, its the volkswagen id4 all wheel drive. This is the least expensive all wheel drive ev in america and not by a small measure by quite a bit. This is going to start at forty three thousand six hundred seventy five dollars. That is ten thousand dollars less than the elephant in the room. The tesla model y, this still qualifies for the full 7 500 federal tax credit, most ev shoppers out. There will get that full credit making this about 18 000 less than the tesla and, if thats still not enough for you, every id4 is going to come with three years of unlimited free dc fast charging on the electrify america network. So if you live in an apartment and youre worried about where do i fill up, i dont have home charging and you are near one of those electrify america stations. It might be easier to integrate this into your life and, of course, be less expensive than the average new car in this category. Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way up front. Just because this vehicle has a plug does not make it a tesla model y competitor, mind blowing. I know right just in the same way that a toyota corolla is not a competitor to a bmw. M3 is a bmw m3 better than a corolla. You bet, but its also way more expensive same thing going on with the id4. Is the model y going to be better in some ways than an id4 absolutely, but its also going to be nearly 50 percent more expensive? If were simply talking about base model to base model, is the model y going to give you a longer range? Possibly? Is it going to have perhaps a little bit more cargo room depends on what kind of cargo youre putting in the vehicle? Is it going to charge faster absolutely, but the id4 is going to be 18 grand less expensive and if youre thinking to yourself 18 grand isnt a lot of money, then just go ahead and buy the model y youre, not the shopper that volkswagen is targeting with The id4 all in this should be less expensive than the average new car in america and its going to give you about 250 miles of range, 295 horsepower 0 to 60 in 5.

4 seconds and a lot of cargo area in the back. By now. Many of you have already seen my first look. Videos lets just take a quick look around the exterior youll notice, theres, not a lot of cooling going on up front because its not required in the eevee, no active girl, shutters or anything like that to break up front its a pretty simple design. This is just over 180 inches long, so this is definitely in the same size category as the rav4 and crv, but it is a few inches shorter than the volkswagen tiguan back here we have a fairly square back end thats, definitely a distinctive feature. The squared off back end is important, because this is the only cargo area that you have in the id4 very much like a tiguan or rav4 or crv. I have said in the past that i wish the id4 had at least a teeny tiny storage area under the hood, and i continue with that particular thought. I would love somewhere to put my evse and my tesla tap thats. Really all i want in a front trunk area but theres a really good reason that we dont have one in the id4 its not because volkswagen was lazy when it came to engineering its because volkswagen chose to go a more practical route. When you take a look at a maki or a model y youll notice that the hood is incredibly long and in here its not the machis hood comes out to about here.

Guess what thats about the size of the cargo area under the hood of the maki or the model y and giving you 12 or 18 inches more front, makes the car look? Sleeker makes it look, perhaps a little bit sexier a little bit less crossover like, but its actually less space efficient than simply adding that 12 inches or 18 inches to the back and thats. Why? Although the id4 is shorter than some of the other electric competition, we have about the same kind of total cargo capacity. I was able to fit basically the same number of bags in the id4 as the mock e. It was just a question of where are the bags slotting. This cargo area is not as square as i would like, not quite as square as perhaps a rav4 or crv. We do have a definite slant right there, but it is still boxier and square than the cargo area that we find in the average ev out there. That makes the cargo area just about as practical as a rav4 or crv. The big news for this model year is that the id4 is now available with all wheel drive, and that means a separate electric motor up front. The base id4 has a 201 horsepower electric motor just on the rear axle. This is one of the only rear wheel. Drive entries in this segment, if you get the dual motor setup, then things bump up to 295 horsepower and 3′ pound feet of torque.

The battery remains the same: its a 77 kilowatt hour usable battery, and that gives you 249 miles of epa range thats. Only an 11 mile penalty versus the regular single motor model – and i suspect a lot of that penalty actually has to do with aerodynamics, because this is a little bit higher off the ground than the single motor model as well. Unlike fords machi, which actually manages to have less ground clearance than a real mustang gt, this has 8.8 inches of ground clearance, making this among the best in the compact segment. If you want more ground clearance than this in your next ev, youre gon na have to take a look at something much more expensive. Like a jaguar, i pace or a rivien or any of the upcoming crop of luxury evs out there. Now the one downside to the addition of the electric motor up front is that the structure of the vehicle changed a little bit to accommodate the drive shaft and the motor, and that means that the turning circle got a little bit bigger. The regular id4 has an incredibly tiny turning circle of 33.5 feet. This bumps that up to 36.4, still small, but not quite as small front seat comfort, is identical between the rear, wheel, drive and all wheel drive models because the same trim levels apply and we have the same seat designs. This is the top end, trim that im driving right now, so we have a four way adjustable lumbar support and the lumbar support in the back also functions as a seat, massage theres a little button right here.

