One of my goals of coming over here to europe for the month of september, is to experience electric cars that dont come to the us and well heres another one that well be testing today were gon na jump in and take it for our first drive. I genuinely havent even driven it here were gon na see what its like out on the road go through the specs and just you know see, should we have gotten this car in the u.s or is it better that it stayed over here in europe? And here she is, then the 500 e pretty interesting. This ones painted in ocean green, not sure, im digging the wheels, but i know theres different specs. This particular one is a icon specification and the base price seems to be just under 30 000 euros. This one equipped the way it is with all of these options here is 34 000 euros, or so so it has metallic paint. It has co driver package, it has style package, winter package magic eye package. These are all interesting things i got to say. The size is perfect for europe, but it actually has a pretty big trunk. Lets. Take a look here. Yeah i mean thats, not bad, very deep. You can really put tall objects in the seats seem like they fold down inside, not bad at all. This would be much more pleasant, i think, as a convertible version or if you could have a large sunroof.

This is just a car that i think really leads to a perfect open air experience. Lets take a look at the charging port here underneath here yep. So we have type 2 on the top and then ccs on the bottom thats perfect looks like it even gives you a little gauge. Well look into all this when we do the charging tests, of course, but this car does have a 42 kilowatt hour battery pack. Im not sure if thats usable or gross capacity, all things were going to have to test. It does have a power output, though of 87 kilowatts, which is 27 kilowatts more than my electric smart car, so im expecting some serious rapid accelerations here insert sarcasm, of course, but it looks good. The new generation of 500e is so much more premium, so much more pleasant, styling wise than the previous gen, which i was never a huge fan of. I think they make great used evs in the us, because theyre so cheap. This particular version is not available in the united states. I dont know if fiat or i should say stalantis now – plans to bring this to the u.s, but i think well have to see would this car work there im not sure, does have a pretty big battery pack 42 kilowatt hour for a city. Ev is quite large, so lets get it out on the road and im genuinely gon na drive it for the first time.

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I am usually a huge fan of green cars, but this is the wrong green doesnt matter. It doesnt affect the car, and also, i would have preferred you know some sort of uh convertible version i think, or with a glass roof i think, would have really helped. Oh look at this giant mercedes truck. That thing is just so: cool and tractors, driving down the road were definitely in the countryside. Here, um yeah. This is neat, its got a personality, really big personality. This is cool and fast whoa, pretty quick, definitely front wheel, drive these people are laughing at me because i just floored it. The keys went flying somewhere theres a wireless phone charger up here. So i guess that means its charging. Nice theres wireless carplay, its got uconnect, which is interesting, its a really good implementation of uconnect as well. It lets you set so many settings. I went through and paired my phone and hooked everything up and its like. Do you want auto hold? Do you want normal crews? Do you want adaptive crews? It has lane uh co driver thats what it says you have to turn on cruise control and then you can set the speed and it was slowing down, but not quick enough for this guy. So there we go lets, let him make his turn and then we will accelerate back up to normal speeds. So far, though, were in this little german village im not sure what its called, but just on the southeast side of munich and its uh really cool here.

Really nice to see all the cars, the people, the culture, i absolutely love it. We are at 70 state of charge again 44 kilowatt hour battery packs quite large. So i assume this things. Gon na have yeah, maybe close to 200 miles usable, although its saying only 180 kilometers left at 70.. I did go through and reset all the trip computers, because i reset all cars when i get them dropped off, and this one was showing 4.6 miles per kilowatt hour for the last 3 800 miles, which is so efficient for sure. This one has 13 500 kilometers on it, so this is not a fresh car at all. This is actually the highest mileage media vehicle weve received in germany so far, but thats, okay, thats, not gon na hurt anything and uh left turn here. Steering lovely the regen in range mode. Lets. Try this no ones behind us. Does it bring you to a stop? Yes and holds auto hold, and then you can accelerate away how nice is this, so this is really quite something special. I just have to wait timings following behind, so here we go now we now he knows where were going because uh i got the nav running on wireless carplay, so range mode seems to be like the mode to drive it in. Is it responsive, though, lets see? Yes, there is a kick down switch at the end of the pedal. Lets, try normal mode, really, quick, okay, so a brake pedal is controlling regen for sure theres got to be a setting to turn regen on.

