It can do ccs. Rapid charging with a hundred kilowatt, if you find those chargers, a 50 kilowatt charger, normal pretty much standard and something like a circle k that will do 20 to 80 in 40 minutes. If you find faster charges, you can do it in about 20 and if you want to plug in your e 2008 at home, youll charge it on a wall box in about seven hours which going by ev standards isnt actually too bad at all. So across the front it still looks like the petrol equivalent, the color coded grille on the front, the lions claw daytime running lights down the front here this bits of chrome bits. I mean this copper color really is the one to go for. Would you be brave enough because it really looks gorgeous peugeot led technology on the front, this version has 17 inch alloy wheels actually for a bang for a buck. They look bigger, dont change them just leave them alone. Youve got a bit of a knee badge on the side and, apart from that, roof rails on the outside. Your charging port, which is down over here on this side and those all important side, skirts that well, first of all break up the color of the car. With the silver, but also when you open the door, they keep your trousers clean, very important. You know, particularly if youre a fan of white jeans, depending on what spec you go for.

You can get blind spot and keyless this particular car doesnt. Have it nice crease down the door here? It is a very good looking car. Whatever angle you look at it from its its, it just looks good the back nicely angles: the led lights in red three claws again, just across the back its a very striking looking ev big chunky bumper here in black hard plastic. I wonder why theres not more color coding going on there. It does look alright im just its its. Not often you see that much plastic anymore on cars, so this manually released boot uh, gives you pretty decent its like similar size to the e corsa um, the maca from opal its that kind of size, not quite your hatchback kind of depth, um but theres adjustable Shelves which can give you a bit more options in the boot down. There is a little bit of storage little hooks here for holding up this shelf. Should you want to lift it up? It holds them into place like that nice touch. This is your granny charger. If you dont have regular charging wall box options at home, i will take you probably 14 hours, but you can actually charge this car with a three pin plug, maybe youre in a hotel that doesnt have charging facilities stuff like that um. You can bring that with you and its kind of get out of jail card id, never take it out of an ev id leave it even if youd probably never use it, because the one time you will youd have left it at home.

Nice big pujo lettering across the back and the line is blue here because its an av one thing to bear in mind in the car if youre buying it with um. You know baby seats and stuff. Like that in mind, you will fit them, but its gon na be tight, and those like this height on the rear bench is quite short, so youre gon na have to pull up those headrests to give yourself a bit of extra space and, if youre quite tall, If youre over six foot, this is going to really creep back in now, im not quite sick and ive got sufficient leg room plenty of head height as well, so theres theres good space. That way, depending on your situation, you might be a bit cramped here. So if youve got teenage kids, you might want to look at the 3008 instead, not a full ev version of that yet but theres a hybrid. If you want to check out the hybrid view of the car to plug in, you can click the link there and weve also recently reviewed the 5008, the seven seater, so i dont know if youd be looking for one of them, if youre straight to one of These but theyre there, if you want to have a look around, they do give you two charging ports just standard usb back here: little pockets at the back of your seats, um yeah overall, the the entire bench this way – and this way is a little bit short Youd just like to have a just a bit more give um the doors.

Let you open the windows that much imagine all your kids no space on the bench either for an armrest youll have to do without that. So yeah either fix seats. The rear facing ones with the big shells might be a struggle standards kind of three year old up seats and boosters youll be fine. If you havent sat into a modern peugeot in a few years, you cant but be impressed theyve seriously. Upgraded the interiors, theyre stylish theyre functional they look slick youve got things like this steering wheel that, depending on what way you have the height on it, which is decently adjustable by the way theres decent enough rake and reach on it, um that might restrict your instruments. Thats, your usual eye, cockpit, its very good, nice and colorful loads of different changes that you can make to it. You got the shortcut piano keys. You got a touchscreen unless you expect it, the nav is going to rely on you using your phone to then hook up with the screen with android or car play that will work. Fine. Then the seats are comfortable armrest down here. It is adjustable in terms of length to this way. Itll cover up one of the two cup holders, which are a little bit small, if im being honest, nice unusual gear shifts, are more like the joystick on an airbus aircraft and theres a little hideaway flap here to keep phones and things out of sight from scrotes Usbc and usb up front here, which is nice to have both options.