I press that it inflates and deflates the bladders in the seat back cushion an interesting touch in here is that the front seat has the same range of motion as the drivers seat, including the massage and a two position seat memory jumping into the back seat. We find 78.7 inches of combined legroom, which is pretty similar to the volkswagen tiguan and a number of other compact crossovers. As you can see behind myself, with this front seat adjustment six feet tall, i have about six inches of legroom left. This would be a very easy vehicle to put rear facing child seats in and its going to be a little bit easier for adults and other people to interact with them, because we have no hump right here in the middle, we have an almost completely flat load Floor on the id4 in the back a little bit of a hunt because of some of the systems up front and the fact that i have air vents right down there, sort of at foot level, its a very low center console that youll see a little bit Later in this video scooting, all the way over to the right side, youll notice that the rear bench is just about as wide as the widest in the compact segment, this front seat is all the way back in its tracks. I still have about three inches of legroom left. Perhaps a bit more important, though, is the headroom, unlike some evs that are shaped like jelly beans and have really compromised headroom.

I actually have quite a bit here even sitting in the middle, which is a little bit higher off the ground than the outboard seats and volkswagen isnt playing some of the same sort of interior games that we see in the mustang maki or the polestar 2, or The tesla lineup, we do have a big sheet of glass right here, but it has a traditional power cover on it and a traditional frame around it. So the interior is shaped very much like the average gasoline crossover, and that means that the roof line is square. If i put my head all the way back here towards the headrest, i have about an inch and a half of headroom left. Looking around the interior, we have a large panoramic moonroof with a powershade. This is one thing that i really love. So if you dont like having your head baked, this is definitely the eevee for you. One of my problems with my mustang maki that we have for a long term test vehicle here at alex nautos, is that its glass roof does not have an electric shade like that and sometimes id like it open. Sometimes i would like it closed in here. You actually have the option. This is not the first edition. This is just a regular pro version, so we have light upholstery in this particular model, but not all the white accents that you found in the first edition theres an id logo right there embossed into the seat back perforated inserts on the center of the seat back And seat bottom cushion, but these seats are not ventilated, they are just heated moving over the front doors.

We have a reasonable number of soft touch materials. Definitely a darker gray theme going on in this vehicle, its sort of a two tone arrangement. You can see that soft touch insert right. There is a different tone than the rest of the dashboard. This is sort of a silver metallic effect trim, its not actually metal going below that we have a pretty decently sized glove compartment had no problem fitting. A large tablet, computer inside soft touch materials in the upper section, the dashboard harder plastics lower, just as youd expect big touchscreen infotainment system right here in the middle of the dashboard. As you can see, this runs android, auto or apple carplay. The software appears to be a little bit snappier than the last time i drove the id4. There have been a few software updates and volkswagen is promising. More updates, as time goes on, lets try one thing that i noticed in the id4 last time lets see. If i put a destination here, lets just search for something here, something far away like sure houston, alabama, thats 137 miles away. I dont have a whole lot of battery power, so lets see how this routes me. As far as the charging charging is automatically inserted by the navigation, just as youd expect in an eevee, but lets take a look here. Oh that seems to be a little bit odd. Still it says a 50 kilowatt station at a hampton inn, im not sure if thats the best charging station for me lets take a look here at apple carplay, where we do have electrify america and looking at electrify america.

