That means millions of electric cars on our highways and roads, but theres a problem, and what is that? Well, every electric car has an achilles heel, which is its battery. How do you know youre getting a good one? I have a feeling you have a solution. Yes, our friends at have provided this for us Music. This video is brought to you by our friends at its a service and report to let you know exactly how good your battery is doing in your used electric car or a brand new one, and in this video were going to show you exactly how it Works nathan, could you please introduce your nissan? One of the things i wanted to do was impress my daughter with buying her an electric vehicle. Unfortunately, i had a tight budget, so i bought a 2016 nissan leaf s. The base model for just under 10 grand now. The reason i did it with this vehicle is because it still had the larger 30 kilowatt hour battery. Unfortunately, one of the things that happens with used vehicles is battery degradation, and that was something i was really concerned about. I was also on a budget and my wife needed a reliable car to commute to work, and this is a solution – a 2014 bmw, i3 with a range extender and when i purchased it for about twelve thousand five hundred dollars, not too shabby it had very low Miles about 23 000, but i was still kind of nervous.

I didnt know exactly with this older battery, how good it actually was until now, and that brings us to recurrent and what you can do with it with vehicles like this, a brand new volkswagen id4. All of these vehicles can use this network, but in different ways with the id4 you plug it in there and youre able to take information, thats crowdsourced for many people extrapolate that information bring it together and boom youre going to be able to find out how your Battery life is doing in a geographical area, both locally and throughout the united states. Now, if you have a used vehicle, youre able to do something similar, but what you do is you take a picture of your dash you plug in that information online, because theres no app available for my old car and then that information is taken through a big Group of people once again, crowdsourced and theyll, be able to put together a document that states how good your battery is, how the area is for your battery life and, most importantly, it reminds you you made a pretty good or pretty bad purchase. What i did with was use my computer, i went online created an account and i was able to follow their directions, which were fairly easy in order to get information on my nissan leafs battery, and this is the cool part its not that difficult. It only took a few minutes. I took a picture of my dash following their directions on a full charge and theyre able to take that information, and they weigh it against a huge database thats created with other 2016 nissan leafs.

All of that they put together and thats able to give me a detailed report on my battery life, not only in my local area but nationwide. The process was also very simple for me. I did it on my phone. I went to Just did that quick sign up and you could actually generate a report at any time its a one off. So i did that on august 7th, as you can see right there, i can view my report, but i can also go up here and generate a new report at any time and just like nathan said for me, since my car is not on the network itself, I was able to you, know, choose this option right here and enter a few pieces of information on my state of charge. Of course, i was fully charged at the time uh what what range estimation my car showed, etc. How many miles my car has and then i was very, very pleasantly surprised, check it out view my report. It says my battery rating is excellent. So now, if i ever want to sell my car in the future, i can run another report. Maybe it will be slightly different, but then i can show the potential buyer and can say hey check this out. This car is actually good because using the crowd source data, like nathan, explained it compares really positively against all other 2014 i3s. Yes now. This also works for brand new vehicles, like this id4, of course, its brand new.

So the battery health is already you know as new as it will ever be, but you can still connect your app on your vehicle, and this can be this car. It could be any other car, such as the tesla model 3 or model y any of those teslas, the new mustang mock e, and you can run a monthly report just to stay on top of whats happening and also you know, actually get the data and compare It to other people in your area, i think its really really cool heres, the great part if youre, buying and or selling one of these vehicles, you can of course get something like a carfax and, in addition to the carfax, get one of these reports, which really Does help with both buying and selling im really glad a service like this actually exists, because now i feel more confident, not just with my current car, but actually selling it, maybe getting good value back right or in buying a brand new one too thats right And its all, on paper and its all documented and its all free youll have to pay anything for this service, not a dime and guys. You can use the link in the description of this video, go to recurrentauto.