We love to classify everything a place for everything and everything in its place in the world of cars, theres a name for all different shapes and sizes. Im talking super mini crossover, hatchback suvs, you name, it theres a label for it. So what the heck is that, of course, i know what it is. This is the new citroen c5x, a new flagship from the french brand, and let us know in the comments below your thoughts as to what category this car is and, of course, if this is your first time around here, please do subscribe, smash the like button and If you like this at the end of the video, please dont hesitate to share it as well and actually dont forget the bell notification, because every time theres a new video like this, you get notified. So is it a saloon, maybe sort of estate but its too high, so maybe its just a squash to suv? The answer is uh. All of the things the c5x, according to his press release, offers the elegance of a saloon, the versatility of an estate and the commanding presence of an suv. In fact, the ex part of his name represents again im, quoting here. The crossroads of customers needs, which has me worried to be honest, mainly because, when youre trying to please all humans trying to be everything to all humans, you fail to find your sweet squat. You know how the saying goes: jack of all trades master of none yeah.

That kind of situation so lets just take this in a little bit, and i mean i have to say, the front is pretty good: its got a grumpy vibe going on with this frowning daylight running lights and then the recessed headlights and then weve got this tough Wide stance here as well, i mean theres a lot to look at look at the scallop on the bonnet as well. Its definitely got a really nice stance to it and it gives it a really good presence. I like it, then we come to the side of the car. We get this plastic wheel, arches and then we have a 19 inch alloys as well, but the special thing about the alloys is its got. This extra slat on it, which creates a turbine effect for aerodynamics, and we have a design queue here with the hybrid logo which, basically, when you see this on the road you know, youve got a hybrid version, the c5x and we have this lifted line as well. That makes the car look big, but the design of the side pretty basic. Then it gets to the back. I mean just look at it. It all goes a bit mad again and we have all kind of swooped up design, fastback styled big y shape to rear light. Two spoilers not sure we need two, though, and yes, thats a hatchback for practicality points i kind of like it theyve managed to keep it looking sporty and elegant, but they might have overdone it with the two spoilers, though maybe thats, something that you guys might like.

Let us know in the comments below the reason were here: well, the c5x comes with a choice of internal combustion engine or one with a plug and an engine like most of other plug in citra models. That means you get a 1.6 liter turbo engine with a little electric motor bolted to the 8 speed automatic gearbox or driving the front wheels. Stick some charging here and youre. Looking at 222 brake horsepower with 13.2 kilowatt hour battery for a 30 miles pure electric range on the wltp cycle that all adds up to 186 to 236 miles per gallon, combined on that weird wltp calculator and uh 0 to 62 in 7.8 seconds and a top Speed of 145 miles per hour, thats so well and good, but its nothing groundbreaking when it comes to fast or efficiency. But what my swing this, for you is the fact that, like all modern citroens, this thing hits differently when it comes to the inside, because its all about the lounging one of the good things about electric vehicles is silence and comfort right. Well, the citroen c5x is set up to make the most of that. It can run on pure electric up to 84 miles per hour and it starts in ev mode when you switch it on. So it breaks you into your journey quietly but theres more to making it a really chilled place. Even when the engine kicks in these seats. Theyre a bit like memory, foam mattress and yes, theyre comfy, af, theres, acoustically, laminated glass to keep the noise down and a big window to keep the sunshine quota up their citrons super insulating suspension.

It calls it advanced comfort, active suspension, which works with the cars progressive hydraulic cushions. I swear im not making this up to make the car glide over bumps and not fall over in corners. Citroen says he nails a magic carpet ride, but well have to wait until we drive it to figure out if thats true, but the interior is less wacky than the outside. If im being brutally honest theres, this 12 inch display, which dominates the dash its fully customizable with cloud based, updates and screen mirroring for your phone and oh wait: widgets, yes, its got widgets theres a smaller display here in front of the driver and theres also a Full color heads up display up there, which you can change the widget and mess around with it. With the information thats displayed on there. We also have four usbc ports inside of the car and oh look here. We also have wireless charging chi wireless charging, mapped, hair and plenty of space just around here to put things and, as you might expect, there are user driving modes and full list of modern safety and assistance systems. Soft, like adaptive, crews, with stop and go and lane keep assist, blind spot detection and rear cross traffic alert and, on some models, 360 degree surround view cameras. Basically all the stuff. You would expect from a modern premium car and it feels good and when you look around in here, you realize how big this is even for a fev that hasnt got the space efficiency of a pure electric car and when you look around the back theres plenty Of space plenty of new room, even with with the way the seats is positioned right now, people seeing at the back will be nice and comfortable.

Even that kicked up back end doesnt hurt the practicality very much. The boot is proper sized at 545 liters and drop. The seats and youre looking at 1640 liters, which is properly useful when you consider evolver v90 state, only has 15 liters more seats up and over 100 liters less with the rear seats dropped. If nothing else, you know this car is practical. So what do we think of the citron c5x? The plug in hybrid tech, is adequate rather than groundbreaking, and the interior tech is decent, but not as quirky as the outside and its got a big space. The exterior is as mad as a box of frogs, but well have to take you for a drive before we give you our phone or verdict. This plug in hybrid is expected to be around 35 000 pounds, but is it a niche buster or a bit of a mishmash? Let us know what you think in the comments. If you want to know more about anything car shaped that features a blog socket, then please, log on to electrifying.