It does appear that that same flaw that i noticed last time i drove the id4 is still here, because we have this electrify america station. I can get details. I can see that it has six of eight available for the ccs charging slots and its a one to 350 kilowatt station, so that would be free for this vehicle and it would take less time than the charging stop that the nav system has automatically inserted. But of course i can use the electrify america interface here to navigate and get travel plans, so for some folks that might not be too much of a problem below that we have slider controls for the climate control system. You can see. These are touch sliders right. There for the temperature volume for the infotainment system there, these buttons relate to the multi function, infotainment system up there, so climate control is in that screen. We also have the vehicles assist systems. If you want to adjust those and the drive modes are adjustable there as well: eco comfort, sport, etc. Traction is the new mode for the all wheel, drive model thats, going to attempt to balance power front and rear a little bit more equitably. Two large air vents right there, a very slim line center console theres a bit of a pass through right down there. So we dont have a completely flat floor up front theres, a very tiny hump, because the air vents for the rear have to go somewhere, and that is right there in that hump.

But it does have a large area underneath we have slots for parking tickets. Things like that, this divider for the cup holders can be removed. This is what the key looks like in case youre wondering its volkswagens latest key design. Moving back from there, we have a qi. Wireless charging mat two usb inputs. This does support wireless carplay and little dividers that you can use the storage area. However, you like you, can put bottles there. You can put other things there, its so low that volkswagen decided to give us separate armrests for the front seats. These armors are adjustable theres. A little button right down there underneath so you can adjust the height to your preference, and if you want to hide your goodies away, you can close the roller cover. On top of that center console, you can see right behind their two usb charge: ports for the rear seats and the rear seat, air vents, as with the two wheel drive model. We have a small lcd instrument, cluster right there behind the steering wheel and it moves with the steering wheel as we adjust it up and down, and in and out. This is also where we find the shifter its right over there. You toggle it around for drive. So you rotate it that direction for drive back for reverse or keep it in the middle. Just a small detent right there for neutral park is that button right there. At the end, volkswagen gives us a power button right here on the steering column, but you dont actually need to use it.

All you have to do is hop into the vehicle. Have the key with you press your foot on the brake, put it into gear and the vehicle will automatically turn on if you put it in park and then leave the drivers seat, the vehicle will automatically turn off. But if you do want to start and stop it manually yourself right there, you can use that power button. We have one of volkswagens newest steering wheel designs here. Its a three spoke model with a split bottom spoke touch buttons. These are sort of a combination of physical and touch buttons. Actually youll see that this module moves a little bit and thats, because theres actually a real button back there with haptic feedback. And then the system knows what option youve selected by where your finger is as youre moving this basically one big button on each side. Cruise control is over there on the left side. This has the infotainment controls over here. On this side, the view toggle changes the view on that multifunction lcd instrument cluster. I think really. My only quibble with this interior is the window switch setup over here on the drivers door. If you want to open and close the rear windows, you have to press that option right there. Then these buttons become rear window switches. If you want the front windows, you have to click that again and then they become the front window switches. We also have touch buttons for things like the child locks lock and unlock of the rear doors its nice, that we have an electric action for those child locks, and then this is the mirror control right here, you rotate the knob around.

If you want to fold the mirrors and then give it one more click, if you want to heat the mirrors out on the road, the first thing youll notice about this id4 is the added acceleration, thanks to the second electric motor. According to volkswagen, this should go 0 to 60 in 5.4 seconds. One of the interesting things about the id4 is that volkswagen chose to make the single motor model rear wheel drive, and this still has a bit more power on the rear axle. So, even though this has a good balanced feel to it out on winding roads like the one that im on here, it definitely has a more fun power bias than youll find in a volkswagen tiguan or a rav4 or a crv. One interesting touch with this drivetrain is that if i come to a complete, stop and then floor it, we dont get all the power immediately, instead, its building its building and then right there at around 36 to 38 miles an hour, all the horsepower and all the Torque come on the boil: volkswagen likely does that to make the driving nature of the id4 more predictable and more like a mainstream crossover. On the one hand, youre not instantly thrust back in your seat, like you might see in some other evs out there, but on the other hand, this is a lot easier to drive smoothly during my short time here in tennessee i havent been able to do any Braking tests with this vehicle, but i expect that the stopping distance is going to be substantially similar to the rear wheel, drive model that i last drove now.

