It nails the fundamentals, though a number of quirks degrade the experience. The id4 is volkswagens, first, all electric suv and the brands first global ev right out of the gate. This vehicle does a lot of things right. The id4 is spacious and comfortable inside it has a smooth. Powertrain comes with plenty of standard driver aids and offers competitive range for a mass mark tv on the surface. This cheerful, looking vw, is entirely pleasant, but the devil is always in the details and its the little things that take their toll: Music, Music, Music, Music, the id4 pro s uses rear wheel, drive its aft mounted, electric motor, delivering 201 horsepower and 229 pound feet of Torque decent figures that are similar to what you get in a chevy bolt, you 200 horsepower 266 pounds to foot or hyundai kona, electric 201 horsepower 291 pounds to foot Music me, but first some good news: the id4 pro s interior is unexpectedly premium looking and in Many ways feeling like something from volvo, the dashboard simple layout, is modern and functional. With the infotainment screen angled slightly toward the driver. I love the rich geometric patterns used on many of the surfaces plus. There are plenty of soft plastics and everythings assembled with paints taking care Music me, Music, Music. Speaking of the back seat, its another one of the id4 strong suits theres plenty of space in all three dimensions. The cushions are nicely contoured and the floor is nearly flat.

Helping make this vw an excellent people hauler and when its time to move cargo, the id4 aint too shabby either theres more than 30 cubic feet of space behind the rear, backrest and more than 64.