My name is jessica and im about to do an exclusive walk around with you and with our all new eqe, its the younger brother of our eqs and as youll see, it comes with all the belts and whistles. But who can tell us a lot more about this? Car is isabel shes, the product manager of the eqe, hey isabel hi, jessica, and thanks for having me and also welcome to you and welcome to the presentation of our new eqe. There is so much to tell you about this car, so where do you want to start okay? So what i immediately noticed are these beautiful proportions, these sporty lines which we think already know from the eqs right sure thats correct, but maybe we can first start here. Just at the front, with one of the eq characteristics, which is the black panel grill yeah with star pepper, yeah beautiful, i personally, i love it so thats thats like one of the highlights in the front. So when we move to the side of the car, you can see beautifully the one more design, so it actually really just its one bow from front to rear. As you can see here, yeah beautiful our designers have another approach which is called central purity. Okay, you can see that by the generously modeled surfaces, reduced joints and also seamless transitions. Another highlight standing here at the side of the car. Are the 21 inch wheels yeah theyre huge right, i quite like them and uh the good news is we start with 19 inch wheels, okay, okay, so thats, also quite big yeah, so other models start at 17, so very proud of that also the black.

Of course. It looks super sporty, so it does, and you just say it what i really like about this eqe it just doesnt look sporty. It is so. What i read is that it has an incredibly small turning cycle due to rear access, steering right now. We we also have just like in the eqs we have the rear axis steering it comes in two versions: four and a half and 10 degrees up to wow, depending on the situation and what it does. It reduces the turning cycle from 12.5 to 10.7 meters, which is actually like a class level yeah exactly. That is what my a class can do. Maybe so thats i mean for for this segment. Thats thats awesome, yeah, okay, so we got this beautiful, exterior design now lets talk about sustainability. Sure lets go to the other side of the car. Okay, for example, we have mercedes me charge with green charging. Okay, mercedes benz ensures that energy from renewable sources is fed into the charging grid for current sourced by a mercedes, benz. Okay, we have one of the densest charging networks with over 530 000 charging stations in 31 countries – 200 000 of them in europe, and also we have one new function which is called plug and charge, which makes charging even more conveniently so. Basically, i cannot show you today, because we dont have a cable and the car is closed, but we would just insert the cable and the charging process would start.

So the customer doesnt need to have authentication okay, which is quite cool. Yeah pretty convenient makes it easier right, okay, so after the charging process, i think we need to talk about range. This car comes with a range of up to 660 kilometers according to vltp, i think yeah. So this is a trip, maybe from munich to berlin. With this range, what would your first eqe trip? Be tough one, but maybe i dont know, maybe i would go to venice for a long long weekend. Trip yeah as this car is definitely suitable for touring and also for long distance. Okay. So we got convenient long distance driving. What about the power good question? We will have two variants at market lounge, this one, the eqe450, with 250 kilowatts and one other model, and in the future there will come more variants with a power of up to 500 kilowatts. Wow, okay, so thats huge. Definitely, but maybe we can hop inside yeah lets. Do this and ill show you another important feature about electric driving, which is called electric intelligence, sounds good. You take the drivers seat because youre the expert, yes, okay, all right! So, electric intelligence, is it the same feature like in the eqs like it combines my route planning and the planning of my charging stops right, exactly correct it. Dynamically adapts the route, for example, if there is a traffic jam or other incidents, and also if you would, for example, maybe drive drive fast for a longer period of time, it would add another charging stop along the way.

So it helps me out right. Okay, so definitely impossible to overlook when getting in, but now lets finally talk about it, the hyperscreen big big hyper screen. We know it from the eqs and i think its available as an optional extra for the eqe. Also correct you did your homework. Uh yeah, im! Im personally super happy that we can offer it also for the eqe. I mean yeah, just look at it, its huge, its curved glass. Three displays, i mean im a total fan, yeah. Definitely, and, of course, it features our mbux our infotainment system. I have it in my a class as well, and what i really love is the voice assistant. Its super handy right, hey mercedes, supports 27 languages with natural language, understanding, okay, mvrx, adapts completely to the user and also learns by time, which is also a new and quite handy feature with the mbx hyperscreen whats new also is the zero layer concept. What that means is everything you need is always on one screen, so you dont have to go to sub menus anymore. Okay, which is also a super handy feature. Yeah makes life easier. We like that definitely yeah right, okay, so um. What i spotted when looking around is this little dot right here in the display uh. Is this a camera yeah true well spotted yeah, so um if its a camera? What is it for its actually for assistance systems? One new function that we have at mercedes is micro, sleep, detection, okay, so what it does it just tracks, your eyelid movements or the ones of the driver and then just gives warnings.

I see pretty helpful feature when it comes to safety. Are there more new things in here, of course, of course, for example, were now able to watch dynamic content while driving so – and this is only possible because mercedes uses an intelligent camera based blocking logic which detects when the driver looks too long on the dynamic content And when this happens, the content just gets automatically dimmed. Okay, perfect. Another safety feature right, not a safety feature, but also another entertainment feature for for the passenger, whats, also cool, and what mercedes does is thinking about air quality holistically. So the system contains sensors. It contains air conditioning it contains a filter and display content. The filter that im talking about is called the hepa filter. You also know that from the eqs. Yes, i do it filters over 99 of particles of all sizes out of the air. What we also have is an active charcoal, okay of 600 grams yeah, which filters and or neutralizes odors, so its made to smell good like make the car smell, good, yeah, okay and thats, equivalent to the size of i think, 150 football fields. So its massive smells good is another point i want to talk about because we do not only know the hepa filter from the eqs, but also the thing that this car has its own fragrance. So the eqs has a fragrance its called. I think, mood linen number. Six right: what about the eqe? The eke is supposed to be for all senses, so we do have the fragrance, but we also have new interior materials.

For example. What you see here in the blue? We have ambient lighting in so many different colors, okay and presets, and we also have specific, sound presets which the customer can choose from in terms of noise and vibration. Comfort. The eqe here is one of the best among in segment, okay, isabel. To sum it up. What are the most important characteristics? We have to understand to know where we can classify this newest product of our eq family. The eqe is the little brother of the eqs and is the sportiest member of the family. It has a little shorter view. Base is more compact and also more agile. It comes with all the cool features: the mvx hyper screen, automatic doors, front and 10 degrees, re access, steering with a range of up to 660 kilometers, its definitely suitable for everyday life and also for long distance touring. So, thank you so much isabel for showing us around and for introducing us to the all new eqe. My pleasure thanks for having me and thank you guys for joining and for watching get ready to receive more walk, arounds. The concept mercedes maybach eqs, the amg eqs and the concept eqg are still waiting for you and if you want to have more info about our all new eqe, get on our website or check out our social media channels. Thank you.