I would hope i think one can dream right. Its just coasting zero regen at all, who would want zero regen um in an ev thats. The best part so theyre, saying range mode, gives you regen when in fact, its actually better for range of you coast that doesnt make any sense full throttle. Whoa on these little drone roads, this thing moves pretty good um. It is amazing how fast cars feel here, because everythings so close together and you know you really dont – get a chance to open up things that much so when you do like when you get out of town like here, 50 to 80 foot down boom nice going By corn fields, what else do we have here? We have a lot of climate control buttons. Climate control feels good theres, auto headlights, theres, lane departure as well as lane cetera setting lane centering. Excuse me: what am i trying to say here: cows, you cant drive past a flock of cows or whatever theyre called without saying cows thats illegal in my world at least center armrest storage, theres usb a port thats odd. I thought it would be usb c anyway. Well, get it up to about 80 kilometers an hour lets cruise for a little bit. Let me get used to this thing and ill check in with you again, maybe with uh with some more updates, but so far id say. The steering feels really light in normal mode.

The car yeah like almost way too over assisted uh. The car feels noisy, actually quite a lot of wind noise and stuff going on in the back and were only doing 80 kilometers an hour. The braking performance pretty good and it blinks the uh flashers when you get on brakes so thats, nice and good pedal feel as well really like that pedal calibration its really hard to feel the blend point in the brake pedal. All these euro evs have great brake pedal, read calibration, but then, when we drive american stuff, they drive like crap wow, although i will say uh. This id’04 do not have amazing brake pedal calibration, so maybe that shouldnt be a blanket statement anyway. Lets uh lets keep driving here for a little bit in the 500 e. What a pleasant machine everything feels very plasticky but its pleasant. So i think you can get away with it and its not crazy expensive, like the honda e was far worse on paper and cost about 6 000 euros more than this car, and so right off the bat. You would just go for this over a honda e. If youre, a practical buyer, if you buy cars like me on a motion, then maybe youd go honda e check back in with you in a little bit time for an acceleration test, so were at a stop normal mode foot on the left, flooring it doesnt! Let you break boost good acceleration off the line pulls really hard to 60.

and 100, so yeah the off the line, the city acceleration is great, but then it seems to die down up top, but ive got to say that is more than enough lets just see Keeps pulling pretty hard well do an autobahn top speed. Video, of course, because were here we may as well so stay tuned for that lets set the cruise control at 100. uh set. Is this one on set? Oh, it gives you great displays with little bubbles, 100 steering is on and now its actively steering for us, yeah very noisy in here. It just doesnt feel like its built with that much premiumness all right, so it says place hands on wheel, maybe its a capacitive wheel, because i barely put any torque in it. Can it do corners? You know level. Two driver assistance systems like these right here are designed to aid you not to take over the driving scenario. So what im doing here is purely for testing and im paying 100 attention, so it is a capacitive wheel for sure i didnt put any torque into it and it said yep youre touching the wheel, so thats, interesting and not expected, lets see what happens when i Dont touch the steering wheel and well just take a look at stewarts ramp down. How is it going to try and get my attention so we have initial yellow place, hands on steering wheel. The gauge cluster is a yellow glow around it right now, its now beeping at me, its red, its a very faint beep, though place hands on the steering wheel, understood now its triple beeping, its beeping a lot and theres a truck pulling out in front of us.

He just slammed on the brakes. Well, um well have to test that again ill. Let you know how that does, but it basically lets you go for a really long time, weve learned without putting your hands on the system and we would have had to slow down there anyway. So um, i guess thats, okay, but uh. I really wish it would do something like grab the seat belt a little bit sooner. I still dont know exactly what it does well see anyway, doesnt matter um. We have a whole bunch of buttons everywhere that dont really do anything, but in terms of the driver, its comfortable, the seats are just basically flat theres a little lip on the end, its a pleasant car to drive around it. I love the the armrest. The steering wheel ratio is perfect. You can see. I really like this. I like the steering wheel normally im, not a crazy fan of two spoke wheels, but this works well. Its got a little bit of a not a flat bottom, but it comes a little bit more flat lets test. The handling were gon na. Take the second exit so flying in quick steering ratio under steer weight, transfer im full throttle its just traction control the whole way. So, yes, its doesnt doesnt, seem like its a great performer uh. You know understeer and then the car freak out there is a traction control off button, though so perhaps we should take this up into the mountains and we can always try that later on, but for now i think ill leave you with this a first impression of The 500e its pleasant there seems to be good tech in here.

The infotainments awesome really is a truly snappy great nice interface. I like the buttons the touch points, though um like the steering wheel, feels great, but everything else feels like garbage. I mean just really cheap materials everywhere, but this is what you expect from an inexpensive city, car more or less um yeah. I lets turn traction control off and esc disabled. Oh it just spins the tires we just were spinning the inside tire right there. So this is quite interesting. Quite cool im excited to run this through all of our tests, specifically the range in charging. Those are two of my favorite tests to do on every new ev we see, and with that i leave you see you on the next video thanks for watching thanks to evwash for supporting us and sponsoring todays video and well see you on the next one.