The first ev of the brand claim goes to the electrified g80 sedan, which was released a couple of months ago and its whats called a derivative electric vehicle as good as the 356 horsepower. All wheel drive luxury electric sedan, which is based on the internal combustion engine. G80, while offering most of the exclusive evs features like the blazing fast 800 volts charging system, it still lags behind built from the ground up dedicate electric vehicles, such as ionic 5 and kia ev6, which is based on the electric car exclusive egmp platform. The design of the genesis gv60 was unveiled a few weeks ago, but the details on the specification have not been officially released. As of yet, however, we at auto vision have obtained the full details on the new genesis in this episode of the auto vision, the fastest korean car news channel. We will explore the design and disclose all specifications of the soon to be released. Genesis electric crossover so before we go on, we would highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video genesis gv60. As the nomenclature suggests sits below the sensational gv70 suv, that competes with the likes of the bmw x3 and the mercedes benz glc, it will be the smallest model in the genesis, growing suv, lineup planned as the first ever dedicated ev for genesis.

It was highly tough and anticipated as the platform sharing siblings, ionic, 5 and ev6 received tremendous reception when the egmp duo was released earlier in the year. The third vehicle in the egmp series, the design of the production genesis gv60, was revealed without much fanfare. A few weeks ago, through the companys featuring genesis, presentation that talks about the vision of the korean luxury brand, the design of both the exterior and the interior has earlier been exposed through various spy photos and predictive renderings. So the unveiling was met with very little excitement. The lack of enthusiasm was also due in part to the disparity from the design concept. Called genesis meant that the gv60 was supposedly based on dubbed iconic city. Car genesis. Mint was a sporty coupe like concept that featured a sleek, rakish, roofline and voluptuous bodywork. However, the overwhelming consensus was that the production gv60 didnt quite deliver on the concepts intention, but when you take a closer look, the design of the newest genesis is nothing short of innovation. For example, the wide and sporty grill was placed below the trademark genesis, quad lights, not only to emphasize the dynamic performance of the gv60, but to increase the cooling efficiency of the high voltage batteries in the underbody. Also, for the first time for genesis, the gv60 has a new wing badge on the nose thats crafted using luxury watchmaking technology. The thickness of the previous emblem has been reduced by almost eighty percent.

It features the same unique gillicky pattern of interlaced ribbons that are often seen on swiss watches, showing the brands direction towards a luxurious driving experience with high tech innovations. In addition, genesis has opted for a clamshell hood for the first time, which combines the hood and fenders in a single element, thus completing the elegant impression of the electric car. A simple but sharp silhouette that extends from the nose to the rear. Spoiler completes the sporty look. The chrome line that runs from the windshield to the top edge of the daylight opening or dlo window continues in the c pillar, which embodies the image of the electric car and gives it a distinctive appearance. The digital side mirrors contribute to a state of the art appearance, while the flush exterior door handles underline the smooth lines at the rear. The two line – tail lights, take on a dynamic shape. The much rumored variable spoiler wasnt to be, but a fixed wing spoiler at the rear, still does a good job in accentuating the coupe like roof and the image of dynamic high performance. The shoulder volume is emphasized in the rear fender to create a low and wide profile and further emphasize the image of high performance by combining it with technical functions such as sensors, tail lights and turn signals in the lower area. The interior design of the gv60 adopts the genesis, design philosophy, the beauty of the white space, creating a spacious and comfortable interior.

