If you want a spare part for your vehicle, they have it in their list. They have the most extensive spare parts catalog right from the most affordable small car. To the top of the line luxury car, you name the car and they have the spare parts for it. And the best point is that theyre, the spare parts from a host of different component makers and different price segments for the same spare parts. So if you want to buy a cheaper part from a different maker or a more expensive part from a different component maker, they have the option for you. Music Applause well so were inside the cabin now of the tata tigor ev. Now the big difference that this car has over the regular version of the car is, of course, that you get a lot of blue indents on the ac vents. The stitching on the fabric also on the seats, is blue, and you also get this tristar, which has this blue design. The other big change, of course, is that you get a completely digital display for the dials, and this one has a lot of functions. You, of course, get the range or the distance to empty before the batteries drain out. You also uh get the different drive ports and a host of other uh information over there and its a very nice looking crisp, looking uh system, its, not outdated design. So very cool and very funky uh. The herman system over here also has apples, carplay, android, auto and the stereo quality.

The sound quality is very good if youre audiophile. If you are someone who enjoys listening to music, then you will not buy this card and take it immediately to an accessory shop. Youll really enjoy the music that this car has to offer uh. The best point about this car is the four star safe trading and its a very safe and secure car and youll realize that as soon as you enter and do this, let me do that one more time for you very nice and very reassuring and safe feeling Inside the car, the seats are also very comfortable. The trigger seats have always been very comfortable, and this one also offers very good seats now. The good point is that this car doesnt get a traditional gear lever, so a lot of place seems to be empty over here, but you do of course get this round knob, and this will remind you of the nexon. Itll also remind you of the jaguar cars which starter motors owns, because this is a similar design to their rotary knob for the gear lever, so very cool, very funky, very nice interior. The plastic quality also is good, and it is at power with rivals in the compact sedan segment. I dont think that any rival can be better than this car in terms of your practicality, the space, as well as the build quality decent features as well. Anyways now lets jump in the back seat and see how good those really are whats up inside now the cabin off the tig or ev in the back seat.

Now, if youre someone whos a shuffle driven owner, you always want to sit in the back seat. Then i have good news when that is that this car offers you very good comfort in the seats. The cushioning is very good. The back angle is very good. The support is very good and you get excellent support even for your under thighs and the knee and hip angle also is nice 90 degrees, so youre always comfortable even on the longest long journeys and if youre about 5 ten your drivers about five ten, you should Be quite happy in these seats. Headroom is more than sufficient, even more insufficient, and you also get a quadcopter, and you also get a quarter glass window over here, which means lets say that the other part. Now, if your height is about five ten or five eleven, then you should be quiet. Okay in these seats, because the headroom is more than sufficient here also is generous and the windows also are nice and large. So you have plenty of place over here. The only bit of negative thing is that theres no ac 1 at the back but thats, quite okay, because the ac in the front also is quite effective. So its really something that you can ignore, because overall, the seats really are very nice and comfortable and ill. Give the back seat of this car strong, squat nine out of ten now lets see how good the boot on the nexon evie really is well thats, not the next one, its the tigger ev.

I said next one just to check if youre, paying attention or not well so lets quickly talk about one big negative of the car. That negative is uh that this cars boot isnt the most generous in the segment uh now. One reason for that, of course, is the aperture isnt as good as some rivals as you can see, but apart from that, that has also added a battery pack over here, which means that, because of that battery pack, the original battery pack uh space is less because The spare wheel has been put over here now. You can, of course, remove the spare wheel because starters also giving you a puncture repair kit. But if you decide to carry the spare wheel with you, then i think you can only carry two large pieces of suitcase and maybe one small duffel bag thats about it, so thats a bit of a negative on the otherwise very generous tata tigor Music. Well so here im driving the tata tigor ev9 ive, already driven the tata next on ev. So if you want to see my full in depth review of that car, you can click on the description box below or if you cant find that link. You can also check it out in the auto bottle, channel and check it out by just saying tata. Next, one evie, auto portal and youll find my full review, and i was very impressed with the next one i mean.

I have to say that this one is just as impressive, if not more, because this one is uh the same engine. Basically, its got the same drivetrain, not an engine, so the same drivetrain and theyre the same setup to be honest, but it has slightly less of power. You get 75 bhp, 170 or nmf torque, compared to 120 bhp and about 245 mm of torque on the nexon. But thats, quite okay, because this is slightly a smaller car and a slightly lighter car as well. Uh. The driving bits are just as good its an inherently quiet motor and there is no engine noise because its not a diesel or a petrol and theres. Also, no electric uh firing vine. A lot of these electric vehicles are very prominent uh hiss and vine, which comes but not on this one. This one has no such issues, its a very quiet motor, the only odd bit of noise which might enter the cabin. You know once in a while is a little bit of uh tire noise and that also like down when youre driving. This can badly pass the roads. But apart from that, theres no wind missile, even after you speed over 80 kph and theres, absolutely no uh sound. Coming in from the drivetrain, what you like, of course is because its navy power is instantaneous, and you know you just get off the block: theres, no waiting for the engine to spin to 2000 rpm 3000 rpm, 4000 rpm.

