, its teslas, cheapest car, but even still, it has long been the benchmark for electric vehicles, its quick, its practical and, with this long range version, its got everything an ev owner could wish for. But is it all that its cracked up to be lets find out im, charlie atkinson and welcome to evie powers, review of the tesla model? 3 long range Music, so Music, now to be honest, ive never been blown away by the look of this car and before the tesla mafia start coming for me on twitter im not saying its a bad looking car by any means, but there are definitely some better. Looking alternatives out there on the market, most notably the polestar 2., there is still a lot to like, however, especially these 19 inch sport alloy wheels and this satin black trim, which has replaced the old bits of chrome, making. It look a lot cooler and a lot sportier theres, also a lovely long panoramic sunroof, which folds all the way over the top of the car. However, the true beauty of this car is on the inside. The inside of this car is an absolute tech fest. So much so that it feels like they put all their effort into the technology and forgot about the rest of the interior. But, to be honest, i quite like that minimalist approach. It looks really stylish and really classy straight away. Your attention is drawn to this 15 inch, touchscreen display, which is basically an extra large ipad glued to the dash, which has a million and one different things to play with and its all very easy to use and responsive everything is controlled through this one screen.

So, whether that be climate control, navigation, which has real time updates and, of course, all the different games and gimmicks which come with this car, this infotainment screen is like the kids room in a very posh house. Theres also fast charging available for two smartphones in the front and although the model 3 doesnt support, apple, carplay or android, auto its own system, is that good, but you dont even miss it. It has smart routing but automatically keeps up to date with real time. Traffic conditions, and as well as keeping you entertained, it also keeps you safe thanks to its built in autopilot, which consists of rear side and forward facing cameras. To give you a 360 degree view of the road when driving elsewhere. The interior is decorated with lots of high quality materials, especially with these adjustable synthetic leather seats, theres plenty of room in the back and in the boot too, with 425 liters of space, which is more than the pulse r2, and the jaguar eye pace and theres. Also, a decent amount of space up front too now thats enough about the interior and the exterior. But what about the tesla model? Freeze performance, this tesla model 3 long range has two independent motors which digitally controls the torque to the front and rear wheels. It also has a 75 kilowatt hour battery pack and it delivers 494 newton meters of torque and has 434 brake horsepower, all of which means this car is pretty quick.

Whilst the performance version of this tesla model 3 can do naught to 60 in 3.1 seconds. This long range version is just over a second slower doing, naught to 60 in 4.2 and while thats only as quick as a polestar 2 and a volvo xc40 recharge, for example, it does feel much quicker and thats just because youre lower down and youll see it. It feels like youre driving a roadster, so even though it is technically only as fast as a polestar 2, i feel like this would leave it for absolute dust now. This version of the tesla model 3 still has a top speed of 145 miles an hour. But if youre ragging this car around, you are gon na drain the battery pretty quickly which sort of defeats the point of this being the long range version. Now its the long range version, because it has a wltp combined range of 360 miles, which is absolutely massive and really sets the benchmark for evs in this class. Now, of course, this is a tesla and one of the biggest perks of purchasing a tesla is being able to use its supercharger network. These ultra fast chargers will recoup 170 miles of driving range in just 15 minutes of charging time. So maybe you can get away with putting your foot down now, once youve stopped gunning it about in this car, you can actually enjoy quite a pleasant driving experience on the whole, it handles pretty well, and although there is quite a lot of lean in the body When you go steaming into a corner at a decent pace, you can actually enjoy quite a comfortable drive.

The regen braking is also nice and easy and predictable, and its not too severe as well. When you lift your foot off, so one pedal driving is as easy as its ever been in an electric vehicle. Youve got the best of both worlds with this car. If you want to put your foot down, it feels like it could keep up with any sports car, but if you want to take it nice and easy its super super comfortable to drive. Ive got to say that so far this is one of the best cars ive ever driven at the start of this video. I wanted to see if the tesla model 3 was all that its cracked up to be, and, to be honest, it was even better than i expected. It might not be the cheapest car on the market with this long range version, starting from 47 000 pounds. But in my mind its well worth the money thats all for this video, if you enjoyed it, then please do drop us a like and remember to subscribe as well. You can also head over to our channel and check out all our other electric car reviews and for daily news coverage features and much more head over to evpowered.co.uk.