The most striking feature in the interior design of the gv60 is the crystal sphere: a spherical electronic transmission control that intuitively informs the driver. Whether the vehicle is on or off. A useful feature is its often difficult to tell whether an ev is turned on. Unlike an ice vehicle, the crystal sphere has mood lights that illuminate when the vehicle is switched off and make the driving experience even more aesthetically pleasing the center console in which the crystal sphere is located is a floating type similar to that of kia ev6, but is Not movable as in the ionic 5., the gv60 also uses a uniform interior design with circular details on the crystal sphere. The horn cover the door handles and the side mirrors that offer distinctive and classic genesis ambience not found in the ionic and kia counterparts. Another distinguishing feature of the gv60s interior is the huge 14.5 inches dual lcds, which puts the ionic, 5 and ev6 is already class. Leading 12.3 inch dual display to shame. As for the performance, genesis, gv60 was designed to be not only a luxurious, but nimble and dynamic vehicle underpinning the vehicle is the much acclaimed egmp 800 volts dedicated electric platform that features blazing fast, 18 minute charge time to 80 and the v2l feature that extracts power From the vehicles battery to charge anything from the domestic appliances to another ev during the development stage, gv60 was known to be a luxury version of ionic 5.

and although an official announcement has not been made for the specifications of the new luxury, electric crossover from genesis From the information extracted from the service manual thats already leaked, we were able to confirm that the gv60 indeed has a lot in common with the ionic 5 sibling. This includes a 77.4 kilowatt hours battery found in the long range version of ionic 5, rendering a maximum range of 300 miles or 483 kilometers, when equipped with the most efficient, real wheel, drive single motor setup. This most basic arrangement is fitted with a 225 horsepower high power motor, but when upgraded to an all wheel, drive setup, the front receives a 105 horsepower motor and the rear gets the horsepower motor for the total system. Power of 320 horsepower the ps2 resistance of the gv60 lineup is a high performance model similar to that of the kia ev6 gt in the upcoming ionic 5n. This configuration will place two 215 horsepower motors front and back for the total system, power of 430 horsepower. This total is nowhere close to that of kias supercar ev6 gt, which produces 577 combined horsepower from the dual motors, with the zero to 100, kilometers or 62 miles time in just 3.5 seconds. However, 430 horsepower should be more than sufficient for a luxury ev such as gv60. In fact, gv60 sport would be the most powerful genesis ever produced to this date, even outpowering, the brands first ever eevee, the electrified g80 sedan, which produces a total of 364 horsepower from a pair of 182 horsepower motors front and back for the zero to 100 kilometers Per hour, acceleration time of less than 4.

5 seconds, the ed version of the g80 sedan weighs in at 2265 kilograms or nearly 5 000 pounds, which is significantly heavier than gv60, with the expected weight of less than 2000 kilograms or 4400 pounds. We anticipate that the sportiest gv60 to complete zero to 100 kilometers per hour sprint in less than four seconds, which would make it the fastest production genesis. As of yet and one of the fastest crossover evs in the market, along with the ev6 gt and tesla model y performance. Furthermore, as a high performance model, the sport model will come with a 21 inch wheel and high performance. Michelin pilot tires and elsd for maximum grip and handling also exclusively in gv60, and not found in the ev6 gt. It will come with a power boost feature which you can activate from the boost button located in the steering wheel. This is similar to the end grin over boost feature thats found in the dct version of n cars such as veloster and an elantra n when activated the turbocharger over boost provides an additional 10 horsepower for 20 seconds. Our sources say that the boost feature on the gv60 would provide as much as 10 percent more power, meaning that for a set duration, the total power could exceed 500 horsepower to provide an exhilarating breakneck speed when called for. Additionally, gv60 will be the first commercial application of wireless charging technology on an electric vehicle with a charging speed of 11 kilowatts, its capable of charging the 77.

4 kilowatt battery of gv60 in six hours. Genesys will make the wireless charging capability its trademark tech feature common throughout the lineup and would lead to create infrastructure and improve charging speed, starting in korea and expand globally. Finally, all the tech and performance wont come cheap. The gv60 is expected to cost as much as the electrified g80 sedan at 80 000, when fully equipped with all wheel, drive and high powered motors. The starting price for the most efficient two wheel drive model should be around sixty thousand dollars. As for the end of the video question, would you prefer the high performance version of the gv60, which only has 430 horsepower? That seems to be more composed and refined over the 577 horsepower kia ev6 behemoth? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. See you next time with the latest korean car news, Music ive been fighting everything.