This is brandon and youre watching everyday ev, so i was sent another electric vehicle charger to test out and this time i am testing the shell rechargeable portable electric vehicle charger. Now this specific charger was sent to me to do a first impression review on boxing so thats. What im going to do for todays video so to start off well definitely do an unboxing kind of get into more specs. Look at how the charger looks and then well do a demonstration of what you can do with this charger. So, as i mentioned in some of my other unboxing videos, i am definitely getting used to unboxing uh slowly. I definitely think that i still have a lot to learn. Fortunately, it doesnt look like this box has any adhesive, so i might not need any sharp objects, but well see so right away. First, impressions is that the box is designed really well. You have the shell logo right here. You have a little diagram of the charger as well as the adapter that comes with the charger well get into that later on and just overall, it seems to be a very clean package. So lets open this. You just simply flip that and right away. We are greeted with this really very vibrant, teal outer shell, and i got to tell you i was so excited about this when i was doing research on this charger just to see this in person and to be honest, this did not disappoint.

This is really cool. So right away its very simple simply on flap that – and this works as a little carrying case right away. I will tell you this is a very, very heavy charger and i think that definitely is a sign that the quality of this is really high um. I do want to mention that this charger is fcc approved as well as ul certified, so there are a lot of safety features that went into this charger. So if you are looking for a charger like this highly recommend looking at this, so before we take off this plastic, you can see you have the shell logo again with the shell recharged, with a little plug, which i think is a really cute logo and im. Just really impressed with this um one thing i do want to mention before we open this is that this shell, rechargeable electric vehicle charger, comes in two different variants. This specific one is the 40 amp. There is also a 32 amp charger and the 32 amp starts at 449.99 and you can order that on amazon and this specific one starts at 499.99 and once again this is available on amazon. The 32 amp will charge your vehicle at about 7.6 kilowatts. This can do it about 8.8 kilowatts, so its a very sturdy green level, 2 charger for your home, and i definitely think just by how nice this is right. Now, i think, were going to be in for a treat once we open it um.

So i am just going to pop that open. Oh, my gosh, this thing is so cool, so first impressions of this case is that it feels really sturdy in the hand. It almost looks like its made out of a like a nylon material. It definitely seems like it will hold up well over time. I will say with it being a lighter color. It might end up getting dirty, but just by the way it feels in the hands it seems like you can definitely wipe it off with the cleaning solution. The zippers are really nice. This rubberized handle is really nice too, and it just feels like its going to hold up well, so lets open it up. So i feel like we should play like the legend of zelda theme, but i dont want to get hit with copyright, so, as you can see, the charger itself definitely keeps up with that blue theme, similar to the outer shell of this carrying case. You have some nice gray accents as well as some nice white accents on the charger and its just a very beautiful display. I honestly think that this is a very organized presentation for what youre purchasing this carrying case also has a nice zipper area, and it looks like there are. Some documentations here looks like theres, a joint of vip club. It looks like you can extend your 12 month. Warranty, which is really nice and then a little demonstration of what the charger is so lets get this charger out of here, because there are a few things that i want to talk about before.

We do a quick demonstration and let me see if i can figure out how to do that so well. Ill do in pieces, so the the the carrying case itself is actually lined in this really nice felt material, which is a really nice upscale presentation, um. Some portable chargers that ive seen dont have necessary like demonstrations like that or presentations. So i love that. I definitely think that thats really cool. So the shell recharge charger comes with a 25 foot charging cable standard. That is also with the 32, as well as the 48 or the 40 amp charger and whats really cool about these chargers is that it actually comes with a nema 1450 to a 515 adapter, and basically, what that means and well get away from engineering terms. Is that the charger itself can plug into a nema 1450 its required to get the full 40 amps? But if you dont necessarily have a 40 or a nema, 1450 adapter or plug you, dont necessarily need that to utilize it and thats. Actually, something that comes in handy with our situation is because we dont have a nemo 1450, so for todays demonstration i will be using the 515 or a typical household outlet, so thats really cool that it comes standard with the charger itself, and that was actually something. I was really excited to try so well put that aside. Well pull this charger out. Oh my gosh! This presentation is so cool uh.

