This is a plug in hybrid meaning. It has a petrol engine up front, a 2.4 liter four cylinder, just naturally aspirated petrol engine, and then you get two electric motors as well one at the front, one at the rear and a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery pack. Now, if that sounds familiar its because it is the exact same that youll find in the outlander plug in hybrid electric vehicle, which under the skin i mean these cars are essentially the same thing, so it only makes sense that they brought it to the eclipse cross. No, i actually filmed an entire review a couple weeks ago on the mitsubishi eclipse cross ls, all wheel, drive, theres, so many names and i uh i havent released it and i dont think i will frankly i roasted this out of that car because well it just Sucked but the reason i didnt release it is not because im scared of mitsubishi its because, frankly, i probably went a bit too far, probably not as not as bad as i as i said, but uh. Let me know if you guys want me to release that review, because i will, if you want me to, but you know that was like 20 hours of work just like down the drain, so i wasnt expecting much when mitsubishi invited me to this launch. I thought well its going to be a mitsubishi eclipse cross, which, which i hate well thats, a strong choice of words.

I strongly dislike, but its not its actually surprisingly good, even though it still has its shortcomings, it definitely does now the mitsubishi eclipse cross. Five. Only really has two competitors – the mghs, phev and kind of ironically, the outlander patv so today were obviously going to be doing a full in depth, review of the new mitsubishi eclipse cross, fair vetting, and if you havent done so already, i would love it. If you could go down there and hit the subscribe button and that notification bell, so you can see every time i release launch reviews like this. Okay, so the mitsubishi eclipse crossfev starts at just under fifty thousand aussie dollary dues drive away. Excuse me, when i give it some sauce its actually pretty quick im not going to crash dont worry dont worry, got an overly sensitive autonomous emergency braking system. Well at least thats got it. That is, for the base model es. This is the mid range model which is called the aspire which will set you back around about 54 000 australian drachmi. So what do you get for almost 15 000? More than the equivalent petrol version of the mitsubishi eclipse cross eclipse cross. Well, you get a 2.4 litre, naturally aspirated petrol engine up front, which is pretty damn weak 94 kilowatt of power and 199 newton meters of torque its really not that powerful. Thankfully, its not alone youve also got a motor at the front that puts out 60 kilowatt of power and 137 newton meters of torque and then another one at the rear, pumping out 70 kilowatt of power and 195 newton meters of torque.

Unfortunately, no that does not mean that this car has 226 kilowatt of power and, like 600 newton meters of torque, in fact, mitsubishi dont actually give you the combined output and what better way to show that this thing is a speed demon than by launch controlling it. Okay, so ive got my little obd2 port reader connected right here. Lets give it some launch control, maybe its not as quick as i remembered. Okay, okay, okay lets, pull over and figure this out, yeah, not the best. It didnt feel very quick, either zero to a hundred in 10.7 seconds. I dont know if you can, if you can see that the best 10.7 seconds yeah – okay – maybe its not as quick as i thought it feels quite quick, because you still get some of that instant torque from the electric motors. But yeah. This thing does not have 226 kilowatt of power and 600 newton meters of torque. They dont seem to combine like that now im, clearly not intelligent enough to go through all the you know, logistics of how the motors talk to each other, but i really dont have to because this whole plug in hybrid electric vehicle system, its very intelligent 99 of The time you let it do its own thing and it will run you in electric vehicle mode only. You can, of course, lock that by pressing a button down here, you can also press a button to save the battery charge or you can charge up the battery.

But that is a very inefficient process because it literally uses the engine to go through a generator into the battery, its very inefficient, but really most people arent even going to touch those buttons theyre just going to either press ev or leave it alone. Let it do its own thing, because its really good at modulating power between the electric motors and the petrol motor, so it never feels sluggish. Yet it mostly stays completely in ev. Now there are actually four ways to charge this plug in hybrid electric vehicle, the first or mode one. I think they call it is by using this phallic shifter. Here we press down and go into b, and then we use these amazing battle. Shifters like genuinely better than what youll find in a ferrari to go through six levels of regenerative braking from b0 to b5, then mode two is by using a three pin socket in your household that takes seven hours to get a full charge, pretty good for 50 Kilometers of range for most people anyway, though, mitsubishi recommend that you put in a mode three charger which is just a standard wall charger that you get professionally installed into your house. Thatll charge your car to 100 in just three hours, its pretty damn good and then theres level. Four, the car actually comes with a chademo adapter, so you can charge this car out and about and then its like, 25 minutes to 80 percent, because you dont want to go past 80, because that really starts to degrade battery life when using a dc fast charger.

