As you can see, it has a 300 mile range with 340 horsepower and 325 pound feet of torque. When you equip it with the 19.2 kilowatt charger. You can recharge at 56 miles per hour on a 240 home charger, so thats pretty good were going to take a close look at the design and the interior and the exterior. So uh come with us all right so right here at the front of the vehicle and as you can see, theres a lot of cool stuff going on with this polycarbonate window, and these led daytime running lights and headlights and high beams so were going to take A closer look with brian smith, the design director executive design director for lyric, so tell us a little bit about the front end here. Well, you know really new uh opportunities uh arise for designers when we dont have to take in a bunch of airflow on the front end of a car for an internal combustion engine. So weve really taken that opportunity to explore a very new face for cadillac, and that incorporates this black crystal shield that you mentioned it is radar transparent. We can package our sensors behind it and weve taken the opportunity to embellish it with some very precise pinstripes that we also use uh to light and give the vehicle really new signature at night. And this is all laser laser stuff right all these patterns and all that yeah. So what this is is polycarbonate its painted black on the back and then we laser ablate the stripes.

So the black paints then removed where the stripes are and then one more shot of paint that is translucent to aid in the lighting, and we build up the material in such a way that it stays very consistent thickness for the radar function and behind. This is all your sensors and stuff right, your radar and your. We have a long range radar that supports supercrews, thats incorporated in that area, yes, and then so for your high beams and low beams. What are special about these well? This is an industry first headlamp that incorporates 15 millimeter wide, led modules, theres nine of them. The top three are the low beam. The bottom six are high beam and we also enable advanced driving beam with that. So its not legal in the us just yet, but it is enabled with the vehicle for europe and china, and once north america allows the advanced driving beam to be sold then well incorporate that also in the vehicle. But these are only 15 millimeters wide and really new technology allowed that and allowed us to keep this thing very tight. You can imagine um. You have to be able to aim lamps internally. You can imagine a lamp thats that tall and vertical when we start to aim it, would create some problems right move around a lot when you talk about something that tall, so weve actually incorporated a venetian blind mechanism behind the scenes. So each one of these aims together but individually in their own pivots um, but this is really uh, something that enables us to reinforce the cadillac signature both day and night.

You know in the past, weve had our drl signature being vertical, but weve always had to have something horizontal next to it, for a forward lighting, so its something weve been uh looking forward to for a long time and lyric will be the first one to use It okay back to the side here now. The first thing youre going to notice. Is these flush door handles and show us how they open all right, yeah its a simple push, the door pushes itself and then you open it the rest of the way it has a little plunger there that pushes the door open enough, so you can grab it With your hand, so this one also has a panoramic glass roof, which you probably cant see from this camera, but they all have that right. That is across the board. Yep standard, fixed glass, roof rail to rail, and then i see also a little spoiler back here. Now why did you add that? Well, this is really an aerodynamic device that allows us to have a very suv like profile but make the vehicle behave more like a sedan in the wind tunnel. So we actually take air flow beneath the spoiler now through underneath and it comes out the back and then is tripped by this mid spoiler at the back. The other added benefit of that is, we dont need a rear wiper, so that airflow actually keeps the back class clear and we dont have to have the expense and mass of a wiper motor theyre kind of ugly anyway thats, another yeah super cool feature.

Okay, so now were here at the back of the cadillac lyric, and i mean it looks like a show car and they were telling me upstairs that you really tried to stick to the show card here. Yeah absolutely uh, we developed the show car early on in the development of this vehicle. We used it to really push things and and try new things and get them into production. One of the really unique elements of the lyric – i think, is this upper tail amp and the way this slim elegant lamp, wraps the corner and goes up the pillar very fresh, very recognizable, and i think something on the road that youll see from a mile away And were weve been all about. You know thin vertical uh elegant tail lamps uh, and this is something really fresh and new for us. I think it also enables us to uh swipe the turn and actually animate the turn. Now that its got a horizontal element so uh, we can only swipe in the direction of a turn if its horizontal, its something we cant do, if were just purely vertical. We dont have to put that motion in while the car is moving, and this back end does have a little animation when you hit the unlock button like the front does, and also what you shared with me earlier, is that you can see this tail light down Here it also kind of matches your center high stop mount light here, which is another cool feature that we didnt notice right off.

The bat okay were now here with crystal windham interior design, director for the cadillac lyric, so tell us a little bit about this beautiful interior. Obviously, the big screen is the main attraction. First of all, the designers had a clean sheet of paper and the ultim battery platform allowed us to carve out more space for the customer, carve out more space for visibility, spaciousness the components, the technology and storage. Is it extra fun for you? Because you have all this extra freedom, absolutely its the designers dream, to have this much flexibility so starting out big tech with the 33 inch diagonal display, it is an led display. We celebrate clean design, so this technology allowed us to execute one large seamless, graphic from edge to edge, uninterrupted the curvature of this lens. It everything else keys off of it. The overall design. You see the lines that wrap around from the ipn to the door. All of that mimics the screen. It goes along also with our driver, centric approach for our designs, uh with cadillac. If you sit in the drivers seat, everything is at your fingertips, so you and thats a big deal that you can reach all the way to the corner of this. If you need to absolutely so first, we we have the touch screen here on the center. We also have the touch screen on the left as well thats new too. You dont see that very often the touchscreen on the left here, um also.

What the the battery platform allowed us to do is to really lean up the instrument panel and the display appears as though it it floats um its the crown jewel of this interior, but it also works in conjunction with the exterior with the locale that gives great Visibility, yes, the dash feels very low yeah, and this you know um. Sometimes i complain when the screens scoot up too high above the above the dash, but this is, i can still see a bunch dash and all the way out in front of me um. So this stuff is beautiful in here too. All this uh knurling is that what you got yeah so again we talk about clean, simple design. It really allows us to do even more. So when we talk about the screen and all the other functionality, we decided as a design team what we wanted to make a soft virtual control versus a hard control. We do want to give the customer that tactile experience, especially on the right type of functionality, the volume control. The multifunctional controller is a roller rotary knob, where you can interact with the screen. Your choice touch or utilize, the multifunctional controller. We have delineated the infotainment from the hvac and what that does is allow you to keep all your heating and cooling controls here with the toggle switches, easy to see easy to use right. You didnt hit while driving for sure and uh. All of this.

A lot of the design detail – and here and here here it goes into your vent, um your event, openers and closers. You have a little bit back here. Its all right, um, streamlining together, really excited about that. I call it the layers of discovery, so we want our customer to fall in love with their vehicle over and over again, so that detailing that knurling detailing repeats throughout the interior. We have a positive version of it where um its a relief on the on the surface and the decor, and it repeats in the cup holder, ring the multifunctional controller, the vent, adjusters and more and then theres the the um opposite of it. Where its the same pattern, but its cut out in different areas utilized as a speaker on on the doors utilized as a ventilation pattern on the back of the screen. And then one of my favorite elements is the ambient lighting a different approach to ambient lighting. That decor wraps around seamlessly and its etched out that whole pattern is etched out in the daytime. It gives it more of a shimmery look like the metallic brush metallic look and during the night it illuminates. So really, you know the next step next answer to ambient lighting. That really sets the mood for the interior. Well, it all looks super cool and we cant wait to drive it for real, but uh. Thank you for talking to us all right. So theres a quick look at the very pretty 2023 cadillac lyric suv, like we said its coming out next year and hopefully well get to drive it soon.