Okay, so, as i told you, i definitely struggle with some unboxing uh. There are velcro strips to unhinge the charger itself, theres a little nice elastic loop in here too, to hold the charge connector um, so lets unbox that oh, my gosh, this thing is so heavy and thats. One thing that to me heaviness and weight definitely signifies quality, and this i really wish that you could feel heavy. This feels in my hands um. It might be because the cable was there, but this this part right here is so heavy, and you can definitely feel that its well made its well built um does. Definitely you can tell that it has some insulation for waterproofing, just very impressed with it uh and then right here, similar to the other one. We had a little velvet pouch that protects your nema 1450, so well put that aside and well go to the connector, because this is obviously a very important part, and you want to make sure that this holds up. So first impressions is that this is very lightweight. The cable most of the weight is actually going to be in the cable as well as this box right here, but this is very lightweight. It feels really good in the hand you have a nice rubberized texture right here, as well as, where your hand lies right. There – and you also have a rubberized cap that goes over the charge pins and the j1772 standard that you plug into your car, so thats, really nice for storage and as well as potentially keeping water out so well just pop that off and there we go and As always, i like to test this little handle to make sure that it feels like it will hold up.

That is a metal material right there. So i definitely think that this will be good for many many years. I dont think that it will rust or break like some plastic chargers could so we will put that cap back on and we will go back to this box. So, as i mentioned well, we will do a quick demonstration. Show you guys what this um, what information that this box presents? Um, there is a little screen that will give you information like how many kilowatt hours have been delivered to your car, how many kilowatts your vehicle is, charging it and how much amperage is currently going into your vehicle. Theres. Also, two buttons right here: im, not exactly sure what these do. I will have to do some research, but i believe that this goes through the different menus and provides different information and then theres a little clock right here that i believe, delays your charging. So if you are in certain areas of the united states, where you do get cheaper electricity rates during certain times, you could delay your charging using that so thats thats, really nice. One other thing i do want to mention is that these chargers are very smart. They actually have a chip in here called s, protect, and basically what that means is that this box right here, is constantly monitoring amperage, based on whatever you have this plugged into in terms of the outlet, as well as your vehicle, if theres any change in amperage Or anything like that, this box will automatically alter that to either lower or increase it based on the situation, so thats a really cool feature of this charger.

Um. On the back of this little box, you do have some more information. There are some status lights as well as the timer which i did mention. I did get that correct. Im, really really happy with that um so that first, a is actually set current, so um, really nice. If you want like just a short guide, this was actually really handy for me um, you know just some cautions warnings and then some specifications about this specific charger. So with this unboxing um. My first impressions is that this is really high quality uh. I am definitely impressed with the presentation, especially this velvet lined casing, as well as this very vibrant blue cord, and why i think the blue, white and yellow definitely is a good color combination. I dont think youll ever misplace your charger, because its very vibrant, but right away just the quality and the technology in the presentation that im seeing right away is just very, very impressive, of the shell recharge portable charger. So with that being said, i am going to do a demonstration of this adapter well plug it into our garage and into our volkswagen id4 and well get some more information for you guys. So, as mentioned, we actually dont have a nema 1450 receptor at our house, but we do have a detached garage with a 110 or a household outlet, and we will be demonstrating using that today, um. As you can see, it was really easy to connect the nema 1450 to the 110.

Adapter works really well and the charger lights up right away and it provides a lot of different information. Heres a breakdown so well start from the left corner. You can see that there is the temperature. You can see its plugged into a 120 volt outlet uh the time i believe, thats, how long your cars charging you can see its indicating to plug in the vehicle, and then you have your amperage, which you can see as i click the button up top. It switches between 16 and 12 amps, as i mentioned, the s protect, does not allow you to go any higher, based on the specific outlet that you have it plugged into so its a really nice safety feature, and then you can see it has a ready status. How many kilowatts and then how many kilowatt hours it has been delivered to your vehicle? I would also like to touch base on that s protect safety technology i mentioned earlier. Basically, what this technology offers is an overheating protection over voltage protection over current protection leakage protection, its also lightning proof. It has a unique cut off system for flame resistancy, its also ip67 waterproof for the control box, as well as the ev connector, which just really ensures that this charger is very safe throughout different climates. As you can see, the quality is really good and the color looks really good against our dust. Blue metallic id4 and the charger just works. As you can see from the screen, we were pulling about 10 amps out of 12 amps its charging at about 1.

1 kilowatts, which is relatively slow. But, as i mentioned, this is rated at 40 amps, so it could pull upwards of 8.8 kilowatts. If you are looking to use this as a green level, 2 charger for your vehicle overall, i am very impressed with the shell recharge portable electric vehicle charger. I think, if you are looking for a portable charging station that goes well with any electric vehicle. This would be it its definitely very versatile. The quality is there and im just very, very impressed, especially for this price point. I definitely think that this could make for a good home charger, as well as on the go for like say, for example, like camping trips, or anything that you might be able to use a nemo 1450 outlet. With this charger so very impressed. And i definitely would recommend checking this out if you have any questions regarding this charger, please let me know in the comment section i would love to know what your initial thoughts are on this and, if you like, this video make sure you like and share with Your friends and, as always, please consider subscribing everyday ev.