Like that yeah, it charges pretty quick if we really take a step back from you know the beauty and the power of this eclipse cross fever. It really is targeting a very niche market of buyers. You know inner city dwellers who drive less than 50 kilometers in a day. You know, theyll drop off the kits to school, maybe run a couple of errands, but well come home, because that way you dont use petrol in day to day driving. But when you want to go on a holiday or a longer drive, you still can because of course you have this petrol motor straight up, im gon na say, if youre doing a lot of highway kilometers. This is not the car for you. You will get much better fuel economy, for example, if you just buy a standard hybrid car like a toyota prius, but of course that gets consistently good gas mileage. This gets zero in its intended use cases. Now i dont mean to get philosophical on your asses, but heres the thing about a plug in hybrid. No one just walks into a mitsubishi dealership and gets up sold to a plug in hybrid youve, really got to want to spend the extra 15 000 or so dollars to buy one of these over the standard, petrol variant, because 15 000 is a lot of petrol. You either are one of those people that dont drive more than 50 kilometers a day or you want an ev, but you dont want the ev range anxiety or youre, just a stinky filthy tree hugger and the reality is youre.

Probably a mixture of all three or maybe you do just really want that refined driving experience that this does provide, especially over the hot garbage garbagio, that is the petrol but yeah losing the uh philosophy. For now, when we put our foot down its all just so damn seamless, first of all, you have tons of grip at all times, because youve got power. Coming from every angle of the car, the cvt transmission, i dont even care that its got one because its so smooth, you know if we give it some of this sweet sweet source, it builds power. So well really the biggest issue with how this thing drives is, once you lose that battery power and you start to rely on the 2.4 litre, naturally aspirated slow petrol engine yeah, you start to get some pretty poor fuel economy like when i ran out. I was averaging about 10.4 liters per 100 kilometers, which is worse than the standard petrol variant, so yeah. This thing really is good for a specific use case anyway, believe it or not, there is loads more to talk about with how this thing drives. For now i want to talk about how it looks okay, so here it is the mitsubishi eclipse cross plug in hybrid. I actually think this is a very, very good looking vehicle and the way that you can tell that this is the plug in hybrid. By the way is three ways: first of all, you have these giant plug in hybrid electric vehicle badges at the front, both sides of the front and also the rear.

Then down here you have plug in hybrid electric vehicle, specific 18 inch alloy wheels. They look pretty decent, nothing spectacular, though theyre nice to see anyway on a small suv like this, then coming to the front, i really like the grille. I think its a very nice look its the same across all mitsubishis though, and you do have this like chrome bit, that runs across each side – flanks, the grille, i think it looks really nice down. The bottom is a skid plate. When you go off roading, probably dont, do that youve got your led daytime running lights. Here they look nice here are your headlights as well, they are led, they also are very bright and they they look pretty decent too. If we come around to the side, it is just a big fat suv at this point, theres nothing too special here. In my opinion, i do like the creases and cuts, though in the body – and it definitely looks different. You know all suvs these days. Look the same, but this doesnt. This looks different im. Sure mitsubishi want me to mention that up top you have genuine mitsubishi roof rails, so you can stick a bike or canoe. I dont know something up there now. This thing here looks like the fuel cap. Obviously, obviously its not on this side, you have the plug to go into your household, socket and then over. Here you have the chademo charger and it comes with an adapter as well, which you can use when youre out and about charging the car.

Of course, like any good suv, you have that coupe design kind of cuts down at the back and then when we come to the back again, i actually really like the way that this thing looks. It really is a good looking car one of the weirdest design. Touches, though, is here you see how this is kind of, like indented out thats supposed to mimic a tyre on the rear. Apparently weird you have the eclipse cross badge down the bottom and yeah. I mean its decent looking and then in terms of boot space you dont have a huge amount, though it is quite usable right now. Ive got quite a few bags in here, but, as you can see, there is enough room. Of course, you can put down the rear seats. You can put down the rear seats as well to get even even more space, so yeah its usable of course, because the batteries live under the floor. It raises everything up, so you get a little bit less than than you would in the standard, petrol variant, so yeah overall, i think its a good looking car one of the better looking ones out there, especially in this small suv segment. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section just below that, like button okay, back to the interior, now and in my unreleased review, i said that the best thing about this interior was that it was incredibly well laid out, and i stand by that.

Everything is in a logical place. It is incredibly functional the dual zone, climate controls they just work. The infotainment display is where you would expect it. The phallic shift. Knob is where you would expect it. It really is one of those cars that anyone can get into and instantly know how to operate. Absolutely everything where this interior starts to fall apart is the choice of materials. Now you do actually get quite a lot of soft touch materials dotted around and it feels quite nice. But then youve got this strange choice in this faux carbon fiber like wrapping the doors, but worst of all, this car has only 700 kilometers on it, and the center console is completely scratched up. They have used not only gloss black plastic but probably the cheapest nastiest gloss black plastic ive ever seen. Clearly, the designers of this car dont have kids, i mean i dont have kids and i know that thats not the right material to use, and it really does feel just a little bit old a little bit tired in its design. As i said very functional, very practical, but it feels in terms of storage space, its pretty good two cup holders in the center, pretty big door bins. The glove box is a decent size. You have a little storage area up front for your phone, although i dont know any phone that will ever fit in there and then the center armrest its actually pretty big.