The one thing that is definitely different is the amount of regen that you get out of this drivetrain and the way the regen feels and thats. All thanks to the electric motor up front. Remember that the front wheels the front tires of a vehicle. Do the majority of the braking dynamically thats, where you want the braking to happen and in a rear wheel, drive electric vehicle? Sometimes they can feel a little bit unusual on slippery surfaces, so ice, snow, gravel, etc. If you dial the regen up too far on those vehicles on those surfaces, you can have some dynamic issues and thats. Why regen is fairly gentle in the regular rear wheel, drive id4, just as it is in other rear, wheel, drive evs, but with the addition of the front electric motor, you can really feel, especially if you put this in the b mode, that we get much more Aggressive regen going downhill. Volkswagen has not given me any specific numbers, but i wouldnt be surprised at all. If this was capable of regenerating twice the energy that the rear wheel, drive model was able to do, and, of course this has a blended braking system. So this is going to feel a little bit different out of the road than something like a modern tesla. If i press on the brake pedal im going to get regen braking until there is no more regen ability, then its going to engage the friction brakes.

How much throttle lift off regen we get depends on the drive mode that youre in and whether we toggle the shifter to the b position, which is going to give us more aggressive engine. Braking when it comes to handling guide e4 does very well thanks to the low center of gravity. The fairly wide tires that we find on this vehicle, and that surprises me a little bit, because the suspension in this is also quite compliant. This is a very comfortable vehicle to drive it doesnt have that firm and bouncy feel that we find in a model y or ford mustang machine. Now the model y is not exactly competition, as i said before, but obviously its also an electric vehicle. The machi, however, is direct competition to this, because its much closer in price tag and the key thing with the maki is that ford was really chasing tesla with the tuning of that vehicle and volkswagen was not. Volkswagen was targeting this at the person thats interested in a tiguan or a rav4 or a crv, so this is tuned much more like that, with the exception that this definitely handles better than the vast majority of small crossovers in the united states. It has that rear power bias, which is definitely fun its certainly not light. You can definitely feel the weight out on a road like this, but this handle is better than you might think, based on its curb weight and, of course, the ground clearance.

Now, obviously, when it comes to pure grip, this is going to give up a little bit versus some of those more firmly sprung options on the right road surface. But i would be more than happy to give that up to get the better ride, quality that we see in the id4. This is definitely much more comfortable on your daily commute, its a little bit difficult to talk about range and efficiency, because i havent been driving. This at home, however, i can say that the last time i drove the rear wheel drive model, the efficiency was definitely impressive and in real world driving youre likely going to get pretty close to the epa score. I suspect that in the real world, the dual motor and the single motor id4 are actually going to be quite similar when it comes to range. The difference according to the epa is just 11 miles and you can make an 11 mile difference in any ev by just flooring. It a bit too much like that or adjusting your climate control a little bit high or a little bit low. If you were hoping that the id4 all wheel drive would be the ultimate electric golf r, then you may be a little bit disappointed, but on the other hand, if youre looking for simply one of the best small crossovers in america thats. Definitely this after having driven the id4 all day, dont worry im, not holding the camera. By the way, i noticed that when the battery is a little bit lower, you dont have access to all the power youll see that little power gauge right there, the blue line it doesnt, go all the way over to the right, and if i floor it, youll Notice we dont get as much power as we did when the battery is full, if you havent already done so, be sure and hit that, like button down there, the subscribe button and, of course, enable your notifications, because i will have this back at home for a Complete review just as soon as i possibly can.

For me at least, vehicles like the id4 are much more important than any new modern luxury, ev thats coming out on the future, or even some of the pickup trucks that were going to see on the horizon soon, and the main reason is affordability. This is considerably less expensive for the all wheel, drive version than any other. All wheel drive ev out there about half of mainstream crossovers like the rav4, the crv, the tiguan, etc are sold as all wheel, drive vehicles and with the addition of the dual motor setup. In the id4, volkswagen now has a competitor in the hottest segment in america and a very affordable one at that, depending on your tax situation, this will set you back somewhere between about 35, 36, 000 or 43 000. If you dont qualify for any of the federal tax credit, but any way you slice it, this is much more affordable than a lot of the new evs that were gon na, be seeing out on the horizon. Obviously, everybodys tax situation varies, but this is going to be significantly less expensive than other evs that are out there on the market with all wheel, drive and volkswagen is seriously committed to electrification. They have a ton of new electric models coming up. The id4 is going to be built right here in tennessee and thats. Why im out here near chattanooga today, starting in 2022, all id4s will be built right here that are sold in the united states and the id4 will be built in five factories around the world, and volkswagen is preparing for an onslaught of new electric models coming soon.