And of course, if you want uh to put it in, you know s mode, you always have that option, and then you get even better performance and even better drivability and in fact, youve got to be a little careful with your right leg. If you use the s mode because uh then performance really is very sharp and very quick. So that is something which really adds to your fun factor of the car and what also adds to the fun factor. The fact that the steering wheel is nice and crisp because its a lighter uh, drivetrain theres, no diesel engine or petrol engine up ahead, uh, which you know, adds weight on the axle. So this engine is lighter or the drivetrain is lighter. Sorry, but because of that, the steering wheel also feels lighter and it feels more communicative and more agile and the suspension setup of this car also has been stiffened up a bit because it has that additional battery pack at the back. So to accommodate the weight of that, you have to stiff up the suspension and because of that uh, the overall handling of this car is better. Yes, it is also very comfortable. Tata mode has got the best balance between comfort as well as agility, so dont think that, because the stiff suspension, the you know, comfort has been taken out, but it is very comfortable and if you go over rumble strips or badly passive roads, or maybe that hard Gun down the road which you cant see if its raining like it has been raining today.

Even then, this car will keep you comfortable. Yes, it will go into those gutters and it will, you know, have a little bit of effect, but you wont feel uncomfortable inside the car and also the suspension is very quiet. It doesnt have those third parts and those noises so thats, something which a lot of buyers will appreciate, especially buyers who drive a lot of the highway, because this car feels very, very stable and very rock solid uh. Now weve been driving this car since the morning and officially tartar claims a range of about 306 kilometers on a full charge. When we got this car, the car was showing about 240 odd kilometers and thats. Really the range uh to be honest, because uh 240 kilometers is what will show and thats, not bad, because if you drive your car about 40 50 kilometers every day and if you charge it on a sunday, then the next time you need to charge. It will only be towards the weekend, friday or saturday, so its quite practical as well, practically, why its quite good and honestly, on average, most buyers in the city only drive around 30 or 40 kilometers on a daily basis. Uh, so in that sense also is a very practical ev and a very good eve in that sense and theres, only one bit, which i think that tata motors could have added on this card would have been the best eevee on sale in india.

At this price point – and that is that the recent braking feature on this car doesnt have different options. You know on a lot of other cars, you get different options and by options i mean that you get uh how much the braking effect should be. When you lift off from the accelerator pedal uh, so on some cars, its you know less on a different mode and on a different mode, but on this one, theres, no mode and theres only one setting now maybe tata has done this to save on money or To save on costing, which is quite understandable, its not a deal breaker, but its just that if it was present on this car, this package would have been really very good. And i have to nitpick, because if i dont, then you will say that i am just raising tata for the heck of it. But to be honest, im very impressed with this car. I can tell you that this is going to be a super hit in the indian market and one of the best cars that is going to go on sale in 2021. If you hide the market for your first ever av, definitely consider tata, dig or av. I really enjoy driving it today and im sure if its in your family, if youre driving it as your second car, if youre keeping in your second car, definitely youll be just as impressed and just as happy with this car as ive been on my drive today.

Now lets stop this car and quickly give you some summary reports and the positives and negatives of the tigger. Well, so, overall, i really think that the tigor ev is a very good car. It really has no weakness, because this car offers you a very roomy back seat. It offers you a very comfortable ride. It offers you solid, build quality and four star safety rating, but thats, not all. It also offers you a very practical engine in terms of the drive train, because this car has a real world range of 250 kilometers, which means that if you drive on a daily basis of about 30 or 40 kilometers from the office and back, then you can Easily charge it once on sunday and the charge will remain until friday outside or you know, the next time you have to charge. It will only be after five or six days so in terms of practicality. Also, its quite good – and the best point is that you dont have to stand in line and fill up that petrol for 107 110 rupees per liter, depending on where you stay. So, yes, it might seem expensive compared to the regular petrol in the car. But when you consider this car, as you know, an alternative to the nexon uh, the next one, ev then youll see that this cars pricing also is quite good. Anyways guys i recommend to buy on this car. Take a test drive at a target relationship near you.