits between the tucson and the santa fe in the hyundai lineup. This car was designed to be an ev from wheels to wipers and therefore space has been maximized with the longer wheelbase. This spec is the premium irish trim model with the 58 kilowatt hour battery, and this one starts from just under 45 000 euro. There are other specs and battery sizes that we will discuss in the video. The styling of the ioniq is unique, but i like it, its square body, stands out from the crowd and makes people look twice as you pass by those pixel effect lights at the rear and distinctive leds at the front. Make for an interesting design. Hyundai call this color atlas white. Let us know, do the futuristic looks appeal to you in the comments below the boot door on this model is not electrically assisted, the space itself is wide and there is 527 liters of boot space. There is storage underneath the floor of the boot handy for storing charging cables and i guess, with the batteries taking up space under the cars floor, that means theres no room for a spare wheel.

The door handles lie flush with the body when the car is locked or moving helping with aerodynamics materials used on the door are really good quality and there is decent cubby space at the bottom of the door as well. There are acres of legroom and headroom is more than sufficient. Even for me, at around six foot four, there is room under the front seats to put your feet as well, if needed, and you get pockets in the seat backs as well as two usb ports to keep rear passengers happy. The air vents are cleverly put into the b pillar, which is not something you see very often. The width of this car adds to the spacious interior feel, and it greatly benefits the third passenger if they have to sit in the middle. The flat floor helps too from the rear point of view. The ioniq 5 definitely is capable of being a family car and a good one at that. The seats can also fold for the occasional ikea trip, and these rear seats can also slide forwards and backwards, as well as being able to recline up front. The driver gets two screens. Both are clear. Crisp displays that deal well with glare from the sun. As you can see, the layout and menus are familiar and are similar to what youll find in the current tucson, as well as other modern, hyundais, apple, carplay and android. Auto are standard across the range hyundai have put a physical dial in for the radios volume.

Theyve also put shortcut buttons for the media system and touch sensitive buttons for climate control. It means that its pretty hassle free to find what youre looking for and you dont have to take your eyes off the road for very long. Thankfully, they werent tempted to throw everything into a touchscreen like tesla interior. Build quality is, as you would expect, from the korean brand. They know by now how to make quality cars and the ioniq 5 feels premium. Yet user friendly and not overwhelming in terms of tech tesla will be definitely taking note of the ionic 5, as will the german brands. The movable center console is clever and gives an extra feeling of spaciousness allowing you to slide the unit that holds the armrest usbs and cupholders backwards or forwards, depending on your preference. Another quirk is the glove box. That is actually a tray and it looks like it can hold most things that youd want to store in there. The steering actually gives you a reasonable amount of feedback. This car is rear, wheel drive so its not bad to drive, and it feels fairly agile. However, its still a big heavy car, so its handling isnt, going to be razor sharp, but its more than acceptable. It still has that usual amount of instant torque that will come into play when overtaking and that can make it electrifying to drive, excuse the pun, but the overall vibe when behind the wheel of this ev is more laid back than lively.

There are three drive modes: eco, normal and sport. The car is designed to do a job and that is to be a comfortable, stylish and desirable ev with a decent range. This is the irish spec premium trim model with the 58 kilowatt hour battery and can do a claimed 384 kilometers on a full charge. Real world figure is probably more in the region of 340 kilometers, which has to be said, is still more than most. People will need on a daily basis from behind the wheel. It really doesnt feel as big as it is. It drives like a hatchback and youve got plenty of safety tech like a reversing camera, to help with parking. The seating position is a little bit higher than a hatch and feels similar to that of a crossovers driving position. The two spoke steering wheel itself is wrapped in a leather like material theres, no hyundai badge. Here, though, instead theyve gone for a pixel team, obviously taken from the rear lights, the paddle shifters behind the wheel adjust the level of regen braking, so you can find a level that works for your driving style. The suspension setup definitely prioritizes comfort with bumps and potholes being absorbed well all round. Visibility is helped by the boxy shape and plenty of glass and the big door mirrors have blind spot assist as well, which is handy on the motorway. Also handy on the motorway is the suite of driving tech. You get on this premium trim such as adaptive, cruise control and speed sign recognition.

Road noise is also kept at bay by impressive, sound proofing, and this car can be a comfortable cruiser if needed. Brian doolin from fitzpatricks has told us that between now and april next year he will be getting in 14 ionics with the amount of hype around this model. I would imagine, demand will well exceed those numbers and, with the current worldwide shortage of new cars waiting times could be an issue. Well have to see what happens, however, i feel, like most buyers will be prepared to wait for the ioniq 5.. There is another battery size available, a larger 73 kilowatt hour unit and comes with all wheel drive that should achieve over 400 kilometers on a charge in ireland. There are four trims executive executive plus premium, which is this one and premium plus the executive starts at just under 38 grand in ireland. A heat pump comes standard on all trims, except the entry level executive and its future proofed in terms of charging, as well with up to 220 kilowatt charging possible. The kia ev6 is pretty much the same car in a different package, but nevertheless, hyundai have put together a phenomenally good ev here. The koreans cant seem to put a foot wrong at the moment, and this definitely puts it up to the likes of the volkswagen id4. Tesla model 3 and skoda enyak with there being no badge on the steering wheel. It could be very easy to forget that youre in a hyundai and not something with a three pointed star, i get the feeling hyundai are only getting started with plenty more evs in the pipeline that are ready as ever, to take on the big boys, the ioniq 5 also shows us that evs are starting to get really good thanks for watching the video were getting so close to a thousand subscribers, so if you could hit subscribe, that would be fantastic as always.