This is a breathing ring and here is the charging box. I just unlock the car and show you so this can be opened, and here we can charge it im. Just closing. We just need to press this so next coming to the lights. This is a london i like, and this white part is the drl and then inside one is the fourth lamp you can see guys its locked down and i just unlock you can see. The light is on so that much is about the front. Lets go to the side so, coming to the side, we have the electric badging over here and we have a. This is extra fitting um. This is actually some like an air vent, but this is not open, and here we have the automatic folding mirror. When i, when i just i dont its get its locked now when i unlock it, it automatically opens now lets go to the site. Again, we have the door handles. This is chrome finish and over here it just white and it has a keyless entry too ill just show you, i didnt click anything and i just clicked it. This will open the last. We have a again extra fitting over here and the alloy wheel. It is windmill, it is inspired from the dutch windmill, so this is the back side of the all new md settings. So in the back, we have a nice nice led and over here, its the like indicator, and here its the reverse, and here we have a magic internet inside.

That means this. This vehicle has 30 plus in like in the phone we can control like in hyundai venue. We can control it with blue link app. This car can be controlled with ismart, it is ismart 2.0 or called as icon, and here we have the mg logo very big logo. So guys you must be wondering. Where is the boot opening one is here over in the key one? We just need to press it like this, you can see this is, that is three pin charger and other one is fast charger which should be like. We should fix it somewhere. We have sensors over here, and here we have reflectors and again led lights. Now lets go to the interiors ill, just unlock the car. Well, just first go to the driving seat, starting the door. We have a leather finish door over here. Now we have the window controls and in the rear seat we can control the window and theres option which, if childs, are sitting in the back, we can just click this option we can in the back seat. We cannot turn like switch on the window. So when we just click this, we can see a yellow part going to inside. We have we have this uh, like uh like aeroplanes engine. Like thing you see in the airplanes right that design its its inspired from the airplane engine, and here we have the mirror, controls and the led control center.

Then we have the uh like the key opening thing and heres the string steering its multi controlling steering. Here we have a voice commanding option, and here we uh. We have the media option and here we have the like, like source checking thing and we have an analog and digital like plus its analog and digital in the center. A small part is digital, and here we have the wiper controls. Here we have the indicator, indicator controls, and here we have the cruise control. Here we have the cruise control and in the right side we have calling option src volume up and down changing the like. If you are playing a music, if you want, if you want to go to next music, you can just click on this. The music will come. So we have a touch screen over here so guys my mother is going to switch on the car. You can see guys we have a more scared symbol over here in the touch screen and glad to see you again and guys. This car has a feature which uh mg hector and henji hector plus had the feature like ill. Tell hello mg im here: can you open the sunroof? As you can see, the sunroof is getting open here we have a rotary switch, and here too we have the rotary switch hello, mj hi. How can i help close the sunroof so guys you can see the sunroof is automatically getting off and on first, the window is going and second, the shield is coming like in usually we see in jaguar cars, but the ng has got this feature, its the rotary Switch feature we have the park feature over here and reverse neutral drive and we have three switches: mode curse battery im just going to the battery one, no its not for me im just clicking on the battery.

The same thing will only come, so you can see 77 percent and we have a car and we we can search for charging stations, its loading, let it take itself so im just going and we have ghana application in this car nice thing and we have the Weather, yes, im just going to play any song in a song called heart, its tonights song, its a good quality, so im just gon na post, and here we have the navigation, top term navigation and we have the ac controls im just going back. So if you press on the navigation button, some people have this doubt: how do we exit navigation so for that im? Just explaining here we have. We can control the volume, but here when, when i click the switch, it goes to the home screen. So even i had this doubt and i googled this and when i just searched it, i got it and we have the weather conditions. Okay, its just showing locating. So you have the again srt open uh option and we have the ac wow thats, so cool. Only the sound in this car is the ac car and the disc brake. Only the sound of this. He said s ev is the ac and the disc brake, as you know its for the on the all four sides, its disc brake – and this is the key. Then g is the desk. We have the boot open option lock and lock option here.

We have the handbrake option and here we have another switch and we can change this. We have a two cup holders over here. We just got this when i, when we just bought this car and thats all about this. So next going to up, we have sunroof, you can like like use, chat, function or you can just click on this. It will open im, just not opening so im. Just going to talk to mg, so hello, angie im here, how am i looking today? How am i looking today, sorry, but i still didnt, get that please try again yeah im, sorry, im so ill. Just try asking another thing: hey, google, oh okay, uh, hello mg! Im listening whats the weather today, whats the weather today, sorry, but i still didnt get that please try again yeah im, just dropping it yeah, so we we get this that must its about the new mg, its a desk, eb. I hope you liked the video smash. The like button, if you liked the video press the dislike button, if you didnt, like the video comment below, if you can and if you havent, subscribe and watch this video, please subscribe and press the bell button to receive more information from us.