You see, while lexus has a long lineage of its, so called self charging hybrids. It doesnt have much history when it comes to pure electric cars that the company hopes is all about to change, and this is its first effort, the lexus ux 300e. Now, if it looks familiar thats because its got the very same body as the ux250h, which you guessed, it is fitted with, lexus tried and tested hybrid powertrain. This, though, doesnt have a petrol engine at all. Instead, it uses a 54 kilowatt hour battery to produce a range of just under 200 miles ill. Tell you now, though, on paper it looks expensive compared to its rivals. So can it justify the lofty price tag before we find out dont forget to subscribe to the driving electric youtube channel and hit the bell icon, so youre notified when new videos go live, as mentioned, the ux 300e is good for around 200 miles on a charge. Officially, it will do 196 miles on these 17 inch wheels or a little bit less. If you go for the bigger 18 inch rims in reality, we saw closer to 170 miles on a full charge, thanks to efficiency of around four miles per kilowatt hour. Whichever way you look at it, that range figure is a long way shy of the similarly priced mercedes eqa or the much cheaper volkswagen id3. Of course, how quickly and easily you can charge, your car is just as important as the amount of range itll offer on a full battery thing is thats, where the lexus falls short.

While 50 kilowatts may have been competitive a few years ago. Rivals now are capable of 100 125 or even 150 kilowatts which relegates this ux to close to bottom of the pack. It will take around 50 minutes to go from 10 to 80, using an appropriate public charger. Still that wont matter, if you do most of your charging at home, a full top up overnight on a seven kilowatt wall box, for example, will take around eight hours but cost less than nine pounds. You get a three pin plug and a home wall box cable as standard now we must admit everything feels really luxurious in here, which has always been alexas strong point, but even in this the brands smallest model, the seats are comfortable and fit surprisingly low for an Suv, which is nice the fit and finish, is really good, no matter where you look: everythings plush and theres, soft and squishy materials, theres, absolutely no squeaks or rattles, which is really important in an electric car, because it doesnt have an engine to drown out to any Of the noise when it comes to gadgets and goodies lexus has made some drastic improvements to the uxs infotainment system, seven inches as standard or 10.3 inches on the top trims. You still get this clunky touch pad. That seems to bounce you from one side of the screen to another. However, you do finally get apple, carplay and android auto, so you can avoid using the lexus system and still have access to the mapping and media functions.

You may need the climate controls are on these handy piano style keys here and while the dials here dont have the wow factor of the audis full screen mapping its still clear and easy to read with your speed, arguably the most important right in the middle here. Since the rules for the uk, governments plug in car grant were changed, none of the electric ux models are eligible for any incentives. That means prices are on the high side, with even the base version costing more than 40 000 pounds. Standard equipment is generous, however, and includes a number of active safety features, a rear view, camera 8 way adjustable front seats and led headlights. Fabric upholstery is standard with leather available on mid range premium, plus models like ours, the takumi gets everything thrown in, but youll pay north of 50 grand. For that one. As usual, you can get full specs rundown plus up to date, prices at see weve come to expect certain things from the lexus range of hybrid models among those are comfort but above all else refinement. The ux feels really relaxing to drive theres very little. Wind noise and the electric motor is really well integrated, of course, like all electric cars you just put your foot down and the car picks up speed with enough gusto to put a smile on your face, whether youre in or out of town. We think 200 horsepower like this lexus has, is the sweet spot for family cars, like this zero to 62 miles per hour, takes 7.

5 seconds and just like the mercedes eqa, its quick enough without making you feel queasy, something like the volvo xc40 recharge can do. If you regularly make use of that cars huge amount of power – and you know what this ux, despite its not inconsiderable – curb weight – is actually pretty good to drive. The steering is weighty and body. Control is good. I mean its not a sports car, but its responsive, planted and well under control. The regenerative brakes feel natural and progressive, even if they wont bring the car to a complete stop. For the most part, the ride is really good, especially if you avoid the larger wheel options on top spec models, the suspension smooths out all, but the worst bumps in the road, its only the big, deep potholes that are going to send shudders through the cabin. So as a package, this electric lexus is actually a surprisingly pleasant thing to drive, but while the front seats are comfortable and reasonably spacious, the same cannot be said in the rear. The low roofline means taller adults will struggle getting in, let alone finding a comfy spot. Once theyve dipped under the door frame, a kia e nero is more accommodating both for passengers and luggage, but all is not lost. The electric ux actually has a bigger boot than its hybrid sibling at 367 litres. It almost matches something like a volkswagen golf, which means it should be large enough for small families to carry all the kit.

They need, unfortunately, for the time being, theres, no larger, all electric lexus available. Should you want a bit more room, so there you have it lexus. First, pure electric model is for want of a better phrase, a bit of a mixed bag, its beautifully built, comfortable and refined, yet its let down by its limited practicality. So so charging speeds and less than competitive range. And yet, if you want a small luxurious family ev that youll mainly charge at home, theres still a lot to like and if customer satisfaction, surveys or anything to go by then its sure to be absolutely bulletproof head to For all the latest electric car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram make sure you subscribe to the driving electric youtube channel and hit the bell icon.