The issue with it is that it really hurts to rest your arm on it, because it has this really dumb concave shape to it with pointy edges. Whoever designed that sir or madam you need to stop, maybe ergonomic design is not for you now, because this is the aspire we actually get really nice seats. One of my biggest complaints in my unreleased review is that the seats were like cardboard just awful, so bad, but these are actually really nice. Theyre figure hugging theyre microfiber, which feels like alcantara and vinyl, but they look like leather and yet they just feel so comfortable. Very supportive theyre automatic on the drivers side anyway. So really no complaints and really these seats have elevated the interior quite a lot. This steering wheel its pretty decent, although you do get a ton of the gloss black plastic on it again, its just smudged, but it feels nice to hold in the hands. You have buttons to control pretty much everything within here and you do get adaptive cruise control, which is nice and then yeah. As i said, you get these paddle shifters that just feel just amazing, its so weird, but good. The instrument cluster up ahead is actually partly bespoke for this fem because, on the left hand side you have this ev gauge and its pretty cool, because it uses an analog gauge to kind of just show you if youre charging, the car or in electric, only mode Or if its just employed the use of the petrol engine on the right, of course, is your standard speedometer.

But because this is an electric car, its blue and then in the center is a little display. That does have quite a few useful menus for this ev. But it really should have like a digital speed readout, i presume its like too old, to be able to even show that and then another pretty big disappointment. To be honest, is this infotainment display theres, something with japanese manufacturers and infotainment displays that they absolutely suck at it? But you know this shows enough information. You know its its navigateable, its actually pretty quick to respond as well. It is fairly functional because it has digital radio and android, auto and apple carplay. The issue is that it doesnt have any navigation and when youre spending 50 000 on a car. Well, you, you would expect navigation just seems like a cost, saving measure that shouldnt be there. Also the graphics are a bit dated, and it just it just feels like a screen from yesteryear than it does a modern day screen moving to the back seats and youve. Actually got plenty of room back there. At 5 foot 11 ive got heaps of leg, room, toe room and head room. There arent any air vents back there, but at least you get a usb port. So whatever oh and the seats do recline, although you will see that with pretty much all of its competitors anyway, so yeah the interior. It feels well a little bit dated especially compared to competitors youre not going to ever see this in a kia or hyundai, even though, quite literally, this thing is in a class of its own when youre spending 50 000.

On a car i mean an interior like this is, is frankly just immensely disappointing, but yeah i mean thats been mitsubishis way recently. They have not been doing very well. They dont have many cars at the moment and um well. This is probably the best example of what they can do at the moment, so, hopefully, with the release of the new outlander that should just spruce everything up im really excited to review that car so make sure you subscribe, because i will be going to the launch Of it very soon, anyway, lets get back to how this thing drives and yeah its actually very good. First of all, suspension, even though this is quite a heavy car at 1.8 tonnes because of the battery pack and electric motors, the ride isnt too stiff its actually very comfortable and thats across, like all surfaces, whether its nice paved roads like this or back gravel roads. Its very very comfortable, and one of the benefits of this thing, being heavier than the standard eclipse cross, is that the battery is right down the bottom of the car, so the center of gravity is much lower and it handles amazingly well considering its size yeah. You get plenty of body roll, but its quite substantially less than what youll find in the standard eclipse cross steering is quite light, but thats exactly how you would want it, because i mean this thing is supposed to stay around town, its still very precise and the Turning circle is surprisingly good and really the good thing is that all of these changes help to make this thing feel extremely comfortable.

The drivetrain is so smooth. The suspension is really soft and just uncomfortable. The handling is great. The steering feels super good, and so honestly, i forgive the fact that this thing has the interior from 1851, because when youre sitting in here, it honestly feels serene its nice and quiet like weirdly, quiet, theres, good, sound deadening, and it is just so soft and comfortable. So yeah im actually super impressed with how this thing drives. It certainly drives better than the standard petrol variant, though you would hope so for fifteen thousand dollars more and actually lets have a look at fuel economy because i reset it for this drive. Weve been averaging. Two liters per 100 kilometers thats, pretty good. As i said, you can drive this thing in ev mode, only for about 50 kilometers or you just let the damn thing do what it wants and you get two liters per 100 kilometers that thats pretty good, so heres. The new mitsubishi eclipse cross plug in hybrid electric vehicle worth it well for most people, no, its not uh spending 50 000 on this kind of car is is, is not the greatest financial decision. However, if you are only driving around 50 kilometers a day or if you do want an electric vehicle, but you still have range anxiety, you dont want to commit to a full ev just yet or if you are just a tree hugger and you want a practical Suv – and this is definitely one of the best options for you and i cant believe im saying that after my last review of the eclipse cross again, let me know if you want to see that, even though this thing has the interior, as i said from 1851, The fact that it drives so damn well.

Well, i forgive it. I forgive you youre forgiven, but im curious. What do you guys think of the mitsubishi eclipse cross fan defending? Would you buy one and does it have a place in in a market where well were pretty slow to to to care about the environment? Let me know in the comment section below just below that, like button of course subscribe if youre new to the channel id love to have you around click over there to watch one of my other reviews, i highly recommend it.