I like that. I like, when car companies give you both options. It is a car from peugeot, which means yeah. The glove box as usual is absolutely useless, but it is a nice interior, no ones going to be upset loads of things that work with the touch screen, even if youre kind of wondering wheres my physical buttons theres enough physical one, two three, four: five theres, seven Buttons there and the volume knob. What more could anybody want? Its very very quiet inside the cabin theres, very little tar noise off the car as well its very interesting what theyve uh? What theyve achieved here, because it really is properly insulated from the outside world? Even if i turn on the climate control id still barely hear a pain drop im very impressed. Our full range figure is just over 300 kilometers, its not quite one pedal driving, but its its enough that you can really feel it reduce your speed quite a bit. Not talking leaf one pedal driving, however, the big takeaway really is how quiet it is its not quite chubbing you in the back of your seat, to be fair, maybe a slight bit more urgency going on with it the only time you really get a sense in The handling of of when youre driving and that its an electric car is theres a you can feel the weight of it kind of transfer from left to right. As you roll the steering wheel, i appreciate most people dont go around driving like that, however, but just from a can, you feel the weight in the drive point of view, a little bit yeah a little bit: eco mode 324 kilometers on full, normal 308 and in Sport mode that puts you into 294 theres, actually quite a variation there in the different modes im actually just going to drive it any come out just to see i mean its still very livable, theres still plenty of torque youre, not really waiting for any pickup.

Its just there on a more involved sort of country, road environment, it behaves itself. Well i mean it does. Actually, i know scenario you can feel the weight kind of transverse around, but maybe its the lower center of gravity because its a lower down vehicle, but it seems to cope with that battery weight pretty well. I just cant have to keep going by the fact that over those a pillars there is almost zero noise. It is an incredibly refined car, well done e 2008, because not only are youre one of the smallest electric vehicles available on the irish market, one of the cheapest new youre, actually really good. God bless your eyesight if youve noticed anything different because ive actually swapped this car without you even spotting it unless youre particularly hawk eyed, and you notice, the grill is different on the front because thats black and the lack of the orange matching, the color of the Car is gone because this is a 1.2 petrol version of it, with 130 brake horsepower, its a turbo engine and bar the lack of a few e badges twin exhaust pipes on the back, probably overkill, the same size, booth, the same interior and obviously the addition of A gear stick to the untrained eye. This looks exactly the same, so lets jump in and see what its like to drive compared to its electric sister. Oh, and i should mention that, while the ev version starts at just under 32 with all the grounds, this one starts at just over 24 and a half thousand euro big difference.

It just feels a little bit old fashioned if im being totally honest with you theres a little bit of a grunty noise off the engine and gone. Is that quiet, tranquility of being behind the wheel of the electric one? This still has a nice little turbo wine out of it and the torque that comes with a turbo engine, but its very hard to just ignore that lovely seamless transition of power that you get with the electric version. I know youre going to pay extra for it, but some things are worth it on a positive note, its a nice direct gearbox, not sloppy at all its a six speed manual straight away. You can feel theres less waste, theres less body roll involved in the car, because all that weight of the batteries is gone. So you know you can say one car is fully better than the other, because theres pros and cons to both petrol and electric. First of all, obviously that extra price that you have to pay to get into the eevee version, but then filling this full of fuel. Well, then, things get cheaper again, all of a sudden. Now, if you like, revving an engine, if you like that kind of little shove of torque from a turbo engine, then you will enjoy perhaps driving this more. But i just think the overall package of that lovely, smooth, quiet driving that you get in the electric version. Its a lot to consider break horsepower wise theyre, not a million miles away from each other, so really yeah.

The electric will have in gear better acceleration, but this petrol version actually has decent levels of overtaking torque and the fact that youve got a six speed. Gearbox means its going to be nice and quiet at motorway cruising speeds of 100 to 120 kilometers an hour yeah. If it really is your thing, the steering is probably a bit more direct if youre someone who gets that enjoyment out of winding an engine up a little bit and progressing yourself through the gears sure that is, you know: thats thats, one nil, to the petrol version Of the car, and yet the handling is definitely a bit sharper due to the lack of weight, kind of crashes, a bit over bumps and kind of skips left and right. I didnt notice the electric car doing that and maybe thats, because its heavier its just a bit more planted driving this car on the exact same roads as the eevee version, which is a you know, a good way to compare exactly how the they behave. It is a more slightly involved drive. I will give you that over the ev – oh and this version of the car is doing about seven liters per 100 kilometers, which probably isnt as efficient as the battery version. To sum up for 32 000 euro, you have to think about the fact that, yes, you can get the petrol version that weve just showed you for a little bit less, but for 32 grand.

This is a seriously good. Looking car its well kitted out the fact that the car will do 100 kilowatt charging is impressive. Take something like volkswagen, then youll have to pay extra for that. Get it as standard on this with your ccs and the interiors are seriously better than they ever used to be. The cars are better looking than they ever used to be so if youre in the market for an ev at around 30 000 euro with a 300 kilometer range, not the biggest range in the world. Real world terms, youll, probably get somewhere between 220 and 250. But looking at this versus a lot of the electric vehicles on the market at this kind of price in ireland, it is a really good option. Hope youve enjoyed watching todays video if youd like to share it like it comment on it, support us with all the links in the description down below.